The Careers Team plays an important part in preparing students for the world beyond Shrewsbury School. Our role is to enable students to develop a good understanding of themselves, and to couple that with a good and broad educational base, as much practical experience as possible, and access to the best information and advice about what options are available to them after their A Levels.

For more than 98% of our Upper Sixth, those options will involve a university degree, but there are also a wide range of options available for pupils who would prefer to go into a post-school programme in corporate, vocational or military environments that combine a professional training with further study over a longer period of time. What is true for all pupils is that the world of work is changing rapidly, and that levels of competition are greater than ever before: competition for work experience, internships, and jobs can put pressure on young people to make decisions earlier than they would like or feel ready to do so. But it is also true that the old model of a ‘career for life’ no longer exists, and that people have a number of varied jobs in their lifetime which require a range of skills.

At Shrewsbury, we work with all pupils to help them become aware of how every experience and activity they take part in can play a part in defining future roles and success. It is essential that pupils leave the School sufficiently self-aware and well prepared to communicate their wide range of academic and extra-curricular achievements to both academic and professional audiences.

Careers Advice and Support
Our advice and support for pupils is therefore divided into a number of key areas, beginning with the most immediate decisions and reaching out into the range of possible future options. You will find information here on the Choice of A Levels and then life After Shrewsbury, which itself breaks down into Higher Education, the Gap Year, School Leavers’ Programmes, Becoming Employable and Work Experience.

Careers Education Programme - Third Form
Careers education at Shrewsbury begins in the Third Form through the PSHE programme and an end-of-year workshop which introduces them to transferable workplace skills like teamwork, planning and communication. They are also introduced to the Careers Library, which holds a wide range of resources for university and career planning, and to the Careers Team.

Careers Education Programme - Fourth Form
In the Fourth Form, pupils’ extra-curricular activities help them develop more of those transferable skills, and in the Summer Term careers talks introduce them to different professions.

Careers Education Programme - Fifth Form
In the Fifth Form, pupils undertake a careers profiling process, which results in a detailed report identifying diverse career choices that fit well with the pupil’s strengths, weaknesses and professed interests. They also enjoy visits to universities and more focussed careers activities through their post-GCSE programme, and they can work with the Careers Fellow to identify work shadowing opportunities for the summer holidays.

Careers Education Programme - Sixth Form

For Sixth Form pupils, the focus is on gaining information on all the possible choices available to them, and the Higher Education Adviser and the Careers Fellow offer the full range of guidance to enable pupils to identify their strengths, play to them, and to pursue excellence in their chosen fields so that they can make well-informed decisions about their futures. Lower Sixth pupils will attend the School’s Careers Fair at which parents and Old Salopians from a wide range of professions will give insight into their careers, and they will also attend university Open Days. Guidance through the application processes for universities, including Oxbridge, begins at the end of the Lower Sixth through year group talks, followed up in Houses, and pupils are also given assistance to plan effective and fulfilling gap years where taken. All information is emailed to parents and pupils alike and is available in hard copies in the Careers Library.

We provide extensive materials to complement the guidance, by way of booklets on all aspects of higher education applications, interview technique, CVs, cover letters and work experience. We also make students aware of employment trends, help them identify and begin to develop the skills required in becoming an employable graduate, and help them understand how to evaluate and make the most of the work experiences they gain while at school and later on.

Careers Library
The Careers Library is situated centrally and contains information about careers, Higher Education, Sponsorship and the Gap year. Text resources (books, magazines and prospectuses), videos, and computer software are available. The latter is also available on the school network. This is supported by the Careers Team: the Careers Fellow, the Higher Education Advisor, one assistant teacher and the Careers Secretary, all of whom are involved in giving professional advice and guidance to students either on request or by referral.

The School is also an "ALL-IN" member of ISCO [], the independent schools career guidance service from The Inspiring Futures Foundation, who provide careers events and a profiling service.