House trophiesInter-House Sport

There are many inter-house activites going on throughout the year at Shrewsbury.  Some of our major inter-house sport events are listed below, but there are often less formal challenges - table tennis, for example - that are arranged on a more ad hoc basis.

The last day of term (and the last week of the Summer Term) are particularly busy for house sport matches and finals, and friends/parents etc. are welcome to come along to join in the fun and lend their support.

  Michaelmas Term Lent Term Summer Term
Football Weekly House Leagues:
1st Leagues  /  2nd Leagues  /  A Leagues  /  B Leagues
1st House/2nd House/U15 House  (Last few weeks of term)
Cricket     Weekly House Leagues:
1st Leagues / A Leagues
1st House    - Pre U6th exam leave
U15 House   - All term
Hunt (Running) Mid-October: The Tucks
Hunt Benjies
End of term:  The Paperchases
The Steeplechases
Hunt Benjies
Rowing Victoria Sabrina Williams Sculls
Last week of term: House Ergo in AH
  Novice IV League (3rd/4th Form)
Senior IV League (5th/6th Form)
Bumping Races - last week of term
Fives   U14 Leagues / U16 Leagues 
1st House KO / 2nd House ( U15) KO / Mixed Intra KO
Step Intra Tournament ( Pepper Pot Trophy) Lent & Summer
Step Intra Tournament ( Pepper Pot Trophy) Lent & Summer
Rugby   Senior House 7s Tournament  
Hockey   Inter-House 7s Tournament  
Girls Sport House sport every Monday pm
House Rowing
House sport every Monday pm
House Rowing
Inter-House Netball Tournament
House sport every Monday pm
Squash   Weekly knockout matches (Thu)  
Badminton     Inter-house Tournament
Tennis     U18 and U15 weekly knockout matches 
Basketball   House tournament  
Athletics     Whole school sports day
Swimming October
Juniors House Swim Gala (3rd/4th)
Seniors House Swim Gala (5th/6th)