Charity Fundraising

The student-chaired Charities Committee meets twice a term and discusses new fundraising ideas, which charities to support and publicity material for Assemblies, Twitter and poster campaigns. House-run Charity Committees are now starting to emerge, run on the same model.

The School’s support for Shrewsbury House (known as 'the Shewsy') Youth Club in Everton, Liverpool, founded in 1903 by a master at the School, has remained paramount. 60 Lower Sixth students visit the Shewsy each year, for three days at a time and see for themselves the impact the Shewsy has on the surrounding community, in between passionate games of football and pool. There is a group of Shewsy Ambassadors, responsible for organising and hosting the Youth Club’s visits to the School. Every five years there is a whole school sponsored walk, which in 2016 raised £100,000.

The School also supports the work of Medic Malawi, which runs a hospital and orphanage in Africa. Students are also able to visit the work of Medic Malawi every two years, to witness the work of this small, dynamic charity in one of the seven poorest countries in the world. In the last four years, Shrewsbury has raised almost £40,000 which has built a much-needed eye clinic at the hospital, and the visiting students muck in at the orphanage, school and chicken farm.

There is a huge groundswell of support for charity fund-raising amongst the staff, pupils, parents and Old Salopians, and rarely a week goes by without some event springing up. Short reports and photos of these are posted regularly on our Recent Charity News pages below.

    Recent Charity News


    Wednesday 5 July 2017

    • School charity fundraising total tops £128,000
      A huge thank you to everyone who has given so very generously of their time and cash to help Shrewsbury School raise more than £128,000 (and still counting) for 18 different charities this year. And particular thanks to members of the Charities Committee for all their hard work.

    Monday 19 June 2017

    • Super Cycling Man Zooms into Bangkok
      Super Cycling Man (alter ego: Will Hodson (Rt 1990-95)) reached the Bangkok stage of his extraordinary five-year, seven-continent ride - and found time for a flying visit to see old teachers and new pupils at Shrewsbury International School.

      It is Will’s belief that ‘We Can All Be Heroes’ – and he certainly lives by his word. Ever energetic, determined and ready with a flash of wit, this is a Super Hero and a half!  

      Greeted by the School’s Headmaster, Stephen Holroyd, Will was delighted to be back amongst some of his old teachers, although addressing them by their first names proved beyond his super powers: ‘Mr Holroyd’ and ‘Mr Baxter’ it would forever be.

      ‘Mr Baxter’, AKA Simon Baxter, Will’s former maths and rowing Guru, was delighted to see his former protégé, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to throw the board rubber at him when given the chance. Fortunately, our super hero’s reflexes were up to the challenge!

      Will also met some of the pupils – and it seems they found each other mutually inspirational: "They were incredibly friendly, polite and happy children, just like me, Horrocks, Humphreys and Ballard….". 

      Will is raising money for five charities including Parkinson’s UK, as his father has had the disease for the past 20 years.  All donations are being collected on Will’s online giving page at

    Friday 16 June 2017

    • Why we're running the Shrewsbury Half-Marathon
      Mr Graham, Graduate Sports Coach and Tutor in Rigg’s Hall, will be running his first ever Half-Marathon this Sunday as part of Team Shrewsbury School, together with three fellow Riggites. Meanwhile other members of the House are organising the Shrewsbury School Supporters’ Station, cheering on the runners and making sure that as many funds as possible are raised for the team’s nominated charity, the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

      With a couple of days left until the Shrewsbury Half-Marathon, I sat down with a few of the Rigg’s boys to discuss we are participating in the Shrewsbury Half-Marathon. I say ‘participating’ advisedly, as whilst Hunt superstars Nik Amthor and Owen Mock will certainly be running, I may be reverting to a slow crawl by the half-way point…

      However, participation is the key to success as 11 students, eight teachers and six Shrewsbury parents will all be running for the same great cause: the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, which is the busiest children's hospital in the UK.

      The money we raise for the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital will not only support the pioneering treatment they currently give to the children in their care – including one of our fellow members of Rigg’s Hall – but will also help fund innovative work to treat future generations.

      As someone who is much more used to rowing on the water than running on land, Sunday will be a great challenge. But what better way to finish my last few weeks at Shrewsbury School than enjoying the sights and sounds of Shrewsbury – with the emphasis on the sounds, as I might not be able to see much, wiping the sweat from my eyes in the 28+ degree heat!

      Rigg’s Head of House, Rob Hartwell, will also be running on Sunday. Rob is also a rowing sort and I wondered if he was just as nervous. “I’m not worried at all,” he said bluntly. “It’s going to be a walk in the park.” Thanks, Rob, for those words of comfort.

      Owen Mock, who is currently Shropshire Schools & County Champ in the 400m and 800m and was part of the National Knole Run Winning Team this year, has played a vital role in organising the Rigg’s Hall Fundraiser. This will take place at the Ashton Road Tennis Courts from 9:30-11:30am and all supporters are invited to come and and enjoy a grandstand view of the race, donate funds and enjoy the African drumbeats of ‘The People’s Republic of Djembe’.

      Owen and Nik are clearly looking forward to running the longest race of their careers so far. “I’m in it, to race it!” Nik stated with pure determination. He has been training incredibly hard and I look forward to seeing what time he produces; I hope there are lots of spectators at the Supporters’ Station to cheer him on. “It’s my favourite distance and I already have my eyes set on the Knole Run next year,” he explained. Nik also stated that being able to do something you love while also raising money for a fantastic cause is a great opportunity. “That’s why we’re doing this, and to also show the community what Rigg’s Hall represents. We persevere, we endure and we support each other, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do on Sunday!”

      Although I am nervous and this will certainly be the longest (and first) running race of my career, I know Rob, Nik and Owen will be there at the finish line to pick me up off the floor.

      We’re anticipating a large crowd on Sunday, so please head down to the Rigg’s Fundraiser! There’s also still plenty of time to donate to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital! Please click on the link below:

      See you on the other side...

      Rob, Nik, Owen and Mr Graham

    Friday 24 February 2017

    • Sponsored Walk total reaches £100,000
      Having originally set ourselves an ambitious target of raising £70,000 from our Whole School Sponsored Walk for our youth club in Everton, Shrewsbury House ('the Shewsy'), we were thrilled when we were able to announce in October that the total had reached £80,000. Now, thanks to the fantastic support of the School Governors, that figure has grown to a magnificent final total of £100,000.

      This is double the amount raised by the last Sponsored Walk in 2011.

      "Club members and staff have been completely overwhelmed by the amount raised," said Dave Brereton, Senior Youth Worker at the Shewsy. "This funding is a lifeline for the young people of Everton. It has given all of us at the club a massive boost to morale and to what we are able to plan for the immediate future. Thank you!”


      For more about the Sponsored Walk itself, please see: our report Sponsored Walk for the Shewsy; a selection of some of the stunning photos taken by staff and pupils: Sponsored Walk Photo Gallery; and a wonderful video that captures the atmosphere of the day: Sponsored Walk Timelapse Video.

    Thursday 26 January 2017

    • Sponsored Walk - view from a glider
      Back in the warm days of September, one of our pupils piloted a glider and filmed (with a head cam) walkers trudging up the Long Mynd in the early part of the Whole School Sponsored Walk.

      Tom Brennan (LVI I) gained his pilot's wings via his membership of the CCF (RAF) section and flew a glider kindly loaned by the Midland Gliding School.

      This short clip was taken as he flew southwards along the Long Mynd escarpment at less than 80 feet in places. Tom then landed and journeyed on to complete the walk on foot. He had certainly earned his ice cream at the end!

      Please click on the image below to view the film on the Shrewsbury School TV YouTube channel:

    Friday 6 January 2017

    • The spirit of giving
      Over the Christmas period, the PE and Marketing Departments made good use of the chance for a clear-out of their store rooms and donated surplus kit to a number of different charities. Salopian Ventures also donated money raised from the sale of Shrewsbury School merchandise to a local Christmas charity appeal. And donations of surplus football kit are still being gathered in for donation to The Shewsy and to KitAid in Africa.

      Adam Shantry has just taken over as Cricket Professional at Shrewsbury from Paul Pridgeon: “One of my first tasks was to tackle the store room, which was straining under the pressure of vast amounts of assorted kit! Some of the kit had been replaced and was subsequently redundant, so rather than disposing of it, I got in touch with a friend who worked for the Crossbar Foundation. They do extremely valuable work across Shropshire with all manner of underprivileged children, and the kit will put a smile on many young faces.”

      “Elsewhere in the PE Department, Head of Football Steve Wilderspin has discovered some football kits that were chosen by his predecessor, ex-Shrewsbury Town Legend Steve Biggins,” said Giles Bell, Shrewsbury School Admissions Tutor, Teacher of Philosophy and Theology and author of the regular ‘Team of the Week’ column for the weekly eNewsletter.  “He feels it is time for them to be replaced and is donating them to the Restart Orphanage in Kenya (of which I am proud to be a Trustee).”

      The PE Department has also donated some surplus Kukri clothing to the newly arrived Syrian families in Shropshire. The county has currently welcomed 13 families from the refugee camps in Lebanon and all of them are in need of clothing and help in settling into their new communities.

      The Marketing Department recently donated surplus T-shirts from marketing events to the Beyond Charitable Appeal, a charity based at RAF Shawbury who deliver sports clothing to communities in Africa.

      Colm Kealy, who runs Salopian Ventures, responded to a Christmas Gift Appeal organised by the Shropshire Star and Storage King by donating £500 raised from the sale of Shrewsbury School merchandise. The money was used to buy gifts to share out between children suffering from illnesses or from difficult backgrounds, as well as vulnerable and elderly people.

      Meanwhile Charities Coordinator Lesley Drew has arranged for all redundant Kukri kit from the School Shop and lost property from the PE Department to be donated to KitAid, who will distribute among schools and clubs in Africa. It will go to The Shewsy in Liverpool first, who will take any of the kit they can use, before donating the rest to the Liverpool KitAid collection point at the Everton FC ground.

      KitAid also send out boots, trophies and spare Match Attax cards, which are useful to give to children who may not receive a shirt.

      If anyone has any Kukri sportswear or Club football shirts and shorts that are in good condition and could be re-used, and if you are able to get them to Andy Barnard in Port Hill by lunchtime on Saturday 14th January, they would be very gratefully received.

    Sunday 1 January 2017

    • News will be published here shortly for 2017
      In the meantime, please follow the link (above right) to our 2016 news.