Since 1552 Shrewsbury School has offered bursaries to exceptional pupils based on a combination of need and outstanding abilities in either academics, art, drama, music or sport. The reason for this is simple; without bursaries Shrewsbury School would not have attracted or benefited from some of the best leaders, finest sportsmen, passionate musicians, artists or academics that the School has ever known. All of our bursary holders have truly embodied all that is Shrewsbury School.

The Foundation currently funds over £500,000 a year in bursarial support to parents of pupils who would not otherwise be able to afford a Salopian education.  This achievement is a direct result of a long standing Salopian tradition that argues that the attraction of exceptional talent results in exceptional contribution. As the cost of a Shrewsbury education grows, the number of requests for  bursarial support increases. As with many independent schools the levels of funding are simply unsustainable. This means that the Foundation must rely on the generosity of Old Salopians, parents and friends for support to ensure a strong future for the School.  

Shrewsbury School’s Board of Governors and the Foundation Trustees have agreed that bursaries are a priority. The reasons for this are simple:

    • Bursary funding is consistent with the School’s values that Shrewsbury’s community should be broad, talented and inclusive.    
    • By attracting bursaries the School reduces the drain on funds freeing money for capital improvements.   
    • Bursaries are traditionally more appropriately funded thorough donations.   
    • Careful consultation suggests that bursaries are a priority with a majority of Old Salopians.    
    • Bursary holders are fundamental to the character and growth of the house community.   
    • The Foundation Bursary Scheme provides Old Salopians and parents with an opportunity to give back to their house and school.