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Wednesday 8 March 2017

  • Netball news round-up
    There were five netball teams in action last week: three senior teams away at King’s Chester and the U14 and U15A teams in a triangular tournament with The Priory School and Meole Brace.

    The 1st VII played their best netball of the season so far.  There was strong court play from every individual, with exceptional attacking moves from Molly Stokes (MSH) and Amy Pook (MSH).  Our two shooters were playing against a strong defensive pair but they stayed calm and we were 3-0 up after three minutes.

    The game continued well for us until our Goal Shooter Sophia Price (EDH) picked up an injury, which left us weakened in the shooting circle.  Our defence made some vital interceptions to keep the game alive, but eventually their attack proved too strong. The game finished 26-17.  A great effort from all the girls.

    The 2nd VII started really positively against a strong King’s Chester team to finish 8-5 up after the first quarter.  From here they managed to extend the gap every quarter and edge a little further in front, with some excellent defending to limit Kings’ scoring opportunities.

    The final score was 28-17.  A great result and excellent play from Katie Oswald (MSH) and Hattie Bramwell (EDH).

    The 3rd VII played fantastically this week; they really pulled together and worked as a team.  Attack and defence were both superb, ensuring we maintained possession and consistently drove the ball forward.  Even during the third quarter when our girls switched positions (in an attempt to make things a bit more even), they still played a very strong game. 

    As a result, we won 35-4, with excellent play from Clemmie Baynes (G) and Ferne Nicholas (EDH)

    The U15A VII started slowly after a long break between their last school game. However, after battling through they stepped up their game and produced a 11-5 win against a strong Meole Brace side. Poppy Collingwood Cameron (EDH) and Georgia Kannreuther (MSH) continued to produce effective attacking netball, linking with the centre, Mary Lees (EDH) which resulted in a one-sided win against The Priory School, 26-2.

    The U14A VII, led by Alice Hughes (MSH) and Imogen Jones (MSH), recorded big wins against The Priory and Meole Brace with their strong centre court attack.  Annie Middleton (EDH) was nearly flawless in her shooting, supported by Ellie Kynaston (MSH). Strong defence from Phoebe Morris (EDH) and Olivia Usher (MSH) prevented the opposing teams from getting the ball into the circle.

Thursday 9 February 2017

  • Netball v Oswestry and Shrewsbury Sixth Form College
    Shrewsbury had four senior teams out for the first time ever this week, demonstrating our strength and depth in netball this year.

    1st VII v Oswestry 1st VII
    The 1st team enjoyed an excellent win on Wednesday 8th February against Oswestry 1sts. 

    Jemima Price and Sophia Price linked well in the circle and created some great shooting opportunities.  The centre court provided some excellent attacking moves down court but also defended well.  Orla McCormack and Amelia Maunder worked well as a defensive team and made some great interceptions. 

    It was good to see the team putting new skills into practice.  Final score 23-13.   

    1st VII v Shrewsbury 6th Form College 1st VII
    Our final game was against the Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 1st team and this proved to be a greater challenge.  Our shooters were put under a lot of pressure and shooting opportunities were harder to come by.  The opposition had the tallest defenders we had ever seen! 

    However, the girls battled hard and there was some very intelligent play from both Molly Stokes and Amy Pook in centre court. 

    All the girls should be proud of their efforts. 

    2nd VII v Oswestry 2nd VII
    The 2nd team produced a convincing 23-3 victory over Oswestry this week.  The squad had been working hard in training on teamwork and communication and so it was great to see this working effectively in a match. 

    Harriet Adams (EDH) made the move from centre court into the attacking circle with great success.  Her movements complemented Jetty Russell (G) at Goal Shooter, allowing Shrewsbury to take a comfortable lead early on.  Katie Oswald and Lizzie Ware (MSH) were a great team in defence, denying Oswestry shooting opportunities.  Lizzie Ware was player of the match.

    2nd VII v Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 2nd VII
    Confident from the win against Oswestry, the 2nd team stormed ahead against Shrewsbury Sixth Form College in the first few minutes of the game and never looked back.  The Sixth Form College were always on the back foot and Shrewsbury finished the game 16-1 winners. 

    Great teamwork led to a great set of results for the afternoon.

    3rd VII v Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 3rds
    This was a close game for the duration of the match, with both teams playing to their strengths.  Despite a very slippery surface, our girls maintained a good performance. Strong defence from Clemmie Baynes (who was later nominated as Players’ Player) and Naomi Potts ensured that the Sixth Form College never maintained possession for long. 

    Excellent shooting from Katie Edwards (EDH) and Ferne Nicholas earned a well-deserved 7-6 win.

    3rd VII v Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 4ths
    Shrewsbury moved the ball well around the court and moved effectively for each other. Clemmie Baynes dominated the centre third, providing an additional pass to move the ball forwards. Katie Edwards and Ferne Nicholas moved well in and around the circle, providing themselves with the best possible chances to shoot.

    A good win of 17-11 for a team that are continuing to improve.

    4th VII v Shrewsbury Sixth Form 4ths
    Shrewsbury Sixth Form College put up a strong defence putting real pressure on our attackers.  Anna Scott-Bell (G) was a very effective Goal Attack both in her positioning on the court and her excellent shooting. 

    With the first half ending on a 6-6 draw, it was all to play for.  Arty Cooper (MSH), Olive Collingwood-Cameron (G) and Rou Ann Lim (MSH) worked well together in driving the ball forward and assisting the team in securing a 14-12 win. A great effort from all players. Artemis Cooper was nominated by the Sixth Form College as Players’ Player.

    4th VII v Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 3rds
    A great, well balanced and end-to-end game, with both teams making the most of their chances.

    The score was 5-5 at half time.  Good play from Araminta Plumptre (MSH) and Darcie Scimia gave Shrewsbury the lead with two minutes to go.  Unfortunately the Sixth Form College came back strongly and just managed to nip ahead before the final whistle, resulting in a 9-11 loss. 

    A great effort from Shrewsbury 4th team, with some girls representing Shrewsbury netball for the first time.

Friday 3 February 2017

  • Giles Bell's Team of the Week
    This week, Netball.

    There was competition for this week’s Team of the Week slot as Reggie Bell played his first ever sporting fixture. He donned the tags for a game of touch rugby as Prestfelde Under-9s took on the might of Shrewsbury High Prep. The massive crowd were enthralled by a highly athletic and disciplined game played at a furious pace. I spoke to a number of spectators who had managed to find a ‘window of opportunity’ to sneak away from the office and watch their favourite player. All of them wished to remain anonymous and I was only watching as I went out to post a letter which suddenly leapt out of my grasp, (it was a very windy day), and was blown all the way to Prestfelde where I finally managed to retrieve it. I have decided not to mention that game however, as many of you will have watched it on Sky. Instead I will be concentrating my attention on the Shrewsbury School netball squads. 

    I needed no such gust of wind to propel me to the netball courts earlier in the week, where I was a  significant percentage of the crowd that turned out to catch the end of senior netball practice, followed by Under-14 and Under-15 matches against Thomas Telford. (Thomas Telford School, not Thomas Telford, as he no longer graces the netball court of life and from what I can gather was not renowned for his goal shooting or defending anyway.)

    I was introduced to the recently recruited Karen Hall, our new coach. I didn’t stay for her team talk as that was a bit ‘Longmynd-ed’ (Coach joke alert)! Karen is well known in Shropshire Netball circles. Indeed her name keeps popping up again and again, possibly because she runs her own netball team called ‘Recycles’. I asked her for her first impressions of Shrewsbury School netball. She told me that the top squad can run four teams and have great strength in depth. She felt that few schools could run so many teams at such a high level and she was delighted by the enthusiastic and positive attitude to the game to be found among the participants. “I am delighted by the enthusiastic and positive attitude to the game found among the girls at Shrewsbury,” Karen said. Lower down the School she feels there is real talent, as evidenced by the Under-14s reaching the Midlands Finals and the Under-15s being undefeated in their age group this season.

    I was lucky enough to witness Karen coaching some senior girls who are so enthused by the game that they had stayed behind for extra training. Club Captain Eily Kerr told me: “I am enthused by netball. Extra training is just so much fun, I wish we could do it all day.” Eily is a gifted Philosophy & Theology student and admitted “I can’t ‘Plato’ often”! She went on to say, “I am proud to be involved in such a talented, happy and positive squad of players.”

    Another keen exponent of the game, Orla McCormack, was working on her defensive technique. Orla recently won the Senior Wind Prize on her saxophone and she is certainly in tune with Karen. Orla can be likened to a whirlwind, as she engulfs her opponents in a storm force gale of defensive manoeuvres. “There is nothing like a good winding,” she told me.

    Mima Price, who is first team captain and an ever-present member of the first team throughout her distinguished time at Shrewsbury, clearly loves her netball. “It is something I love to do when I am not playing the clarinet, working on my A level art or looking forward to a deeply academic and intellectual conversation with my tutor.”

    Another devotee of the game, Sophia Price, was keen to tell me how much she enjoyed playing with her big sister. “It is wonderful to be in a team with such an inspirational player as my sister”. “It’s my birthday soon,” Sophia added. “But really there is one person I have to thank for honing my skills and that is my dad, Brian. He just loves netball and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of the game.”  Both Sophia and Mima are goal shooters for Shrewsbury. It would be fair to say the Shrewsbury goals come at a fair price!

    The Prices are ably supported by midfielders Molly Stokes and Amy Pook, whilst Veronica Parr and Amelia Maunder help goalkeeper Julianne Hinwood keep the Shrewsbury net free of goals.  There are others I should mention as the squad rotates regularly, but time dictates that I move to the lower echelons of the netballing ladder.

    The Under-15 team were taking on Telford without top shooter Amelie Davies who was gutted not to be playing. “I have no gut any more, I am so gutted” Amelie told me. Poppy Collingwood Cameron is the other main source of goals and she was in fine form, helping finish off the excellent team play with goals that any famous netball shooter (such as Russian star Haveagoyah Poppemin), would be proud of. Despite the setback of losing Georgia Kannreuther to a serious scratch on the hand from a nasty fall (which was extremely well attended to by the medical team who utilised the first aid box to the extent that it is conceivable that every single yard of bandage and sticking plaster in Shropshire will need replacing).

    The team won convincingly, 22-8, with fine performances from Eleanor Nibblet, Mary Lees, Marie Nuthjen, Artemis Cooper, Laura Elliott, Katie Ford and Izzy Lewis.

    The Under-14s were also missing some key players, with Georgie Nicholas and Eddie Hargraves out injured. Annie Middleton was strong up front and Liv Usher, Ellie Kynaston and Phoebe Morris were resolute in defence. However, they went down by 1 goal: 8-7.

    Coaches Emma Kelly, Katie Marriot and Nicola Bradburne were quick to praise all their teams but mentioned that the attitude in the Under-14s is first class. “These girls listen to advice and will therefore improve,” said Mrs Bradburne.  Alice Hughes told me, “I am quite prepared to listen to our expert coaches. I have been trained very well in such skills by my Philosophy & Theology teacher.”  Daisy David and Catrin Heath are also good listeners. Elisabeth Edwards is too.

    It is clear that netball is a popular and vibrant sport at Shrewsbury, although rumours that the local knitting group are going to sponsor the coaching team have been denied by Head of Girls’ Sport Nicola Bradburne. Sam Shantry was just being nice to her husband Adam, who has just finished an ECB knitting course (to help nervous cricket coaches stop biting their nails as they watch their teams for hours on end!).


Wednesday 25 January 2017

  • Netball: Ellesmere College block fixture
    Salopian sporting history was made on Wednesday 18th January, with the highest ever number of Shrewsbury School netball teams out in action together.  It was a great block fixture against Ellesmere, with Shrewsbury winning 5 matches to 1.

    Lost 11-19

    The 1sts put in a much improved performance and it was very pleasing to see the set plays we have practised being used successfully.  It was a fairly even match until the last quarter when Ellesmere managed to pull away.  There were strong defensive performances from Amelia Maunder (EDH) and Julianna Hinwood (MSH).  Amelia was awarded player of the match by the opposition.  Well done, girls.

    Won 25-5

    The 2nd VII had a steady start to their match, with the score at 3-3 after the first quarter.  It was the first time these pupils had played together and so play was initially not particularly fluent.  Things improved once they got warmed up, however, with better movement from defence down the court. Shrewsbury just edged ahead to make it 9-4 at half time. 

    With a slight tweak of positions and the girls now warmed up and working as a team, there was no stopping them.  Passes were more accurate and movement better timed, with the shooters (Sophia Breese (EDH) and Abi Watkinson (G)) on top form to take an impressive 18-5 lead going into the final quarter. 

    A great team performance from everyone, with excellent leadership from Eily Kerr (MSH) with Sophia Breese being awarded player of the match by the opposition.

    Won 19-7

    The 3rd team were a little frantic at the start of the match, having watched and waited patiently to start their game.  Lots of unnecessary and poor passing led to a number of mistakes in the first quarter before things settled down.  Once players took a little more time on the ball, there were some excellent phases of play, with the shooters doing their job well. 

    Clemmie Baynes (G) was a great strength in defence and helped moved the ball down the court to the attacking 3rd.  At half time Shrewsbury were starting to pull away, leading 7-4.  The team got stronger and stronger as they continued to play, helped by Emma Graham (MSH) commanding the centre court.  Annabel Donavan (G) was very effective in her move from defence to attack.

    Won 49-4

    The shooters, Poppy Collingwood-Cameron (EDH) and Amelie Davies (MSH), had an excellent start putting the strong Shrewsbury team out in front very quickly. The defence remained strong throughout, with Laura Elliott (G) commanding her position on the court and feeding the ball forwards. The centre court players were too strong for the opposition and worked the ball well around them, producing very good link play. Players and positions were mixed around a little for the final quarter.
    Another fantastic game of netball from a very talented year group.

    Won 30-5

    A great game by the energetic U14s – Edie Hargrave (MSH) and Annie Middleton (EDH) were on top form again, with consistent shooting all game. The team have really started to gel together and start to anticipate each other’s movements on the court.

    Fantastic centre play from Georgie Nicholas (MSH), Alice Hughes (MSH) and Elizabeth Edwards (EDH) who, along with their teammates, made the game an exceptionally enjoyable one to watch. We have high hopes for this young team who continue to develop and produce wonderful results.
    Players Player: Edie Hargrave

    Won 12-2

    A great first game for the Bs, with a number of Shrewsbury girls making their debut. Karina Ho (G) and Willa Bowman (MSH) grew in confidence as the game progressed and scored some wonderful goals. Bridget Merison (MSH) did a great job as Captain and performed well as Centre and Wing Attack. Charlotte Hollinshead (G) and Tommy (MSH) Jarvis worked well together in centre court. Players’ Player Daisy Holder (EDH) performed well as Wing Attack, Wing Defence and Centre.

Monday 16 January 2017

  • Netball news
    The new netball season got underway last Wednesday (14th January) with a block fixture against Moreton Hall on Wednesday, with the juniors playing away and the seniors at home.

    The U14s dominated in their first match together to win 23-4, with great play from Edie Hargrave (MSH), Annie Middleton (EDH) and Daisy David (EDH).

    The U15s were similarly impressive, winning 30-6. Key players were our shooters Poppy Collingwood-Cameron (EDH) and Amelie Davies (MSH).

    Meanwhile, the 1st team found it hard to get going in their match, with some nice attacking play but struggling in defence. This allowed Moreton to take an early lead, which they maintained throughout the match. Some positives, but work to do for the 1st team. 

    The 2nd team also narrowly lost in a well-fought game where the teams were neck-and-neck at half time, with some excellent attacking play from Hattie Bramwell (EDH) and defensive play from Clemmie Baynes (G).

    All in all, a solid start from the seniors.

Sunday 1 January 2017

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