ISI Interim Inspection Report on Boarding Welfare 2014: Shrewsbury School is fully compliant and meets all the Boarding Minimum Standards

An interim inspection of boarding welfare at the School was carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate from 11th - 13th November 2014.  As was to be expected, the inspection was rigorous and thorough.The inspectors conducted formal interviews with boarders, held discussions with senior members of staff and with the Chair of Governors, observed a sample of activities that occurred during the inspections period and attended registration sessions. Inspectors visited each of the boarding houses and the facilities for sick or injured pupils. The reponses of parents and boarding pupils to pre-inspection questionnaires were analysed, and the inspectors also examined regulatory documentation made available by the School.

They concluded that the School is fully compliant and meets all the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools 2013.

Please see the ISI Intermediate Boarding Welfare Inspection Report 2014:Shrewsbury School for full details.

ISI Interim Inspection Report May 2011: 'Outstanding'

An interim inspection was carried out on 10th and 11th May 2011, at the end of which we were graded 'Outstanding' in all categories.  This wholehearted endorsement, coming so quickly on the heels of our Ofsted inspection (which identified our pastoral and boarding provision similarly 'Outstanding' in all areas), is a great tribute to the whole school community.

Please see the ISI Report: Shrewsbury School for full details.

Ofsted Inspection November 2010: 'Outstanding'

Ofsted rates Shrewsbury as 'outstanding' in all areas!
Shrewsbury School was visited by three Ofsted inspectors over four days in November 2010, who undertook an inspection of our boarding and pastoral care.  They also went through over 500 questionnaires that had been returned to them from our pupils and parents

For this inspection, Ofsted look at six criteria – ‘Being Healthy’, ‘Staying Safe’, ‘Enjoying and Achieving’, ‘Making a Positive Contribution’, ‘Economic Well-being’ and ‘Organisation and Management’ –  and the School was rated as 'Outstanding' for each of them.

Please follow the links below to view the report on Ofsted's website, or to download a copy of it as a pdf file:

OFSTED Report 2008

In January 2008 Shrewsbury School was inspected by Ofsted. This was an announced inspection undertaken by four OFSTED inspectors and a boarding school additional inspector over four days. The inspection looked at the Boarding School National Minimum Standards under the Every Child Matters outcome groups.

The overall quality rating for Shrewsbury School was described by the inspectors as outstanding.

To see an overview of what the inspector found during the inspection click here.

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report 2007

The school was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in April 2007, which concluded that "Pupils develop as articulate and socially responsible individuals who have a strong motivation to achieve high standards in whatever they do.  Pupils of all ages and abilities reach good, often outstanding levels of achievement in academic work as well as sporting, artistic and intellectual activities.... The academic achievements of students have developed to a point where pupils of all abilities and ages, including those with learning difficulties or disabilities, and the most able, achieve academic standards which fulfil or exceed their potential.  Pupils have developed substantially in their independent learning."

A copy of the full report may be found online here.