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Wednesday 18 November 2015

  • Success for England and James Taylor

    We don't really need to add anything more to this great BBC article, which thoroughly sums up an outstanding tour of the United Arab Emirates for James Taylor (R 03-08). Left out of the first two tests, he was brought into the side for the third to great acclaim, before excelling in the one day international series. Three of the four matches have now been played and England lead the series 2:1. Taylor was instrumental in England's latest win over Pakistan and many well known names from the field of cricket have come out in force to pay him compliments. A great example is the following quote from Captain Eoin Morgan:

    "Every role we've given James Taylor, he's excelled in. He epitomises the culture we're trying to create in this changing-room - he works so hard at this game. Hopefully we can produce another performance and win the series."

    We just needed a picture and thought you might like this one of James and the Giant Bowler!















    James Taylor (5'6" 1.68m) and Muhammad Irfan (7'1"  2.16m)

Friday 13 November 2015

  • Wales and West of England Dinner

    The Salopian Club Wales and West of England Dinner

    On Friday 6th November, at the Cardiff and County Club, the current President of the Salopian Club, Sir Eldryd Parry, hosted his last OS dinner before handing over the reins to his successor.

    It turned out to be a wonderful occasion and a fitting tribute. Positive comments have made about the excellent food, the entertainment (by two talented young opera singers) and also about the fact that the event attracted a wide cross section through the OS age range - from some very recent leavers to some of our more experienced members.

    Sir Eldryd gave the welcome and Nick Jenkins, Director of the Salopian Club, made a very entertaining speech before thanking the President for all his support.

    The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.

Thursday 12 November 2015

  • Dinner with Friends

    A new production of the Pulitzer Prize winning play - 'Dinner with Friends'- is currently running at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park, London. It is produced by OS Theatre Producer Tim Johanson (O 00-05) and directed by Tom Attenborough. The play is a witty portrayal of relationships, which explores our dependency on friends as well as on our loved ones.

    A group of OS theatre lovers went along to watch the performance on Wednesday 11 November and they then gathered in the theatre bar afterwards to meet with both Tim and Tom for a discussion about the play.

    Pictured left to right: Kit Oates (PH 00-05) , Guy Faith (O 00-05), Tim Johanson(O 00-05), Jessica Walker (G 13-15), Rhys Bevan (SH 03-08) and Peter Fanning.

Friday 6 November 2015

  • The Rovers Club is relaunched by Everest mountaineer Adam Booth (PH 1995-2000)
    In May 2013, when we proudly reported the news that Adam Booth had reached the top of Mount Everest, he responded by thanking the members of staff who led the Rovers, the School’s mountaineering and adventuring club, for ‘lighting the flame’. On Monday, we were delighted to welcome Adam back to Shrewsbury to kindle that flame in a new generation of Salopians, as the historic Rovers Club - first formed in 1934 - was officially relaunched to the whole School.

    Adam recalled his own sense of excitement when, at the age of 15, he attended a similar relaunch of the Rovers. Inspired by Master-in-Charge Mr Hansen’s vivid descriptions of climbing Ben Nevis, he signed up immediately for the Rovers and spent the next few months learning the basics of climbing and mountain safety, leading up to his first Rovers Expedition – the climbing of the Three Peaks, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon. A new and life-changing passion had been born.

    Further trips followed during what became one of the golden period for the Rovers, travelling to remote locations to take on challenging mountains, typically camping at a high altitude on the way to a summit. They scaled the highest mountain in the Picos De Europa, Spain and the following year climbed Galdhøpping, the highest mountain in Norway.

    In 2013, Adam climbed Mount Everest, reaching the summit on 13th May, 60 years almost to the day after the first successful ascent by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. On hearing the news, Mr Hansen expressed the utter delight and pride of the staff who had been part of the Rovers. “The news that he's summitted Everest has quite stunned us. The pupil has certainly exceeded the Master.” At the Rovers relaunch on Monday, Adam paid special tribute to Mr Hansen, who still teaches at the School, for the role he and the Rovers Club had played in first inspiring him with a love of mountains and mountaineering.

    Some of Adam’s inspiration has also come from two Old Salopians: Sandy Irvine (S 1916-21), who famously took part in the 1924 Everest Expedition with George Mallory; and Sir Charles Evans (DB 1932-37), Deputy Leader of the 1953 Expedition, who formed the first summit pair with Tom Bourdillon. They got to within 300 feet of the summit of Everest before faulty oxygen equipment forced them to withdraw. A few days later, second pair Hillary and Tenzing made history.

    Adam spoke of his sense of connection with those other Old Salopians and their experiences on Everest, and in a few brief sentences and images he was able to convey something of the scale of their achievements. He spoke about his own experiences entirely modestly, however. So it was perhaps not until the end of his talk, when he showed a four-minute film of his final gruelling hours of climbing Everest and euphoric arrival on the roof of the world, that his audience caught a proper sense of the sheer enormity of his own achievement.

    Current Salopians keen to follow in Adam’s footsteps and join the relaunched Rovers Club have some exciting expeditions to choose from later this year, including an introduction to winter mountaineering in the Cairngorm Mountains during February half term for Fifth and Sixth Formers; a Junior Rovers Adventure in North Wales for Third and Fourth Formers in March; and an 11-day expedition in July called 'Land, Sea and Skye' - sailing, hillwalking, mountain biking and climbing in the Cuillin Mountains on Skye.

    For more details, please see a letter to parents from Mr Reynolds, Master in Charge: Rovers Expeditions 2016

Wednesday 7 October 2015

  • Old Salopian Day 2015

    As most of you will know, Saturday 3rd October was our annual Old Salopian Day - an opportunity for all of our OS and their families to visit the School, meet up with friends, catch up with new developments and revisit old haunts.  This year's event was another great success, with around 150 Salopian Club members and guests coming along to enjoy the programme of events and take a stroll around the site on what turned into a beautiful autumn day.




    The main focus of this year's event was the opening of Hodgson Hall, the new academic block. Champagne and canapes were served and speeches were made by the Headmaster, Mark Turner and by Howie Hodgson, whose generous donation made the building possible. Mr Hodgson's warm and amusing speech not surprisingly centred on the wonderful time his daughter Eliza had whilst she was here (EDH 11-13). A number of the classrooms are sponsored by Old Salopians in honour of some of the most inspiring teachers in the School's recent history, many of whom were present. Whilst the building divided opinion on the outside, the guests all welcomed the opportunity to explore the inside, which is bright and airy and deceptively spacious. 

    Later on in the afternoon the lecture theatre at Hodgson Hall was put to excellent use for a talk on 'Rowing the Atlantic' by Alex Bland (Rt 00-05). Alex, was half of a duo who spent 50 days rowing across the Atlantic, from Gran Canaria to Barbados, completing the challenge on 1st February 2014. They raised over £100,000 for the Charity JDRF, which supports research into curing Leukaemia and type 1 diabetes. A number of OS described his illustrated talk as the highlight of the day.



    There was a wonderful atmosphere over lunch in KH, where everyone enjoyed a carvery buffet. The Chairman of the Salopian Club, Peter Stewart, gave the welcome speech and introduced The President of the Salopian Club, Sir Eldryd Parry. Sir Eldryd treated the gathered guests to one of his inspiring and heartfelt speeches, thanking the Club staff for their work over the year and also taking an amusing look at an old rule book and some of the punishments given out in the past. How things have changed!

    The buzz of chatter dispersed slowly as people walked out into what had turned into a glorious Shrewsbury afternoon. The houses were open for visits, as was the ancient library and the art department and there was also a great turnout for the OS football matches. (You can follow this link to read Giles Bell's 'Team of the Week' report, which covers the OS Football matches from the weekend.) Dr Gee was signing copies of his book 'City on a Hill' in the library.






    The OS girls played a 9 a-side hockey match, followed by a netball match.  It was nice to see more girls back as they are starting to finish university so more able to attend. The hockey was a close game, with some flowing hockey.  OS’s just came out on top, but there were a few controversial umpiring decisions!! The netball was won by the OS team who were solid from defence through to attack. 








    We were fortunate that the world renowned choir Tenebrae were performing that same evening in the Chapel. Tenebrae are managed by Henry Southern (G 03-08) and the event was sponsored by Richard Baker (DB 53-58). A number of OS stayed on to watch the performance, which was truly sublime and was set off perfectly by the Chapel's candelit and atmospheric backdrop. Anyone leaving early to watch a certain sporting fixture, about which least said soonest mended, missed a wonderful treat!

    For some Old Salopians this had been their first visit to the School since leaving and for others this is an event they look forward to year on year and it's easy to see why. We love having the opportunity to entertain so many of the School's alumni at one time and the smiling faces, the obvious affection between friends and the glimpses into new associations and connections being made make the event so very worthwhile. We also welcome ideas and constructive feedback if anyone would like to offer any for next year's planning.

Wednesday 30 September 2015

  • Steve Leach Named Shropshire Captain

    Many congratulations to Steve Leach (M 07-12), who has been appointed as the new Captain of Shropshire County Cricket Club, replacing James Ralph.

    Steve has had a hugely successful year as an opening batsman - scoring his maiden first class century in April for Oxford MCCU against a very strong Surrey side,  scoring more than 700 runs for Shropshire over the course of the season and helping Shrewsbury to win the Birmingham League title.

    We wish him every continued success.

  • Alastair Humphreys' Book Shortlisted for an Award

    Alastair Humphreys' book 'Microadventures' has been shortlisted for an Independent Travel Award, under the category of Best Travel Guide.

    The book, which was published by William Collins in 2014, celebrates the idea that an adventure is something new and exciting, which could be small, close to home and achievable even within the time and cost constraints most people suffer from. It has been extremely well received and has five stars on Amazon. The award winners will be announced in October.

    Alastair's adventures have taken him to some of the furthest flung places on earth and some slightly closer to home, such as his circuit of the M25. He will be giving the annual Sabrina Club lecture this year and this promises to be a fascinating and inspiring event.  It will take place on Saturday 28th November and further details will be available soon.

Monday 28 September 2015

  • 'City on a Hill' - Dr Gee's History of Shrewsbury School is now published
    'City on a Hill - A Portrait of Shrewsbury School', Dr David Gee's magisterial history of the School, covering the last 50 years, has now been published by Greenbank Press.

    The period from 1950 to 2010, covering the reigns of six headmasters, has seen Shrewsbury School change from a traditional, hierarchical, cloistered single-sex boarding school to the much more liberal, outward-looking co-educational school of today. The same period has seen a blossoming in all areas of school activity.

    David Gee who has taught at Shrewsbury for almost the whole of this period, draws on a vast range of source materials to track and analyse changes that have affected every aspect of Salopian life. Intended both as a portrait of a dynamic and continually evolving school and as a work of record, this lavishly-illustrated book concludes with a series of appendices recording the contribution of every significant figure during this period.

    Copies are available to order from The Salopian Club, Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury SY3 7BA, email oldsalopian@shrewsbury.org.uk

    Price £25 plus p&p (UK £2.50, Europe £4.50, Rest of World £6.50)

    Please make cheques payable to The Salopian Club. We regret that we cannot accept payment by card.

    Profits from the sale of the book will be donated to Shrewsbury House ('The Shewsy').

    Hardback 350pp
    ISBN 978-0-9523699-9-8

Friday 25 September 2015

  • Darwin Society Biology Research Evening
    Three Old Salopians returned on 18th September to Shrewsbury to give talks to the Darwin Society on the theme of research in biology.

    Max Emmerich (Rt 2008-10) is close to completing his clinical training after studying Medicine at both Cambridge and Oxford Universities. He spoke about his experiences of research projects and internships at every stage in his education, from school holidays and Sixth Form options through to vacations during university and the intercalated courses that are on offer to those enterprising enough to search them out. Max stressed the role of luck in hitting on areas of biology that turn out to be significant - in his case this was a type of membrane-bound pigment that has become an important research tool. He also stressed that to a large extent one makes one's own luck by being persistent and resilient.

    William Jones (Rt 2003-08) is currently working towards his PhD in the Department of Ecology and Genetics at Uppsala University, Sweden. He spoke about the classic route into a career in scientific research and teaching through a Masters degree followed by a doctorate. Not surprisingly given WIlliam's lifetime interest in ornithology, his research field is the evolution of flycatchers, with summers spent collecting data on an island in the Baltic. He conveyed very convincingly the excitement of research into ecological and evolutionary processes where there are many unanswered questions and where human influences on climate are having marked effects.

    NIck Zoulias (PH 2000-05) completed his first degree and PhD at Manchester University and is now doing post-doctoral research at Sheffield University. He explained the bifurcation in careers after a doctorate, with some moving away from university and into commercial or other applications of science and others wanting to stay at the cutting edge of pure research. He has chosen the latter path. His field is the control of plant development. Nick spoke eloquently about what he has discovered about gradients of signalling molecules and how they cause plants in the Asteraceae (daisy family) to produce three types of structure in their inflorescences. His research now concerns how genes are switched on and off as a result of these gradients to cause observed patterns of development.

    A capacity audience of Sixth Form pupils and teachers listened with rapt interest to all three of talks, so we hope to hold another Biology Research evening in the future. Any Old Salopians who would be willing to contribute are encouraged to get in touch with the Head of Biology - tsm@shrewsbury.org.uk

Tuesday 22 September 2015

  • Arts and Activities Committee Meeting

    The first full meeting of the recently formed Arts and Activities Committee took place on Saturday 3rd September, at The Curtains Up in London. The meeting was well attended by some of our most artistically gifted and knowledgeable OS and was organised and chaired by Peter Fanning. A number of interesting and exciting ideas were discussed, from a joint School/OS 'scratch' orchestral concert to a possible arts bursary fund for OS. Details of some of the planned events will be available shortly, so watch this space!

Thursday 17 September 2015

  • On the Darwin trail... Harvard University visit to Shrewsbury
    On 3rd August this year the Taylor Library hosted a visit by a group of undergraduate students from Harvard University led by Professor Andrew Berry (OS and former Head Boy).

    Their focus was the Darwiniana held in the Library, especially Darwin’s manuscript letters, and a first edition of The Origin of Species with marginal notes by his renowned opponent Richard Owen.

    Their visit was part of – and by their own account the highlight of – a two-week summer tour of the UK with a Darwin theme.

    Note: The Taylor Library is open for public viewing during term-time every Sunday morning after Chapel.

    Robin Brooke-Smith
    School Archivist

Tuesday 15 September 2015

  • James Taylor selected for England's Test series against Pakistan.

    Congratulations to James Taylor (R 03-08), whose impressive form in the recent one day international series has resulted in the anticipated announcement that he has been selected for the forthcoming test series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates. 

    You can read the BBC article about the team selection here and the summary of his interview with Sky Sports following the final one day international here.

    Taylor is the only member of the current ODI team to average more than 40 in his career and had finished the recent series just below Captain Eoin Morgan as England's highest scorer. Former England Captain Michael Vaughan had openly stated that he thought Taylor had done enough to justify his selection, saying that he 'reads situations well', which will be crucial in the test series. 

    The first test will take place on 13th-17th October in Abu Dhabi.


Tuesday 8 September 2015

  • Remembering the Queen’s visit to Shrewsbury School, October 1952
    On Wednesday 9th September 2016, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest serving monarch in British history. We are proud that one of her first official engagements during her 63-year reign was a visit to Shrewsbury School, on 24th October 1952.

    The occasion coincided with the fourth centenary year of the foundation of the School. The Queen had expressed the desire to see the School on a normal working day.  As can be imagined, it took many hours of debate and discussion to organise 'a normal day' for the visit, which ended up being "a mad scramble as boys appeared and reappeared, as soldiers, as gymnasts, as fives players, as runners, in order to be discovered being 'normal'".

    Three Salopians who have vivid memories of the day were invited back to the School this week to tell their stories to ITV journalist Gareth Jones. David Longrigg (Ch 1949-54) was 16 years old at the time; Adrian Struvé had just begun his third year as a master at the School (he would remain here until his retirement in 1986); and Jane Tupper was daughter of A.E. Taylor, who was Housemaster of School House until his sudden death in March 1952, one month after the death of the Queen’s own father. Jane had returned from university to help her mother organise the lunch for the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, which was served in School House. She has particularly strong memories of the occasion and was deeply impressed by the Queen’s sense of humour, her evident enjoyment of the day and the interest she took in the people she met.

    The interviews was broadcast on ITV Central News at 6pm on Wednesday 9th September, together with extracts from an evocative Pathé newsreel that captures some of the excitement of the Queen’s visit: http://www.britishpathe.com/video/queen-at-shrewsbury

    A description of the visit was published in The Salopian Newsletter shortly after the event: The Royal Visit 1952.

    To view a few of the many photos that were taken on the day, please see: The Queen's visit to Shrewsbury School, October 1952 - photo gallery

    To view the ITV Central News interview, please click here.

Monday 7 September 2015

  • Congratulations to George Patterson on More Rowing Success.

    2015 School leaver George Patterson (R 10-15) is listed as one of three international student athletes in the very successful Columbia University lightweight rowing team. George was a key member of the Shrewsbury first VIII during his time here and we wish him every success.

    You can read the full article here.

  • Young OS Summer Party

    On Saturday 5th September the young OS gathered for a summer party at the Grand Union Pleasure Garden in Brixton.  There was a good turnout of around 80 young OS (plus the odd young at heart guest) and by all accounts a great evening was enjoyed by all. 

    Many thanks to Hugh Faith (O 97-02), Felicity Davies (MSH 08-10) and Henry Unwin (Rt 01-06) for organising the event, and to Kit Oates (PH 00-05) for the great photograph.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

  • Another Cameo Role for the Main School Building.

    The Main School Building serves as backdrop for this spoof article in Private Eye. Thank you James Murray for sending this in.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

  • Nick Owen's Childhood Memories.
    The OS and Midlands Today Presenter relives his Shropshire childhood.

    Click on this link to read a lovely little piece in 'County Woman', in which Midlands Today Presenter Nick Owen (R 61-66) describes his childhood memories, from cricket to climbing The Wrekin.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

  • Cricketer Cup Semi-final Postponed to 2nd August

    Just to build up the tension even more, the weather on Cricketer Cup semi-final day decided not to play ball and the match had to be postponed.

    It will now be played on Sunday 2nd August at Malvern, so your support would be even more welcome.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

  • Career Best Performance for James Taylor Renews Test Hopes

    Congratulations to James Taylor for his career best innings of 291 runs, scored against Sussex on Monday 20th July. With the England Ashes side struggling for batting form and consistency this couldn't have come at a better time to catch the selectors' eyes ahead of the third test.

    Taylor (R 03-08) has two previous Test caps from 2012, but only managed an innings best of 34. He has since played well in one day internationals and says that he has matured as a player and gained 'a lot more experience in terms of knowledge of the game'.

    The next test will begin at Edgbaston on 29th July.

    You can read the full BBC article here.

Friday 17 July 2015

  • OS Ollie Webb On the Road to Great Things

    Take a look at the great article on OS Oli Webb in the latest edition of The Foxley Docket on this link.

    Oli (S 04-09) is described as on the "the youngest prides of Britain" and is interviewed about his career in motor-racing and his hopes for the future. 

    A young man with a great future ahead of him and definitely one to watch.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

  • Saracens Through to Semi-Finals of the Cricketer Cup

    Congratulations to the Saracens, who won out in a closely contested match against a determined St. Edwards side to make it to the semi-final of the Cricketer Cup. 

    Their semi-final will be played here at Shrewsbury School on Sunday 26th July against the Old Malvernians. It should be a terrific match, so please come along and lend your support.

    The other known semi-finalists are the Old Wellingtonians, with the quarter final between the Eton Ramblers and the Old Bedfordians still to be played.

  • Great Turnout for Henley in Glorious Sunshine
    Record attendance and record temperatures at this year's regatta.


    Henley Regatta, one of the highlights of the sporting summer, was blessed with beautiful sunshine this year and the Sabrina gathering on Saturday 4th July saw record numbers of Old Salopians turn out to soak up the atmosphere.

    Unfortunately the Sabrina boat had been narrowly edged out in qualifying, along with the girls' boat from the School, which had qualified through to Henley for the first time.

    However the spectators were treated to a demonstration of rowing at its finest, with a 'row past' by the 1st VIII of 1960 - the self styled 'Old Men's Boat'. The 1960 1st VIII have had a commemorative medal struck, which will be displayed in the Sabrina cabinet in the Pentagon, here at the School. The 1955 1st VIII also attended the lunch gathering.

    The venison burgers went down a treat and the fizz was flowing, enabling some 240 guests to relax and enjoy the occasion.

Monday 29 June 2015

  • Saracens Through to Cricketer Cup Quarter Finals
    The Saracens win a closely contested match against last year's beaten finalists to progress through to the quarter finals.

    The Saracens progressed through to the quarter finals of the Cricketer Cup after a tense match against a strong Bradfield Waifs side on Sunday 28th June.

    Saracens batted first after winning the toss and the opening pair of Henry Lewis and Jack Brydon scored at a run a ball in an opening partnership of 56. Ed Pollock, fresh from his 227 not out scored for Herefordshire against Shropshire the previous week, made 57 in quick time and was ably supported by a watchful Lewis who made 64. 

    Brief cameos from Chapman (23), Cox (17) and Gregson (19) pushed the Saracens towards a challenging total and at 227/5 they seemed well poised, but a flurry of wickets saw them bowled out for 250 with 4 balls to spare.

    In reply, Bradfield lost their first wicket off a run out on the first legitimate ball of the innings, before Darby and the dangerous Gumbs added 72 in double quick time. When Darby fell for 57 in the 21st over with the score on 119, Bradfield were well placed especially with Hampshire professional Hamza Riazuddin at the crease. 

    Supported by Rishton and then Gaffney, Riazuddin rebuilt the innings but when he was 7th out for 40 after having a rush of blood to the head by charging down the wicket to Henry Blofield, 38 runs were still need from 27 balls. 

    Two more wickets went quickly but the last pair had other thoughts, adding 21 for the final wicket. When Lezaic holed out to Blofield off the bowling of Lewis, only 12 runs were needed and 3 balls remained. 

    It was a fascinating game of ebbs and flows and skipper Tom Cox managed his meagre bowling resources well, but he hopes that he can call upon a stronger side at St Edwards, Oxford on July 12th.

    The full score card can be found here.

  • OS Fundraising Cycling Challenge
    Two young OS fundraisers set off to cycle the Atlantic coast of France.

    OS Toby Lansdell and James Warburg, both PH 09-14, are currently undertaking a fund-raising cycle ride of some 1,100 miles (i.e. further than Land’s End to John O’Groats) down the Atlantic coast of France. They are riding to support a local Shrewsbury charity called Build It International who do great work in Zambia, by training local people to build schools and clinics. You can find out more about Build It here.

    The boys set off on Friday 26th June and expect the journey to take them about three and a half weeks. Over the course of the first Saturday and Sunday alone they cycled more than 150 miles. Temperatures are expected to reach 35 degrees in the next couple of days!

    We wish the boys well and invite you to support them. Here are the links to their ‘Just Giving’ pages where there is more info on what they are attempting.

    Toby:      https://www.justgiving.com/Toby-Lansdell/

    James: https://www.justgiving.com/jamesandtobycyclefrance/

Friday 26 June 2015

  • Richard Hillary Essay Medal
    Air Vice-Marshall Sir Michael Simmons (DB 1950-55), one of the architects of the Richard Hillary Essay Medal Competition, visited the School last week and met this year's winner of the Competition, Loren Kell.

    Sir Michael qualified as a pilot while he was still a pupil at the School and went on to have a highly distinguished career with the RAF, flying Canberras, Buccaneers and Tornadoes. Sir Michael’s passion for flying was partly inspired by the wartime experiences of another Salopian pilot, Richard Hillary (Ch 1931-36).

    Richard Hillary was called up to the Royal Air Force in October 1939.  He joined 603 Squadron as a Spitfire pilot and moved with them from Scotland to join the Battle of Britain on 27th August 1940.  Within a week Hillary had shot down five German fighters, but he himself was shot down on 3rd September 1940 and was very badly burned while escaping from his aircraft.

    Hillary was badly disfigured and never regained full use of his hands.  He wrote the story of his experiences, The Last Enemy, which is widely regarded as one of the best books to have emerged from World War Two.   He convinced the RAF that he was fit enough to return to flying in November 1942, even though the damage to his hands remained severe.  On 8th January 1943 his Bristol Blenheim crashed in Scottish woodland during a night training exercise, and he died aged 23.

    Sir Michael Simmons worked closely with Richard Barber (SH 1955-60 and former Salopian Club President), the School and the Salopian Club to create a new and fitting memorial at Shrewsbury School in his honour. The annual Richard Hillary Essay Medal Competition for Sixth Formers was first introduced in 2013. It is modelled on the historic competition undertaken to select Fellows of All Souls College, Oxford and gives those who have volunteered to take part the opportunity to spend two hours writing an essay on a one-word title.

    This year's essay title was 'Power' and the competition was judged by Dr Mark Wormald, Fellow in English and Senior Tutor at Pembroke College, Cambridge. In his Examiner's Report, Dr Wormald commented that among the strongest of this year's entries "there were seven who made it into the last round, all of them at or over the Cambridge first class threshold I'm used to spotting; four more were very close to that border..."

    "... The clear winner of this year’s Richard Hillary Prize is Loren Kell... It began by confronting the uncanny asymmetry of the weighting of the word – pow-er’, and developed into as bold and defiant an exploration of its implications as the title deserved, moving in three absorbing, unsettling and powerful lines from the sound energy released ‘in the slight scratch of my pen’ to its absorption, in the walls and objects surrounding the writer, and then in the reader, imagined ‘as you slightly sway or twitch while reading this’. I felt skewered. From the art and biology of courting in nature (Darwin’s work on the expression of the emotions in man and the animals came to mind) to the social and cultural constraints endured by literature’s most powerful women, and from the power of the language of music sung by black slaves on the cotton fields, this essay evoked the power of art, culture and communities through the sustained restless power of its author’s own words. Many congratulations to her."

    Dr Wormald's full Examiner's Report on the Richard Hillary Essay Prize 2015 may be read here.

Thursday 25 June 2015

  • Historic Family Cricketing Success for Alasdair Pollock


    Many congratulations to Alasdair Pollock, who will Captain the Cambridge cricket XI when they play Oxford at Lords this Saturday 27th June.

    This is a terrific achievement and even more noteworthy for the fact that Alasdair (I 10-12) will be following in the footsteps of his father Angus (I 75-80), who achieved the same distinction in 1984.  

    Able to swing the ball both ways, Alasdair has the tools required of a highly skilled bowler. Coach Chris Scott identifies a clear resemblance between the styles of Alasdair and his father. Alasdair has a good pedigree in his own right however, and performed with distinction for the School, Worcestershire Academy and Barnt Green CC before going to Cambridge. 

    It's a historic achievement for the family, but also for the School and the Saracens, who currently have no fewer than nine members playing first class cricket for their county or their university. Alex Blofield (PH 05-10) is also in the Cambridge Squad. 

    Well played gentlemen!

Wednesday 24 June 2015

  • Saracens Through to 2nd Round of the Cricketer Cup

    Following their convincing victory over Haileybury Hermits the Saracens move into the second round of the Cricketer Cup, where they will play Bradfield Waifs.

    The next match will be on Sunday 28th June here at the School. 

    The Waifs are last years beaten finalists, so it should be an excellent match. Please do come along and lend your support.

Friday 19 June 2015

  • Old Salopians in the Battle of Waterloo
    Amidst the national commemorations marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, we remember two Old Salopians who fought - Edward Charles Windsor and Thomas Noel Hill.

    Edward Charles Windsor was born in Shrewsbury and entered Shrewsbury School in 1801. After leaving school, he rose to the rank of Captain in the 1st Royal Dragoons. He was killed at the Battle of Waterloo on 18th June 1815, aged 23.

    His mother, Dorothy Windsor, is recorded in the Journals of the House of Commons as being among the ‘List of Persons receiving Allowances as of His Majesty’s Royal Bounty’, “she being a widow in indigent circumstances, having expended her whole property in the purchase of her son’s commission”.

    Thomas Noel Hill was born on 14th February 1784 and was the youngest surviving brother of General Lord Hill. He entered Shrewsbury School in 1799.

    He joined the army as a Cornet in the 10th Dragoons in 1801, was appointed Lieutenant in 1803, Captain in 1805, and Major serving with the Portuguese army in the Peninsula in 1809. He attained the brevet of Lt-Col in 1811 and subsequently served as an Assistant Adjutant-General in the Waterloo Campaign.

    He received a knighthood on 28th July 1814 and was nominated a Knight Companion of the Bath on 5th January 1815. He died on 4th January 1832, aged 47.

Thursday 18 June 2015

  • Great article in the Spectator featuring RSSH and OS ex- huntsman Rory Fraser.

    Current parent Aidan Hartley has written a terrific article for the Spectator magazine, entitled "Cross-country running in Shropshire very nearly killed me". It talks about the Hunt and mentions OS Rory Fraser (Ch 10-14). It's somewhat more positive than the spin Mark Steel put on the Hunt recently, in his radio show, and well worth a read. Follow the link here.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

  • OS Awards in the Queen's Birthday Honours List

    Three OS have been awarded in this years Queen's birthday honours list.

    There are knighthoods for Dr Nicholas Penny (SH 63-67) for services to the arts (see the separate article below), and also for Dr Philip Montgomery-Campbell (Rt 64-69) for services to science.

    Rear Admiral Clive Johnstone is awarded a CB in the military division.

Monday 15 June 2015

  • OS Nicholas Penny knighted.

    Very many congratulations to Nicholas Penny, who has received a knighthood in the Queen's birthday honours list. Sir Nicholas (SH63-67) is retiring this summer from his position as Director of the National Gallery.

    Penny is described as one of the most distinguished scholars and gifted curators of his generation, the author of a number of highly respected books, articles and catalogues on all aspects of Renaissance art. During his time at the National Gallery he has masterminding the fundraising for and overseen the acquisition of two Titian masterpieces, as well as increasing annual visitor numbers to the National Gallery to six million. He will be succeeded by Gabriele Finaldi.

Friday 12 June 2015

  • Salopian Club Committee Meeting
    The summer meeting of the full OS Committee took place at the School.

    The biannual meeting of the full Salopian Club Committee took place on Monday 8th June, here at the School. There were detailed reports from the Director, the Sports Chairman, Arts and Activities Chairman, Careers Chairman and Fellow and the Honorary Treasurer. The Headmaster also gave a very helpful report on School matters. There was an interesting discussion about the future of the Sidney Gold Medal, which aroused differing thoughts and opinions. You can read some background to the medal here.

    Sadly this was also the committee's chance to say farewell to Careers Fellow Dr Kate Daubney, who has been a hugely valued member of the team and will be leaving after the Careers Fair on 18th June. Most of the members present were able to stay on for an informal supper during which Kate was thanked in words and with a small gift.

    We are hugely grateful to the members of the committee who give up their valuable time to attend the meetings and those who also attend the activities and sub committee meetings in-between. 

    The next full meeting will be 20th January, in London.

    Back row left to right: Nick Jenkins (Director of the Salopian Club); Richard Boys-Stones (Honorary Treasurer); Peter Stewart (Chairman): Sir Eldryd Parry (President); Mike Plaut (Vice Chairman Elect).

    Front Row left to right: Peter Birch (Sports Committee Chairman); Tony Barker; Hugh Ramsbotham; Dr Kate Daubney (Careers Fellow); Mark Turner (Headmaster); David Chance (Careers Chairman).

Friday 5 June 2015

  • OS Open Mic Night
    OS musicians and comics take the mic in London.


    The very first OS Open Mic Night took place on Friday 29th May, at the Horse and Stables in Lambeth, and was hailed as a great success by those who attended.

    Despite the presence on the bill of 'Britain's least funny comic' - Giles Bell - everyone was impressed by the range of very talented OS performances. There was a thoroughly entertaining blend of music, singing and stand-up and a great atmosphere.

    Henry Southern (G 03-08) did a wonderful job in putting the evening together and there are plans to try and make it a regular event, so watch this space.

Friday 22 May 2015

  • Super Cycling Man Will Hodson cycles in to Shrewsbury School
    Good luck to Super Cycling Man (a.k.a. Will Hodson - Rt 1990-95), who sets off to cycle round the world on 1st June. Will sped into Shrewsbury School on Friday 15th May as part of his whistle-stop 'warm-up' tour of Britain. He became not only the first Salopian (we think) to cycle round the site dressed as a superhero, but also the first to cycle through our school dining hall, Kingsland Hall.

    Will is attempting to become the first person ever to cycle across all seven continents - a journey that will take him five years. He will be raising raising money for several charities: Parkinson's UK, World Cancer Research Fund, World Bicycle Relief, Sustrans and WWF and also aiming to inspire others, particularly children (Will is a primary school teacher), with his message 'We Can All Be Heroes'.

    Coming back to Shrewsbury School "where the adventures all started", Will was greeted by postors and members of staff, who escorted him on a celebratory cycle ride across the site.

    In the last edition of The Salopian, Will wrote about how his years at the School had inspired him:

    "Shrewsbury taught me a great deal in the classroom, but out of the classroom it taught me an equally important lesson that with hard work, anything is possible. I was a distinctly sub-average rugby, football and cricket player and so did what other “poorly co-ordinated” athletes did and took up rowing! In the ridiculous giant-filled world of rowing I was relatively short and made an inauspicious start with a position in the J14C crew. Five years of hard graft, countless early morning outings and a lot of excellent coaching later, I found myself wearing a Great Britain lycra suit, rowing not just against local clubs at Ironbridge Regatta, but against other international teams in the World Junior Rowing Championships.

    For me, that is what is great about Shrewsbury. It’s a place that allows you not only to dream big but also gives you the confidence to take the next step and turn those dreams into reality. If you walk past a statue of Charles Darwin on a daily basis and you know that Michael Palin was ‘ere, that can have a lasting effect on young minds. It certainly did on mine."

     You can keep up to date with Will's progress and give him your support by following him on Facebook here and you can watch his video, which explains what his challenge is all about by clicking on the image below:


Thursday 7 May 2015

  • What Happened When OS Reporter, Rob Cross, Caught Up With James Taylor.

    Rob Cross (S 08-13) caught up with James Taylor (R 03-08) a couple of weeks ago, just prior to James' appointment as England Captain for the one day international against Ireland. Rob is the Sport Editor for Exeposé - the University of Exeter's student newspaper.

    You can read the article here.

Friday 1 May 2015

  • European Vets Cross Country Title for Michael Johnson

    Very many congratulations to Michael Johnson (S 55-60), who recently competed in the European Vets' M70 5km Cross-Country Championships, in Torun, Poland.

    Michael ran a great time of 20.32.5, helping the GB team to a gold medal.

    A fantastic achievement!

  • OS Marathon Runner in North Korea

    Well done to John McFarlane (SH 96-01), who ran the Pyongyang Marathon, North Korea on 12 April.

    John not only managed to visit the most closed nation on earth, but to rub shoulders with everyone from the military types to the average mothers and fathers in Pyongyang. He high fived children along the route, visited a water park and spent time visiting a school, before playing an improvised game of football with the local children.

    John said:

    "The reality was so far from the printed truth that I feel honoured and privileged having had the chance to interact with the supposed 'hermit people'. Maybe there was nothing but propaganda everywhere, but I would like to think that while sweating it out, with only a towel to cover ones privates in a sauna with the locals, I got a fairly intimate sense that they are people just like us, only with no material possessions."

    John has always been sceptical of the media's interpretation of non-capitalist societies and has taken the time to visit several. He has also previously run marathons in Beirut, Tallin and Luxembourg.

    A fascinating achievement and we will watch this space to see where he runs next.

Wednesday 29 April 2015

  • OS Super Cycling Man
    An update on OS adventurer Will Hodson, who has begun his epic journey across seven continents.

    The pursuit of adventuring has been the subject of some discussion in the media recently and Shrewsbury School has certainly produced its fair share of dauntless characters. Will Hodson (Rt 1990-95) is about to undertake the latest world challenge and it's an epic. He is attempting to become the first person ever to cycle across all seven continents and, just to emphasise the point, he will do it dressed as a superhero! 

    He aims to educate and inspire people, particularly children (Will is a primary school teacher) and to raise money for several charities: Parkinsons UK, World Cancer Research Fund, World Bicycle Relief, Sustrans and WWF.

    Will has now set off on his 'warm up' ride of a two month long, 200 mile tour of Britain and Ireland and is keeping his facebook page regularly updated with his progress. We are hoping to welcome him to Shrewsbury School later in May and will be putting more information on our website very shortly.

     In the meantime you can keep up to date with his progress and give him your support by following him on facebook here  and you can watch his video, which explains what his challenge is all about, here.


  • OS Doctor is a Contestant on Bear Grylls' 'The Island'.
    Follow Piers Dixey as the second series of the Channel 4 survival show airs twice weekly.

    In the second run of Bear Grylls’ show, 14 men and 14 women spent six weeks living in isolation on uninhabited pacific islands. There weren’t even any camera crews following them, with all the footage filmed by the contestants themselves.

    The men and women lived completely separately as part of the ultimate reality show, living off whatever their island provided. Bear said that not all made it to the end but – fortunately for those that put themselves forward (and the show’s legal department) – they did all survive.

    We are particularly pleased to hear this, as one of their number is OS Piers Dixey (O 99-04). Piers is a doctor from West London, loves the outdoors and is a big fan of watersports, tennis, kite-surfing, and hitting the gym. He believed he would take a leadership role as that is what he does in his career.

    The Island 2015 will air twice a week, starting on Wednesday April 8, with separate consecutive episodes following the men and women’s respective journeys.








Tuesday 28 April 2015

  • Sports Awards 2015
    Forty of the School’s most talented and committed sportsmen and women were honoured at the Sports Award Lunch for Upper Sixth students on Sunday 25th April, hosted by the Salopian Club.

    The celebratory lunch was attended by Sixth Form students, parents, staff and representatives of OS sports clubs, who enjoyed a fascinating and inspiring speech by guest-of-honour Tony Barker (Db 1968-73). Tony was an outstanding sportsman at Shrewsbury and has continued to play sport - particularly football and tennis - at an elite level. He has also combined his passion for sport with his business knowledge as a chartered accountant to set up a sports management company, with four other Old Salopians, which has been fundamental in the establishment and development of world class cricket in Dubai.

    During the presentation ceremony, Head of Girls' Sport Nicola Bradburne paid tribute to each of the Sports Award winners for their achievements and contributions to school sport during their years at Shrewsbury.

    Winner of The David Spencer Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Boys’ Sport:

    Toby has been a committed member of the Boat Club throughout his time at the School. He has made a huge contribution to some excellent results in all the crews he has been part of.  In 2013 he was selected to represent Great Britain in the VIII at the annual J16 GB France match and they went on to win their race. In 2014 he narrowly missed out on selection for the GB Junior team but did represent Wales in the Home International Regatta, helping to lead the coxless four to a significant victory. 

    Winner of the Eleanor Gurden Award for Outstanding Contribution to Girls’ Sport:

    Abby has been School Lacrosse Captain for the last two years and is an international lacrosse player, representing Wales U19 for the past few years.  She has recently competed in the Home Countries Tournament and will be part of the U19 World Championship squad this July.  Abby has been involved in other school sports such as netball, tennis and most recently has been an integral part of the Hunt, competing in national events.  Her desire to be the best at everything she does has resulted in Abby using her free time to complete extra training sessions and this demonstrates her high level of motivation and determination.

    Sportsman of the Year: JAMIE HUMES
    Jamie has had an outstanding season as a 1st XI footballer, scoring goals regularly whilst playing in a difficult role as the lone striker.  He was a real handful for all opposition.  In cricket, Jamie is a very talented wicketkeeper and middle order batsman.  He scores runs at an attractive rate, hitting the ball very hard.  Jamie has also represented the School at Fives and recently competed in the Williams Team Cup and at the National Open Championships, after reaching the U15 final three years ago.

    Sportswoman of the Year: LETTIE TAY
    Lettie has made an important contribution to girls’ rowing at Shrewsbury. Her most impressive result to date was a place in the final in the sculls at last year’s Henley Women’s Regatta. She was selected to represent Wales in the Junior Single and the Senior Women’s Four at the Home Countries Regatta in July.  She is taking part in GB trials this year and is working towards gaining selection to represent Great Britain at the Junior World Championships. (Lettie was not present at the lunch, as she was competing in the Birmingham Regatta. Her parents accepted the trophy on her behalf.)

    Barker Triple First Award: George Lewis
    This is a new award, generously donated by guest-of-honour Tony Barker, and presented for the first time this year. It recognises those who have achieved sporting firsts in at least three sports.

    George Lewis is the only member of this year's Upper Sixth to have achieved this feat - which demonstrates how difficult it is. George is a central midfield player for the 1st XI football team; he is the current 1st XI cricket captain, leading from the front as an opening batsman; and he is also Captain of Fives and part of the 1st Pair. 

    The following pupils were also nominated for Sportsman of the Year and the David Spencer Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sport

    Charlie Adams

    Roan Kirkby  

    George Lewis  

    George Patterson  

    James Plaut  
    The following pupils were also nominated for Sportswoman of the Year and the Eleanor Gurden Award for Outstanding Contribution to Girls’ Sport 

    Immy Hill     

    Cecy Price  

    Claudia Kimpton-Smith  

    Service to Sports Awards
    Service to Sports Awards were given to the following pupils, who have all made special contributions to one or more sports in their time at Shrewsbury.

    Alex Bird
    George Birt
    Nick Cabot
    Ulrik Cappelen       
    Theo Clarke
    Laura Cooke
    Charlie Davis
    Millie Dean
    Dan Durman
    Fred Earlam
    Katie Elcock
    Charlie Godman
    Sam Hill
    Tatty Hunt
    Charlie Johnston       
    Sam Kandi
    Tory Mobley
    Hugo Morgan
    Ciara Murphy
    Esmé O’Keeffe
    Mary Parrott
    Nick Pearce
    James Pollard
    Elliott Robinson-Bolton       
    Jake Samuel
    Hannah Sanderson
    Alex Shaw
    Ross Viljoen
    Edie Whittingham

    Special mention was also given to the two Sixth Form Sports Scholars, Max McClure (Alex Wilson Scholar) and Oliver Westbury (Cassidy Scholar), whose achievements and commitments to Shrewsbury School Sport over the last two years have been tremendous and who have both proved themselves to be very deserving of their scholarships.

Thursday 23 April 2015

  • Mayor's Award for OS Committee Member
    C. R. Birch recognised for their long service to the town of Shrewsbury.

    The Mayor's Awards Ceremony took place on 22 April at the Guildhall and, along with the seven major awards, Mayor Councillor Beverley Barker also presented nine personal awards to individuals and organisations, met throughout her mayoral year, whom she felt had made significant contribution to the town. Recipient of one of these was Peter Birch on behalf of C. R. Birch & Son.

    Peter (DB 66-71), Chairman of the OS Hunt and also the OS Sports Committee, said that the award was given in recognition of 106 years of helping people. In contrast to the large DIY chains C. R. Birch provides a personal service, with help and advice. When the business was first in operation it was somewhat more agricultural, with the cattle market being directly opposite. They also used to deliver candles and paraffin out to surrounding villages. Although the business has changed and become more domestic, the focus on customer service and a flexible, helpful attitude remains. From his Grandfather, to his Father and himself Peter thinks that this has come naturally to them. 

    Sadly C. R. Birch and Son will close later this year - the end of an era. The business will no doubt be sorely missed, but it is very good to see them rewarded for the part they have played in serving Shrewsbury for more than a century.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

  • The President's Dinner at Emmanuel College.
    The President of the Salopian Club, Sir Eldryd Parry, hosted a Salopian Club dinner in the magical setting of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he is a fellow.

    On Thursday 16th April a gathering of OS from across the country enjoyed a wonderful formal dinner in the beautiful setting of the Old Library at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

    The reception and drinks were held in the Upper Hall, where Sir Eldryd gave his welcome speech, before the assembled guests moved to the Old Library via the cloisters of New Court. The Old Library was originally the College Chapel and the open timber screen is from the original medieval building. After the completion of the Wren chapel, the room was used from 1680 to 1930 as the College library. The room is hung with portraits which include a full-length picture of the Founder, Sir Walter Mildmay, painted for the College in 1588. A unique venue for a special dinner.

    Dinner itself was a very convivial occasion, with OS from across the age range sharing stories and enjoying the delicious food and good company. It was lovely to see some familiar faces but also a number of members who have not attended such events before. It was particularly notable that we were joined by a number of recent leavers who contributed greatly to the pleasant conversation and positive atmosphere.

    After dinner Professor Michael Proctor, Provost of Kings College, (O 63-67) gave his speech, which included a celebration of the historical links between the School and the University. The Headmaster then spoke about some of the recent developments at the School, including the very successful move to co-education and the new buildings on the site.

    And finally guests were treated to a medley of song by a small group of very talented OS singers, Henry Southern (G 03-08), Chris Cox (M 04-09), Chris Jamieson (G 04-09) and Sam Grainger (SH 04-09). This was so enjoyable that there were calls for an encore

     resulting in a splendid acapella version of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' which had guests clapping along.


    It was a very special and unique occasion, which will prove memorable in years to come.

Thursday 26 March 2015

  • Friends of the Shewsy Launch Dinner
    Held at the Athenaeum Club, the Launch Dinner for the ‘Friends of the Shewsy’ was a warm and purposeful evening. The aim of the Friends is to support the Youth Club in all they do, and it was grand to see a mixture of former Club members, former staff, local supporters, representatives from the School, Old Salopians and existing staff together.

    Dame Lorna Muirhead, the Lord Lieutenant of Liverpool, voiced her support and Adrian Struve spoke from his personal knowledge of the history of the Club. Indeed, apart from the founder, Digby Kittermaster, Adrian is unique in that he has worked at both the Club and the School: both as Warden and as Housemaster of Churchill’s Hall. Three of ‘his’ Club members from the early ‘60s were there, and all were delighted to be reunited.

    The evening included a chance for all to contribute to the provocative question ‘Do we need the Shewsy anymore?’. The unanimous answer was ‘Yes, possibly more than ever’. Budget cuts at local authority level mean that individuals’ donations of time and money are crucial in keeping the Club open and active.

    As we collected our coats and put the date of the next gathering (Monday 28th September) in our diaries, Dave Brereton, the current Senior Youth Worker,took an urgent phone call, counselling a young man who just didn’t have anyone else. As ever, youth work doesn’t fit into office hours, and The Shewsy is still, as one of the guests put it: ‘Somewhere you go, to find you belong.’

    If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Shewsy, please contact Donald Ritchie at d.a.Ritchie@liverpool.ac.uk
    Lesley Drew
    English teacher
    Shewsy/Shrewsbury Liaison

Thursday 19 March 2015

  • Moser's Hall

    An important announcement was made at the School today.

    In 2011 Shrewsbury School Governors discussed and agreed a development plan for the School, known as ‘2020 Vision’.  A key element of that plan was the decision to build on the success of admitting girls into the Sixth Form in 2008 and move to full co-education. In September 2014 the School welcomed the first cohort of Third and Fourth Form girls; this followed a period of careful preparation that included the refurbishment of The Grove and its successful conversion to a girls' house.

    The momentum and demand for co-education is such that the Governors now feel that they should move ahead with the plan to achieve a ratio of 65% boys : 35% girls by 2020. In order to provide the appropriate ratio of accommodation, it will be necessary to create another girls' house.

    After investigating a number of different options, the Governors have taken the difficult decision that Moser’s Hall is the most appropriate house to convert into girls’ accommodation.

    Moser’s will operate normally for the academic year 2015-16, although there will be no new Third Form intake. It will then go through a period of refurbishment, so that it is ready to accept girls from September 2017.  Further information about this is provided in the letter that has been sent from the Headmaster to parents of current boys in Moser’s Hall and in an accompanying Question and Answer document. These may be downloaded below.

    Staff will be doing all they can to work with the Moser’s Hall community through what is inevitably going to be a very challenging time for them.

    The Governors are also conscious of the strong House loyalty of former members of Moser’s Hall, but are confident that future generations of girls will continue to be worthy custodians of the ethos, traditions and culture that has made Moser’s such a successful House in the past.

    Letter from the Headmaster to Moser's Hall Parents
    Questions and Answers document sent to Moser's Hall Parents

Wednesday 18 March 2015

  • OS in Three Day 'Uber Triathlon' to Raise Money for Combat Stress

    We are delighted to offer our support to OS Jamie Drummond Moray (S 05-10) who, along with three of his university friends, will shortly be undertaking an 'Über Triathlon’ challenge for an excellent cause. In a little under two months’ time, the team of 4 Men (to be proven!)- Jamie plus Geordie Hilleary, Rory McGrath and Sam Davies- will attempt to complete a gruelling 3 day challenge set in the Highlands of Scotland (24-26th April 2015). ‘The Über Triathlon’ will be a test of both physical and mental endurance, determination and courage. It comprises of 3 disciplines over the course of 3 days.

    Day 1: a 97 mile cycle from Auchterarder (Perthshire) to Glencoe (Highlands) via Loch Tay.

    Day 2: a marathon that ascends more than 1600 metres from the heart of Glencoe and ends at the foot of Ben Nevis.

    Day 3: a 10 Munro expedition of Ben Nevis and The Lochaber Traverse.

    They are raising money for Combat Stress- the veteran’s mental health charity. Not only does war leave physical scars, but it equally leaves an intangible stress that one cannot begin to describe. Combat Stress provides invaluable support and rehabilitation to military veterans and personnel. It is an extremely worthy cause and one that continues to be of utmost importance to the British Army. You can find more information on the Combat Stress website here.

    The group of 4 are all graduates and friends from Oxford Brookes University (2011-2014) and are in some way involved with the military. Rory McGrath is an Officer Cadet at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) and Sam Davies has recently been ski touring with the army in the Alps. As for Geordie Hilleary and Jamie DM, they are also aspiring soldiers and hope to gain a place at RMAS for September 2015. 

    They have set themselves a huge target of £10,000 and you can donate via this link to Just Giving and follow their progress on facebook.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

  • Olivier Award Nomination for Richard Goulding

    We are delighted to report that OS Richard Goulding (I 92-97) has been nominated for an Olivier Award. The nomination is for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his part in King Charles III, written by Mike Bartlett. The play is a fascinating and controversial drama,which
     imagines a future in which Prince Charles has ascended to the throne and is caught up in a battle between his own feelings over freedom of the press and the unwritten rules of our democracy. Richard plays Prince Harry who wishes to become a commoner, having fallen in love with a barmaid.

    The ceremony will take place on Sunday 12 April, as the illustrious event once again returns to Covent Garden’s iconic Royal Opera House for an evening of celebration, award-giving and live performances. The Olivier Awards are the most prestigious of their kind and the ceremony is the most glittering date in the theatrical calendar, attended by many of the West End’s most respected and loved stars, powerhouse producers, screen and music idols, and London's most influential movers and shakers.

Monday 9 March 2015

  • Good turnout for the Birmingham Dinner at the St Paul's Club

    A wonderful evening was had by those who attended the Birmingham Dinner on 5th March. The event was organised by Richard Woodgate, Chairman of the Birmingham branch of the Salopian Club, and was held in the St Paul's Private Members Club.

    The attendees were treated to entertainment by some of Shrewsbury School's most talented young singers, Ed Carroll, James Ollerhead and Loren Kell, led by John Moore. The assembled guests then proved to be in good voice themselves, as they joined in with a hearty rendition of the School song.

    Speakers, including Sir Eldryd Parry, Anna Peak and Peter Stewart, were on good form and the food (which included the now infamous rice pudding with Walsall Sauce) went down a treat.

    Once members and friends had sufficiently recovered the next day the compliments started flowing, with one member describing the evening as the best OS dinner he had attended.

Thursday 5 March 2015

  • OS David Sharpe is Youngest Chairman of a Professional Football Club.

    David Sharpe (G 04-09) has taken over from his Grandfather Dave Whelan as Chairman of Wigan Athletic Football Club. This is thought to make him the youngest ever Chairman of a professional football team in the UK. Quite an achievement at the age of 23.

    Dave Whelan has been in charge of the club for 20 years and saw them lift the FA Cup in 2013. However Wigan are currently struggling at the bottom of the Championship, after being relegated from the Premiership just three days after their remarkable FA Cup win.

    So David has some big boots to fill and a tough battle immediately ahead of him, but his Grandfather has said that he has every faith in David, who has been visiting the club since he was a little boy,  and that he will have his family right behind him for support.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

  • Friends of Shrewsbury House
    The 'Shewsy' have launched a new group “The Friends of Shrewsbury House” in support of the work of the Everton based Club. This is your opportunity to find out more and to get involved if you wish. There are more details here and also see events below.

    Back at the Shrewsbury House AGM in September,  a new group was launched - “The Friends of Shrewsbury House” in support of the work of the Club. Several OS attended that evening and were invited to sign up if they were in agreement with the Vision and Aims of the Friends and wanted to support its development. You can read the vision and aims by clicking this link. It was a busy evening and twenty six people signed up as Friends at the AGM. Others expressed support but were not able to get round to signing a form and obviously many supporters were not able to attend that evening.

    It is not the intention that The Friends would be financial donors but rather that they would serve as an influential network to provide ideas and ways forward and to open doors to benefit the Shewsy community.  The Club hope to build a body of Friends from various sectors and bodies, principally within Merseyside, including industry and business, the legal profession, education, the world of academia, the arts, sport and the media. 

    The Friends of Shrewsbury House will be holding their first event on 10th March (see events below) and would like to invite any OS who may want to become a Friend to attend or to contact them. 

    If you wish, please do fill in the form attached to the aims and vision document and send it back to the Club  at 37, Langrove Street, Liverpool L5 3PE. Alternatively send an email with the relevant details to John Hutchison (Chair of Shrewsbury House Board of Management) at johnhutch2@yahoo.co.uk or Donald Ritchie (Chair of Friends of ShrewsburyHouse) at d.a.Ritchie@liverpool.ac.uk

    Please feel free to extend this invitation to both membership of the Friends and the dinner event to any colleagues you think would like to support the organisation.

Thursday 12 February 2015

  • Charles Darwin's Birthday

    Today is the birth date of one of the School's most famous alumni, Charles Darwin, whose research transformed the way in which we view the natural world.

    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury in 1809. He was the Grandson of Josiah Wedgwood (famous China manufacturer) and Erasmus Darwin, one of the 18th century's most respected intellectuals.

    After leaving Shrewsbury School Darwin initially studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, but he later transferred to Christ's College, Cambridge to study Divinity. During his time at Cambidge he had the opportunity to further develop his enthusiasm for natural sciences and to assist and work alongside many leading naturalists. It was just a few weeks after his graduation that his botany Professor friend, John Stevens Henslow, proposed him as a suitable candidate to assist Robert FitzRoy, as naturalist, on the survey ship The Beagle. The expedition, which was to form the basis for much of Darwin's most famous work, began on 27th December 1931 and lasted for almost five years.

    At the time, most of Europe believed that the world was created by God, in seven days. When Darwin returned to England in 1836 his observations and recordings threw up many riddles which he couldn't reconcile with those beliefs. Over the next twenty years he developed his theory that animals had evolved over time to suit their natural environment, with the strongest surviving and passing on their characteristics to their young. When he discovered in 1858  that another naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace had developed similar ideas the two of them decided to make a joint announcement of their discovery. Darwin then went on to publish 'On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection' just a year later.

    By extension, the next logical step was to suggest that human beings are a form of animal which might have evolved, rather than being created in God's image, and Darwin's revolutionary theories brought him into conflict with the traditional establishment and the Anglican Church. However The Origin of Species was received well internationally and the first print run was over-subscribed.

    Although dogged by ill health, Darwin continued to carry out evolution led experiments and to publish books and journals up until his death in 1882. By that time the sound research and meticulous observations behind his studies had eventually convinced most scientists that his theories were, at least in part, correct. 


Wednesday 11 February 2015

  • Chocolate Old Salopian


    We thought that you might like this wonderful picture of John Gilbert (Riggs 54-58) on his way to the City Drinks just before Christmas. He spotted that this Fortnum and Mason chocolate snowman is clearly a fellow OS and is proudly displaying his Riggs hat.

    Thank you to Mr and Mrs Gilbert for being good sports and letting us put this on the website. It made us smile.

Monday 9 February 2015

  • Anniversary of the Foundation of Shrewsbury School, 10th February 1552
    This week is the anniversary of the Foundation of Shrewsbury School by Royal Charter of King Edward VI, 10th February 1552.

    On 10th February 1552, Edward VI sealed the charter for a ‘Free School’ at Shrewsbury. It was endowed out of the revenues of the newly dissolved ecclesiastical colleges of St Mary’s and St Chad’s, on the petition of Richard Whittaker, a rich Shrewsbury clothworker and bailiff, and Hugh Edwardes, a London mercer born near Ellesmere of an ancient Welsh family.

    The Royal Charter provided for a master and an usher to be appointed by the Corporation to provide a free grammar school education to all comers. The School was to be governed by regulations agreed between the Corporation and the Bishop of Lichfield.

    In anticipation of the Charter, property was acquired for the future school near the Castle. However, it was another nine years before the Revd Thomas Ashton, generally regarded as the first Headmaster, took up his post.

    Thomas Ashton was born in about 1500 and was an early graduate of St John’s College, Cambridge, of which he was a resident Fellow 1521-41. This college was one of the key centres of the Protestant reformation and by the time he came to the hitherto Catholic town of Shrewsbury in about 1561, Ashton had a reputation as a powerful Protestant preacher with influential friends at Court. Ashton worked closely with the town authorities and became in effect the first Protestant 'public preacher' in Shrewsbury, having a major impact not only on the growth of Shrewsbury School but also on the religious history of the town.

    During his time as Headmaster, the School was described by William Camden in his book Britannia as "the best filled in all England, being indebted for [its] flourishing state to the provision made by the excellent and worthy Thomas Ashton. Besides the children of the gentry of this county and North Wales, many of the first people of the kingdom sent their sons there."

    Ashton's most famous legacies to both town and school were arguably his Whitsuntide and Passion plays, which were performed in a semi-circular amphitheatre (now the site of the town's Quarry Swimming Pool). They were extremely popular, attracting audiences from far and wide across the county, probably numbering several thousand.

    It may have been in one of those productions that a young pupil named Philip Sidney – who joined the School in 1564 and later became the renowned Renaissance soldier, statesman, diplomat, poet and earliest famous Salopian – made his first dramatic appearance.

    In the latter years of his headmastership, Ashton was able to increase the endowments to the School and lay down a series of ordinances, or rules for its governance, which lasted until 1798. These brought about the further expansion of the School, including the construction of a new school building on the site of the original – where the School remained until its move to Kingsland in 1882.

    (With acknowledgement to 'Shrewsbury School 1552 - 2002' by Robin Case and www.shrewsburylocalhistory.org.uk)

Friday 6 February 2015

  • Talented Young OS Chef is a Rising Star in Paris
    News of young OS Ollie Clarke creating a stir on the restaurant scene.

    We are always delighted to hear of Shrewsbury students' success and it is particularly pleasing to note the wide variety of fields in which Old Salopians have forged a name for themselves.

    When Ollie Clarke (PH 2002-07) left Shrewsbury School, he made the somewhat brave decision not to go on to university. It may have raised a few eyebrows at the time, but choosing to follow his passion has seen Ollie acclaimed as a rising star on the Parisian restaurant scene at a young age. 

    Ollie began his career with an apprenticeship at Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant in Padstow, where he spent three years working his way up to chef de partie, before deciding to move to Paris in order to further his career. And it's in Paris that Ollie's career has indeed taken off. He is now head chef at the highly respected Fish La Boissonnerie and is rapidly gaining a portfolio of top reviews, including a recent one by a Financial Times Reviewer, who said that his meal there was one of 'the best 25 of the year'.  

    Ollie believes that his time at Shrewsbury School gave him the confidence to 'just go out there and do it' and he also says that his excellent education and strong work ethic gave him 'more than a head start' in the business. He now plans to open up his own restaurant in Paris, hopefully later this year..

    You can link to the restaurant's facebook page here to read more. Take a look at the great article, by Jocelyne Fildes, in this month's Shropshire Magazine or read the article on Ollie on Chefshout here; but don't be surprised if you end up feeling very hungry!

Friday 30 January 2015

  • Old Salopian Dinner at the Chester City Club
     A new event for this year - a Chester Club Dinner - was a great success.

    The Chester City Club provided a magnificent backdrop to the Old Salopian Chester Dinner which filled the dining room to full capacity. After a word of welcome from Nick Jenkins (M  74-78), the President of the Chester City Club and organiser of the event, over 40 Old Salopians (including the President of the Salopian Club, Sir Eldryd Parry (SH  44-48), the Chairman , Peter Stewart (CH 58-63), and the Headmaster, Mark Turner)  enjoyed a gastronomic feast cooked and served by the Club staff. The toast to the Salopian Club was proposed by John Evans, the sole Carthusian present, who revelled in his role of Daniel in the Lions’ Den, and the reply was given by the Headmaster who updated those present on current events at the School, as well as engaging in some light-hearted banter about Salopian/Carthusian rivalry. 

  • Cricket: Taylor leads England into ODI Final
    Salopian James Taylor (R 2003-08) has been named England’s Man of the Match in a thrilling one-day international win against India, which takes England into the ODI tri-series final against Australia.

    Batting at number 3, James Taylor was England’s top-scorer, making 82 runs.

    When Joe Buttler joined Taylor at the crease, England had slumped to 66-5, chasing India’s total of 200. Together they put on 125, with Buttler making 67.

    Speaking after being named Man of the Match, Taylor said, “I am delighted with the win and to reach the final against Australia, but credit to Jos Buttler, what a fantastic innings from him. I've been waiting in the wings for a few years to get my opportunity and hopefully today I showed what I can do. I knew if I was there at the end, we'd be there or there abouts. Jos managed to stay with me to help us along. I'm so glad we got over the line at the end after a tough challenge."

  • New Book: Portrait of an Era - Trinity College Dublin in the 1960's Edited by Anne Leonard

    This handsome hardback book containing 207 pages of high quality photographs, in both colour and black & white, shows Trinity College Dublin during The Golden Era when TCD was still 'small enough to be a college yet large enough to be a university'.

    The book came into being as the result an idea formulated between the editor, Anne Leonard, and Salopians Charles Edwards (Riggs 1955-60) and Daniel Corbett (Ingrams 1955-60), who sponsored the publication. 

    It describes a time when everybody knew each other and the entire student body fitted easily into the beautiful Georgian buildings, situated in the very heart of Dublin. Taken by the undergraduates themselves, the scenes - within the precincts, around Dublin, at the races or in country houses - with fascinating anecdotes and memories - illustrate why it was such a privilege to be at Trinity in those days and some of the reasons why the experience would never be forgotten by those people lucky enough to 'have been there'.

    Click here to view and download purchase details.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

  • James Taylor scores the winning runs in the latest one day international against India.

    Saracen James Taylor once again showed selectors that he means business, scoring the winning runs as England 'thrashed' India in the latest one day international.

    Taylor (R 2003-2008) scored 56 not out, securing the victory with a four, in what is already his third half century in a one day international.

    Read the full article here.

Friday 16 January 2015

  • Salopian Club Committee - Supper and Presentation
    A special celebratory supper followed the Salopian Club Committee meeting in January, with a guest list of current and recent committee members.

    A special celebratory supper, in Kingsland Hall, followed the January meeting of the Salopian Club Committee. This was a lovely opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for the notable efforts of some recent members.

    Following speeches from the Headmaster, Mark Turner, and the Club Director, Nick Jenkins, House colours, in the form of scarves, were presented to Old Salopians Paul Nichols, Peter Worth, Nick Randall, Richard Barber and David Thomas in recognition of their hard work for and commitment to the Club over many years. Salopian Club colours were given to Miriam Walton, retiring Administrator, with thanks for all her efforts whilst in post.

    With delicious food provided by the in house team and wine flowing, there was a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere, reflecting the positive position the club finds itself in moving forward.


Thursday 1 January 2015

  • Excellent attendance at the Salopian Club Seasonal Drinks Parties

    The Salopian Club's annual drinks parties, held in London, Birmingham and Shrewsbury attracted record numbers of attendees this year.

    The City Drinks on 20 November, held for a second time in the pleasant surroundings of the Travellers Club in Pall Mall, attracted upwards of 170 guests.  Headmaster, Mark Turner, reported on recent developments at the School, including the successful introduction of girls into the 3rd Form from September 2014.

    Shrewsbury Christmas Drinks on 5 December, which this year also celebrated 50 years of Shrewsbury School Foundation, was also attended by almost 200 people including Old Salopians, parents and staff members past and present .  The guests were treated to drinks, canapés and serenaded by a live harpist, Penny-Robin Riddering.

    Birmingham Drinks, on 27 November was a smaller event but no less enjoyable for the 30+ Old Salopians and guests who joined Branch Chairman,  Richard Woodgate (Rt 1954-59) and his guest of honour, Richard Hudson (M 1967-72, Housemaster of Churchill's and editor of 'The Salopian').  The event was followed, as usual by a dinner party at a local restaurant.

    Pictured below, L - R:  Guests at City Drinks, Birmingham and Shrewsbury.