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Friday 12 December 2014

  • James Taylor continues to maximise his chances with the World Cup Squad in Sri Lanka

    Shrewsbury Saracen, James Taylor (R 2003-08) has so far acquited himself brilliantly during the England v Sri Lanka World Cup ODI Series. 

    Taylor scored 90 in Colombo on 7 December. Cricket pundits consider that he may well have secured a place in the World Cup Starting XI.  He was re-selected for the next match in Kandy (10 -11 December) where in a winning partnership with Joe Root, he scored 68.  Root went on to score 104 not-out.

    According to the Daily Telegraph, Sri Lankan captain, Angelo Mathews, was impressed by James Taylor. “He looks a very good player,” he said. “In these conditions it is going to be a challenge for the English – it’s turning, it’s slow – but he seems to be batting on a different pitch for the last two games. I’ve not seen him that much but he looks a really good player.”

    Alastair Cook, the England captain said: “The way we played over two days, we deserved to win. The way we bowled first was fantastic – Chris Woakes, I think, has got two of the three best figures [for England], that’s great credit to him – and the way James Taylor and Joe Root batted was just phenomenal.

    Earlier in the week, the Telegraph's correspondent, Scyld Berry, had commented:

    'One swallow does not make a summer, but a swallow that can go into bat in the second over of his first proper one-day international, and score 90 off 109 balls in 40-degree heat and 90-degree humidity, can fly anywhere in the one-day world.'

    The whole article can be read here:


    And there are several others, e.g. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/cricket/30369973

  • David Shipley, bass singer, awarded a place on Prestigious Young Artists' Scheme at Covent Garden

    David Shipley (M 2001-06) has just been awarded a place on the Jette Parker Young Artists Scheme at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden (More details available at http://www.roh.org.uk/about/jette-parker-young-artists-programme). David was chosen by audition from literally hundreds of applicants worldwide for a coveted place on this scheme, which gives up and coming young singers a two year contract at Covent Garden, during which time they receive world-class coaching and training in opera as well as taking part in productions, often taking small principal roles in productions and much more.

    David was Head Chorister at Lichfield Cathedral, and a Music Scholar at Shrewsbury, where in addition to being a member of the Chapel and Chamber Choirs, he was Principal Horn in the School's Symphony Orchestra, and created the role of Professor Waldeman in the Fanning/Moore musical ‘Frankenstein’.

    David is just finishing his studies this year as a post-graduate at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama on the opera course, having previously studied at the Royal Academy of Music as a pupil of Mark Wildman, Head of Vocal Studies. Later this year,  David will also be singing solos in Bach’s B Minor Mass with John Eliot Gardiner and the Monteverdi Choir on tour, with whom there are also plans to make a new recording of the work, as well as in Claudio Monteverdi's Opera, ‘Orfeo’, with performances in America including Carnegie Hall and at the the Aldeburgh Festival.

Friday 5 December 2014

  • An Imperfect Artist: Portrait of a Boarding House

    Letter from Richard Hudson (M 1967-72)

    Richard Hudson, MA
    Churchill's Hall The Schools Shrewsbury SY3 ?AT
    School  Switchboard 01743 280500
    Tel: 01743 280630
    E-mail: rth@shrewsbury.org.uk
    School  Switchboard 01743 280500

    Download a copy of the letter here.

    Alastair Simmons, father of two boys currently in the House, has made a TV style documentary about life as a current boarder in Churchill’s Hall. The film was made in 2013 and the DVD published last June. Alastair is a former BBC TV director (of the Antiques Roadshow and Songs of Praise amongst many other shows) and now runs his own production/project management company, much of his work being in Africa on behalf of the Bill Gates Foundation.

    In my view this DVD knocks the spots off anything else I have seen on television about life in a modern public school. A major reason for this is that the film tries to capture the essence of House life without any promotional purpose.

    The DVD costs £12 (inc P&P) with £5 from every sale going to The Shewsy in Everton.

    I very much hope that you will wish to support this venture by buying a copy and seeing how boarding life works for current Churchillians. If you would like to purchase a copy please send a cheque for £12 made payable to Churchill’s Hall to me at the above address or pay the sum directly into the House account with a confirmatory letter or email to me. If you make the payment electronically could you identify yourself clearly in the reference box.

    Sort Code: 30 97 62

    Account Number: 02934492

    Account Name: Churchill’s Hall

    We have had an excellent term here, winning both the Overall Prize in House Singing and the Tucks (now held on the same day). News just in is that lower sixth former George Panayi, a formidable pace bowler who has been playing in the 1st XI since the fourth form, has been selected to go on tour with the England U17 squad in February.

    May I wish you and your families all the very best for Christmas.

    With kind regards

    Richard Hudson

Tuesday 2 December 2014

  • 1964 Football XI 50th Anniversary Reunion - Saturday 29 November

    This proved to be the very best of Salopian occasions, much enjoyed and to be savoured for many years no doubt.  The day packed with activity began at 10.30 with coffee, then lunch in the Hardy Room and included watching Repton take a 50-year old 3-0 revenge against the current 1st XI. The team visited the Taylor Library to view original 1856 Rules of Football signed by two Salopians.  A tour of houses followed and the day was rounded off by dinner in the Riverside Inn.

    The spirit of the occasion is captured well be our esteemed Captain, Peter Thwaites, who comment after the day:  ‘As we walked across Senior before the game against Repton, there was not one of us that did not want shed 40 years, get changed and go out and play!  We might have grumbled about multi-coloured boots and the odd bit of shirt pulling, but we were less subtle and tended to take our opponents legs from under them. There is no doubt, however, that the pace at which the game was played would have found us severely wanting.

    However what has endured beyond, the dodgy knees and hips, is the team spirit that Robin Trimby engendered in us. A spirit that was sufficient for 11 individuals to want to get together after 50 years, from as far away as Australia and the US. It would be good to think that in 2065, the current 1st XI will consider meeting and enjoying a similar venture!’

    Back row: Coach: R.W. Trimby, P.R. Platt, R. Brooke-Smith, J.M. Pritchard, M.D. Kemball-Cook, W.B. Walker, C.J. Rowlinson front row: J.R. Painter, R.H. East, P.E. J. Thwaites (Capt), J.T.G Butler, D.W. Gale

    The full version of the report by team-member, Robin Brooke-Smith (S 1961-66) will appear in the next edition of the Salopian magazine, due to be published in December, 2014.

Saturday 29 November 2014

  • Birmingham City Drinks in a new venue for 2014

    A select gathering of 30 Salopians of all generations took place in All Bar One, Newhall Street, Birmingham on Thursday, 27 November.  The event was once again expertly orchestrated by Richard Woodgate (Rt 54-5) and his Birmingham Committee and substantial canapés were provided.

    Those attending were given a brief word of welcome from Richard and the Chairman of the Salopian Club, Peter Stewart (Ch 1958-63).  The Guest of Honour this year was Richard Hudson (M 1967-72), pictured on the right of the photo.  Richard is the current Housemaster of Churchill's and was accompanied by Will Hughes (G1988-90), Housemaster of Ridgemount.

    About half the gathering then repaired to an excellent local restaurant to complete a most enjoyable evening.

Saturday 22 November 2014

  • Record attendance at City Drinks on 20 November

    The Travellers' Club on Pall Mall again provided an elegant setting for the Salopian Club City Drinks on Thursday 20 November.  In one of the largest Salopian London drinks gatherings in recent years, an estimated 175 Salopians (including a high proportion of younger members and of the first cohort of Old Salopian ladies) crowded in to hear the Headmaster give news of the School. 

    Some were still seen chatting animatedly at 10pm, after four hours of socialising!  Our thanks are due to Alun Evans (DB 1951-56) for kindly acting as our sponsor in the Travellers Club and the Travellers Club staff for their excellent service throughout a lenghthy but highly enjoyable evening.




Friday 21 November 2014

Monday 10 November 2014

  • Old Salopian Army Medic is helping with the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone

    Lt Colonel TCN Roberts RAMC (S 1985-1990) has sent the following report regarding his work with the Ebola outbreak:

    'After an unexpected phone call I began training with 22 Field Hospital in order to support the international response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. We opened our 12 bed Ebola treatment unit 5 November 2014, alongside a larger facility run by Save the Children. Ours is open to infected healthcare workers and other entitled personnel including UK nationals. We are confident in our personal protective equipment and have refined what are normally simple processes into safe methods appropriate for a facility containing a pathogen of high lethality.

    For example, the transfer of items such as blood samples out of the treatment unit. We hope to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in treating this disease in developing countries, thereby providing some reassurance to volunteer nursing and medical staff.'

Thursday 30 October 2014

  • Thirty Years On! A private view of public schools - Evocative photos of public schools taken in the 1980s now published

    'From austere dormitories to Hogwarts-esque dining halls and beagling on the moors: Candid 1980s photographs go behind the scenes at Britain's most elite boarding schools

    In the late 1980s, and over 5 years, photographer Mark Draisey was given access to document the British public school system. gaining an inside view of this usually closed and private world allowed him to produce a stunning record of life inside institutions that were, as a rule, out of bounds to the majority of the population. 

    A new book called Thirty Years On: A Private View of Public Schools has documented life behind closed doors at 25 of the nation's finest learning establishments. 

    The archive forms the world's largest collection taken by an individual on this subject 

    The evocative collection - bought together for his book, 'Thirty Years On! A private view of public schools' - is a unique insight into the life within twenty-five of Britain's leading boy's public schools just before they changed forever.

    Mark's images were taken at a time just prior to major changes in the boarding house conditions and the general modernisation of facilities at many of the schools, brought about by a more competitive market, plus the introduction of girls into these once male dominated institutions.

    Images of austere dormitories and bleak bathrooms, beagling on the moors and Sunday chapel, cadet training and early morning rowing, will remind thousands of times when tradition and eccentricity mingled with educational excellence to produce generations of boys destined to succeed.

    Mark said: 'I am delighted to at last announce the publication of a collection of colour photographs I took at 25 of our great public schools back in the late 1980s forming the world's largest such study. I was generously granted unrivalled access to each of the schools to photograph the everyday life, traditions and games that make the independent school system so unique.

    'Now, some thirty years later, the images depict a bygone time having been taken just before a universal movement to improve boarding accommodation, sports and teaching facilities at the majority of independent schools.' 

    Mark Draisey was born in 1962 and grew up in South West London attending schools in both the private and state system. His fascination for British public schools began whilst he was studying illustration and photography at Brighton Polytechnic, and began this project in his final year as part of his degree. He now works as a successful illustrator and caricaturist for all aspects of the media from his home in Bath.' 


    The photographs of Shrewsbury School feature the RSSH, a house play and RSSBC at Shrewsbury Regatta.

    The above extracts have been taken from the Daily Mail Article by Bianca London.  Read more and see some of the superb photos at:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2767712/A-time-tradition-eccentricity-mingled-educational-excellence-Life-closed-doors-nation-s-boarding-schools-1980s-revealed-charming-photographs.html

    ISBN: 9780857042118


Thursday 23 October 2014

  • Sabrina Club - Irvine Lecture on 11 October: Report

    The fate of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine (Old Salopian) on the 1924 Everest Expedition still remains one of life's unsolved mysteries.  On 11 October, a sizeable group of Salopians and parents were treated to a masterful exposition by journalist, Julie Summers, on the life of her great uncle, Sandy Irvine.  Irvine, oarsman, inventor and climber, was a worthy heir to the Renaissance values of Sir Philip Sidney.  

    Fittingly, one of the Salopians in the audience was Adam Booth (PH 1995-2000) - pictured, right, with his family.  Adam is the most recent Salopian to have conquered Mount Everest.

    Our thanks to Martin Slocock (Rt 1948-53) and the Sabrina Club for organising such a memorable evening.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

  • Radio Giant, John Peel, remembered on Radio 4 Extra

    Jarvis Cocker remembered John Peel (a.k.a. John Ravenscroft R 1953-57), a decade after his death and talked to his widow,  Sheila, in their family home on Radio 4 Extra on Saturday October 17th, 2014.

    As well as a classic Home Truths programme and Peel's Desert Island Discs they looked at his legacy in the form of the record collection which shaped the musical taste of the nation, now being put online, and visited the John Peel Arts Centre in Stowmarket which, in the Peel tradition, is bringing fresh talent to the public.

    On August 30th 2014 John Peel would have been 75 years old. To celebrate his birthday and to mark the 10th Anniversary of his passing,  6 Music will remember John Peel. BBC radio presenters including Lauren Laverne, Marc Riley, Annie Nightingale and Cerys Matthews recollect their memories of the radio legend.

    Also see the following website: http://www.johnpeelarchive.com/

  • Acclaimed Book, Storm Warning, now available for Kindle

    Robin Brooke-Smith's (S 19691-66) book, Storm Warning, is now available for Kindle. 

    At the same time there has been favourable review in the Journal of Asian Affairs (Jnl. of the Royal Asian Society).

    Dr Brooke-Smith, who is now the Shrewsbury School Archivist, is giving a talks at Upper Canada College in Toronto and the University of Toronto during half-term.   The current head of UCC is an Old Salopian called Ian Robinson (SH 61 - 66).

     Links to an article about the book and education in Pakistan and the Muslim world that went live today can be found below:



  • Student Journalist, Oliver Carter-Esdale, shortlisted for Guardian Media Award

    Student journalist, Oliver Carter-Esdale (Ch 2009-11), currently studying a the University of Bristol, has been shorlisted for the Guardian's  Student columnist of the year award in their 2014 Student Media Awards.


  • Riding for Rhinos - update

    Will Frazer (I 1998-03) and Johan du Plessis are cycling around the world bring an end to illegal trade in rhino horn and are now in California.

    'In April 2014 we quit our jobs and are cycling 23000 km in 230 days through 23 different countries around the world. We The trip is wholly unsupported and we are doing this completely off our own backs and carrying only the bare essentials needed to live off the side of the road. We use a website (www.ridingforrhinos.org) & video blog (rhino cam) to raise awareness of our campaign.

    The Charity

    We are riding around the world to raise awareness of how demand for rhino horn in eastern Asia is leading to the plight of the rhino. 558 rhinos have been poached in South Africa this year, putting 2014 on track to be the worst year yet to be a rhino. With only 25000 rhinos left in the wild and the current poaching crisis continuing to spiral, the conservation challenge is urgent. Cycling through parts of the world where rhino horn is used as a traditional medicine we hope to raise awareness of the impact the on rhino populations as well as raise money to help Save the Rhino continue its work.'

    To donate, visit:  https://www.justgiving.com/ridingforrhinos

Tuesday 14 October 2014

  • New Book: Henry Jordan and the Tides of Immigration by Hugo Rée (SH 1952-57)

    Hugo Rée's (SH 1952-57) new book, Henry Jordan and the Tides of Immigration, 1856-1890, has been published by Zeus-Publications of Burleigh Waters, Queensland.  

    Henry Jordan, a bachelor aged 37, came to Queensland in 1856 to establish a dental practice in the small town of Brisbane.  He soon became involved in local politics and was elected to the first parliament following the separation of Queensland from New South Wales in 1859.  He also met and married Sarah Elizabeth Turner, whose father Nathaniel had been instrumental in bringing the Gospel to the people of New Zealand and Tonga.  Soon after the election, Henry came to London as Queensland’s first Agent-General for Immigration.  For six turbulent years, he struggled, in the face of difficult masters at home, and financial difficulties in London.  On his return to Queensland in 1866, he attempted to establish a sugar cane farm, which, unusually for the time, he tried to work entirely with white, not indentured South Sea Islander, labour. His scheme failed, largely due to adverse natural conditions.

    He joined the civil service, and became Registrar-General.  Appalled by the high infant mortality rate (and four of his eleven children died in infancy) Henry argued for the need for a proper sewerage system for the rapidly spreading towns of Queensland.   In 1883, he was re-elected to parliament, rising to the post of Secretary for Public Lands in the Griffiths Ministry.  He endlessly promoted the need for immigration, which he understood was intimately linked to the disposal of land.  His tenure was to be a short one as the Liberals were defeated by the conservative Sir Tomas McIllwraith in May 1888.   In the assembly between 1884 and 1886, he argued passionately (and unsuccessfully) for the repeal of the Queensland Contagious Diseases Act, 1868, which was based on the English Contagious Diseases Act of 1864 and 1866.  He was sustained throughout his life by his faith; a Methodist, he took an ecumenical approach to religion, leading Anglican services in the local jail when no one else was prepared to do so.  

    Available from Foyles and other online outlets:  http://www.foyles.co.uk/witem/history-politics/henry-jordan-and-the-tides-of,gerald-hugo-ree-9781922229496

  • Michael Palin to Lecture on 11 November at the RGS - '25 Years of Travelling'

    Alex Darroch (M 2001-06) reports that Michael Palin (R  1956-61) will be speaking at the Royal Geographical Society, London, on Tuesday 11th November in aid of the Protimos Educational Trust, which empowers marginalised communities in developing countries to use the law to protect their social, economic and environmental interests..

    There will be a reception from 6pm and the lecture will begin at 7.30pm. Tickets are £25 and can be purchased through Just Giving:


    Please look at the left hand side of the page for details of how to go about purchasing the tickets.

    More information on the charity can be found through www.protimos.org.

Thursday 9 October 2014

  • Old Salopian Weekend: Friday 3 October - Saturday 4 October

    Old Salopian weekend turned out to be one of the busiest in recent times with over 300 Salopians, family members and former members of staff attending one or both days.  Friday 3 October saw a Reunion Dinner to mark the 20th Anniversary of the founding of Port Hill and Radbrook, with guest speaker, David Gee (the last Housemaster of Dayboys) giving a masterful history of Day Boys from the founding of the School.  

    The followIng day, Old Salopian Day itself, was designed to appeal to Salopians of every vintage but particularly to those who left the School between 1985 and 1995 together with their families.  A  range of children's activities were successfully organised, while those of more senior years were treated to Dr Mike Morrogh's memorable talk on 'Shrewsbury School in World War 1.'

    The Club is pleased to welcome several new Committee members, notably Peter Stewart (Ch 1958-63) as new Chairman, taking over from David Thomas, Peter Birch (DB 1966-71), replacing Paul Nichols as Sports Chairman and Peter Fanning (former staff), taking over from Nigel Davies as Arts and Activities Chairman.  David Thomas is pictured, below, with Peter Stewart in the centre and Peter Birch on the right.  Also pictured, below, are two Salopian Club Treasurers in earnest conversation.  Johnny Arthur (O 1970-75) on the left and Richard Boys-Stones (SH 1968-73, current Hon. Treasurer) in the middle of the photo.

    The Club also has a new President, Sir Eldryd Parry (Sh 1944-48) who takes over from the late Nick Bevan and the Acting President, Hugh Ramsbotham.

    The parrot is called Fitzroy and lives in the Biology Lab.  He entertained our younger guests during the afternoon.

    The group photo was taken at the PH and Rb Reunion Dinner.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

  • Alex Wilson Appeal/ Young OS London Ball - Saturday 13 September

    A total of 320 young Old Salopians and friends of Alex Wilson packed into the Plaisterers' Hall for a fundraising ball, organised by Henry Wilson, brother of Alex and pictured, left with his family, and The Alex Wilson Appeal Committee.

    Guest speaker was Richard Bevan (DB 1974-78),  Chief Executive of the League Managers Association and Guest of Honour was Max McClure (Rb), current holder of the Alex Wilson Dayboy Scholarship and Captain of Football.  

    The evening raised a staggering total of £45,000 for the Alex Wilson Appeal Fund.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

  • The Lost Domain - Excellent run at the Edinburgh Fringe

    Peter Fanning (staff until 2012 and OS Arts and Activities Chairman-elect) reports that his revival of 'The Lost Domain'  which involved a strong musical cast of Salopians and Old Salopians has enjoyed 'a fantastically good week in Edinburgh (18 - 23 August) following an intense rehearsal period of eleven days in Shrewsbury.'

    The fringe tour began with a superb preview performance at the Ashton Theatre, Shrewsbury School, on 21 August which was attended by an audience of 200+. Surmounting all the technical challenges attending taking a musical on tour, the show , based on Fournier's 'Le Grand Meaulnes' and with lyrics by Alex Went and Peter Fanning and music by John Moore, received the following review from BroadwayBaby:

    'For such a young group, they have created something really professional’. Setting aside the patronising tone, this is an accurate reflection of what the company achieved. The same reviewer went on to say ‘The ensemble singing in this piece of musical theatre is fantastic. The cast start off really strong and create a wonderfully full sound, with rich harmonies. The accompanying band are also excellent, helping to create a professional and slick performance. The boys in this show are a massive part of its success, with strong voices and some good acting. Special praise has to go to George Fowler, playing Augustin, as for a demanding role he copes very well and has a lovely tone developing.’

    This is the twelfth Fringe collaboration between Peter Fanning and Director of Music, John Moore.

    Peter adds,  WWe believe this company was right up with the best we’ve worked with, both in terms of singing, and in their general demeanour; they were, to a boy and girl, supportive and always pleasant to work with.  Taking a large group to the Fringe can sometimes be a chore, almost as much as it is a real pleasure. This group were self-disciplined, polite, hard working – and very talented to boot.  It’s good to report how wonderfully well their work paid off.'

    Pictured, left, George Fowler (SH 2009-14) and Awen Blandford (EDH 2012-14)

    Salopian Club Reception:  The Director, Nick Jenkins, held an informal post-show reception in the Greyfriars Bobby pub which was attended by a good cross-section of Parents and Old Salopians.

    The picture below shows some of the attendees including John Moore, Peter Fanning, Birmingham Branch Chairman, Richard Woodgate (Rt 1954-1959) and Philippa Moore along with several OS guests:


Wednesday 6 August 2014

  • A life of Major George R Fielding

    A life of Major George Rudolf Fielding, who left Shrewsbury in 1896 (EBM) and who was killed in action in the Dardanelles in July 1915, aged 34 has been produced by his grandson, Old Etonian, Martin Fielding.

    Major Fielding was gazetted from the Militia as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Sherwood Foresters in May 1902 and servied with the West African Regiment from 1911-14.

    The appreciation of his life can be downloaded here.

Monday 4 August 2014

  • BBC 'World War 1 At Home' feature - 'Shrewsbury School: The Teachers Who Went to War'
    The lives and friendship of two Shrewsbury schoolmasters who fought in the First World War and died within months of one another at the Battle of the Somme are commemorated by BBC Radio Shropshire as part of the BBC's national 'World War 1 At Home' project. 'The Teachers Who Went to War' was broadcast on Radio Shropshire on 4th August 2014, the centenary of the day Britain declared war on Germany.

    Evelyn Southwell and Malcom White joined the Classics Faculty at Shrewsbury in 1910. Both were in their twenties and were natural and gifted teachers, warmly respected and admired by their colleagues and pupils alike.

    A fellow teacher, Ronnie Knox, said of them: ‘Of the junior masters at Shrewsbury I can honestly say that I never came into contact, in all my life, with a group of minds so original ...  Southwell and White left behind them a language and tradition of the strangest eccentricity and the most penetrating humour.’

    Their characters and humour and their deep love of Shrewsbury School are vividly captured in the letters they wrote to each other and to fellow members of staff and pupils. These letters and other writings were published after their deaths by their colleague H.E.E. Howson as ‘Two Men: a memoir’.

    The Radio Shropshire feature ‘The Teachers Who Went to War’ includes an interview with Dr Mike Morrogh, recorded last term just before he retired from the History Faculty and as the School Archivist. Extracts from the letters of White and Southwell are read by Rory Fraser and Ralph Wade, both in their final term as students at Shrewsbury. Staff at Radio Shropshire were apparently so struck by how beautifully they read these letters that they decided to extend this particular broadcast to six minutes, rather than the more usual three or four.

    You can listen to it via the BBC Radio Shropshire website: Shrewsbury School, Shropshire: The Teachers Who Went to War

    This broadcast forms part of the BBC’s ‘World War One At Home’ project, which is gathering together stories from across their network of regional radio and television stations. Each story focuses on a particular place – now including Shrewsbury School – to show how the events of the war affected the lives of individuals living and working there. Around 1400 stories will be broadcast throughout 2014 and thousands more will be published in 2015 and beyond. All the stories are being published online, where they will remain indefinitely as a digital archive.

    'Two Men: A Memoir' can be downloaded to read at http://archive.org/details/twomenmemoir00soutuoft

    More information about Shrewsbury School during the First World War is available in the Old Salopian section of this website: OS First World War

    Some of the photos from the School’s Archives of the period are published in the Summer 2014 edition of The Salopian Magazine. One of these photos, taken on Field Day in 1915 and showing young cadets of the OTC engaged in a mock charge, was re-enacted by current members of Shrewsbury’s CCF last term in memory of the boys and masters who fought and died in the War. The re-enactment and the story behind the original photo have been made into a film by Shrewsbury School TV: CCF cadets re-enact 1915 photo

  • Two clicks to support Will Frazer's Ride for Rhinos

    It takes just two clicks to support Will Frazer's Ride for Rhinos: www.ridingforrhinos.org

    Will Frazer (I 1998-03) and his friend, Johan du Plessis are pedalling round the world to help save the rhino.

    Will reports:

    'We have crossed into China so closing in on the halfway mark. Yay. Our bodies and spirits have taken a bit of a pounding in the last month or so through central asia, but fuelled on chicken head soup we're hoping china will be much more fun!

    Anyway to the point. We're doing this to raise funds for Save the Rhino. It's a tiny charity doing tremendous work. 558 rhinos have already been poached in South Africa this year putting 2014 on track to be the worst year yet to be a rhino. We've just found out a quick and easy way to aid our fundraising through a pot of cash that outdoor clothing company is Mountain Warehouse is offering up for the best outdoor adventure of 2014. The winner gets a £5000 donation to there chosen charity.

    All you need to do is click on the link in the email below and press vote and we could win. Literally 2 clicks. Hurrah. Deadline for voting is 12 August. We've got limited access to social media sites in china so would also be great if you could spread the word.

    Please vote. It will be a huge help. 'Hopefully catch up with many of you soon.  Will'

Wednesday 30 July 2014

  • James Taylor to play for England Lions against Sri Lanka and New Zealand in August

    The Shropshire Star reports that Shrewsbury Saracens member, James Taylor (R 2003-08), has been handed the lead role with England Lions for the triangular series with New Zealand A and Sri Lanka A next month.

    James (pictured batting, right) who plays for Nottinghamshire CCC and also for Shrewsbury in the Birmingham League, has been named captain for the series which includes games at Bristol, Taunton and Worcester.  He will be hoping to press his claims for inclusion in the full England squad for next year's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand and add to his two ODI caps.

    National selector, James Whitaker said, 'With the Royal London One-Day International series against India rapidly approaching and next winter's tour to Sri Lanka and World Cup also firmly in our sights, this is the perfect opportunity for those players to impress the selctors in the 50-over format of the game.  It promises to be a closely-contested series against two competitive sides'

    The Lions will open their series against New Zealand at Taunton on 5 August before facing Sri Lanka on 6 August.  They then go to Bristol where they face New Zealand on 8 August and Sri Lanka on 9 August before again playing Sri Lanka on 11 August and New Zealand on 12 August at New Road, Worcester.

    The Lions Squad has been named as:  Taylor (c), bairstow, Bopara, Finn, Parry, Gurney, Hales, Overton,  Roy, Patel, Smith, Vince and Willey.  More information at:  http://www.ecb.co.uk/news/england/england-lions

Monday 28 July 2014

  • Book: Public Schools and the Great War

    In this pioneering and original book, Anthony Seldon and David Walsh study the impact that the public schools had on the conduct of the Great War, and vice versa. Drawing on fresh evidence from 200 leading public schools and other archives, they challenge the conventional wisdom that it was the public school ethos that caused needless suffering on the Western Front and elsewhere. They distinguish between the younger front-line officers with recent school experience and the older 'top brass' whose mental outlook was shaped more by military background than by memories of school.

    The Authors argue that, in general, the young officers' public school education imbued them with idealism, stoicism and a sense of service. While this helped them care selflessly for the men under their command in conditions of extreme danger, it resulted in their death rate being nearly twice the national average.

    This poignant and thought-provoking work covers not just those who made the final sacrifice, but also those who returned, and whose lives were shattered as a result of their physical and psychological wounds. It contains a wealth of unpublished detail about public school life before and during the War, and how these establishments and the country at large coped with the devastating loss of so many of the brightest and best. Seldon and Walsh conclude that, 100 years on, public school values and character training, far from being concepts to be mocked, remain relevant and that the present generation would benefit from studying them and the example of their predecessors.

    Those who read Public Schools and the Great War will have their prevailing assumptions about the role and image of public schools, as popularised in Blackadder, challenged and perhaps changed.

    Price £20.  Ordering information at:  http://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/Public-Schools-and-The-Great-War-Hardback/p/6011

  • Keen golfer, Gaby Byrne, makes history as the first female member of the OS Golfing Society

    OSGS Secretary, Tim Lewis reports that Gabrielle Byrne (EDH 2012-14) is the first leaver from either Mary Sidney Hall or Emma Darwin Hall to join OSGS.

    Tim says:  'This is an historic moment. We welcome Gabrielle most warmly and hope to see her playing shortly before she goes off to Australia for an internship in her Gap Year.

    Gaby is photographed coming off the 18th green at her home Club, Royal Birkdale, (where else?), scene of many triumphs by several Salopians, notably, if not frequently by members of the Campion family from Moser’s and by the Lewis family from Rigg’s, on the odd occasion, perhaps.

    The stands in the background stayed up for Gaby after the recent Ricoh Women’s British Open Championship for 2014, won by Mo Martin from Altadena, California.'

  • Illustrated Talk: Shrewsbury School in the Great War to be given on Old Salopian Day by Dr Michael Morrogh

    Originally presented at a meeting of the Darwin Society in 2013 and also given to the School in assemblies, Mike Morrogh's excellent talk, 'Shrewsbury School in the Great War', will be given by the former School Archivist, Dr Mike Morrogh, on Old Salopian Day, Saturday 4 October.

    Science Lecture Theatre:  3.15pm

    Pictured, left, trench-digging practice in 1916.

    The event is part of Old Salopian Day and on the booking form recently sent out with the Salopian magazine.  Extra forms can be downloaded from the Events Page (please see Events on the left of your screen and scroll down to Old Salopian Day).

Thursday 24 July 2014

  • Summer update from Oliver Greenall's Racing Stables in Cheshire

    Oliver Greenall (Rt 2000-05) reports that Oliver Greenall Racing is now preparing for the new season after a successful 2013-14.  

    Oliver, pictured left, says: 'One season ends... ...we start to prepare for the next one!

    The weather never stopped us and we had a clear run the whole way through, which makes the planning so much simpler.I resurfaced the gallop in the Autumn which made a huge difference this season. It rode deeper and more even throughout, which meant the horses were working harder without going faster. This meant we had less problems with the horses and they were fitter. I also put in a new indoor school which has been very beneficial when riding the youngsters and jumping for the first time. We never had any serious snow or frost, so we didn’t need to use it in those circumstances. However in the future it will be great to use when everywhere is frozen.'

    Follow Oliver Greenall on Twitter @olivergreenall or visit their website at: www.olivergreenall.co.uk or download the June newsletter here.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

  • Shrewsbury School in the 1980s features in new photographic collection

    Photographer, Mark Draisey announces the publication of a collection of colour photographs which he took at 25 of our great public schools back in the late 1980’s forming the World’s largest such study.

    Mark reports that he was generously granted unrivalled access to each of the schools, including Shrewsbury, to photograph the everyday life, traditions and games that make the independent school system so unique.

    Now, some thirty years later, the images depict a bygone time having been taken just before a universal movement to improve boarding accommodation, sports and teaching facilities at the majority of independent schools. So I am sure that many of your members will find the book a fascinating trip down memory lane, as well as an opportunity the glimpse inside rival establishments. They may even feature in some of the photographs, as one could hardly create such a study without the inclusion of the pupils there between 1985 and 1991.

    The publishing details are as follows:

    ‘Thirty Years On! A private view of public schools’ by Mark Draisey.

    Published  in October 2014 by Halsgrove ISBN 987 0 85704 211 8.

    It is a hardback book of 144 pages of colour photos and priced at £19.99.  A Trade Information sheet is available via the office for further details.  NB, it is a 5mb file.

  • Young Old Salopians and Alex Wilson Appeal Ball on 13 September, 2014

    This year the Young OS Committee has joined forces with The Alex Wilson Appeal who are holding a Fundraising Ball at The Plaisterers Hall, London on Saturday 13th September 2014, from 6.30 - 12.30 pm.

    The black tie event will include a champagne reception, a 3 course dinner, 1/2 a bottle of wine per person and no doubt plenty of dancing. 

    The Chairman of Young Old Salopians, Hugh Faith (O 1997-02) says, 'Obviously the ultimate goal is to raise as much money as possible for The Alex Wilson Scholarship (further information attached). It really is a fantastic cause and should be a brilliant night, as well as a great opportunity to catch with some familiar OS faces'. 

    Tickets are £80 per person (£800 for a table of 10), and as ever, other halves are more than welcome.

     Payment details can be downloaded here. Please complete and attach once you have a table of 10 sorted.

    A brochure, giving details of the Alex Wilson Scholarship can be downloaded here.

  • Former Master, Professor William ('Willie') Jones - at large in Sapporo, Japan, with an OSH Visitor

    Former master (1959-77) and OSH Member, Professor Willie Jones, reports that he has now been living in Sapporo, Japan for 35 years.

    Retired from his post as Professor of English Rhetoric at Sapporo University, aged 83 and 'in rather good general health, thanks to some excellent medical care', Willie has been engaged in writing a memoir of his life (and his mother's).   He has sent copies to Eric Anderson and Nick Rankin (M 1962-68) for safe keeping, but 'as it is a work in progress, it is changing all the time.'

    Willie recently received a visit from OSH member, Ian Kirkpatrick Young (S 1961-65), who was in Tokyo for a conference, and took a quick trip up to Sapporo.  Willie says,  'The trees were were just coming into leaf, but spring never lasts long, and everything comes into blossom at once. Last week the temperature was 12º; today it is 32º, quite unprecedented and rather horrible, and reminds me of the weather we used sometimes to 'enjoy' when Speech Days were held at the beginning of June.'

    Ian and Willie are pictured, left, walking in a nearby park. Sapporo has no Japanese-style gardens apart for the one in this park.

  • Old Salopians in Rowing Challenge - for the Stroke Association

    This Saturday (26th July) a group of individuals, from rank amateurs to ex internationals, will be attempting to complete a marathon rowing challenge in aid of the Stroke Association. Teams will be required to row continuously from 7.00am to 7.00pm on ergometers (rowing machines) located on the side of the river Thames at Putney. Participating in this challenge is a number of Old Salopians including Luke Taylor (Ch, 2002-07), Will Taylor (O 2005-10) and Raff Mckenzie (O, 2005-10).

    Raff McKenzie says, 'The Stroke Association is a fantastic charity that I am sure many of you will feel strongly about with approximately 795,000 people suffering a stroke each year. If you would like to show your support, donate or read a bit more about the challenge then please follow the link - http://www.justgiving.com/stroke-for-stroke'

  • Old Salopians join in the campaign to save Lord Hill

    Steve Hill, parent of Old Salopians (Nick Hill (PH 1992-97) and Jeremy Hill (PH 1994-99)) has contacted the Salopian Club office about the campaign to support the Shropshire Council in its bid for Lottery Heritage funds to replace the weatherbeaten statue of Lord Hill. 

    Urgent repairs have recently been completed but full replacement is considered essential. It is hoped that the work will be commissioned this year and that the new statue, made of Coade Stone, will be in place in 2016, 200 years after the original was first erected and barely 201 years since General Lord Hill’s finest hour at Waterloo as Lord Wellington’s second in command.

    By becoming a “Friend of Lord Hill’s Column” for £5 (or more if moved), Old Salopians, who it is hoped might have a sentimental association with the Town from their time at school, will swell the expression of public support that is a vital part of the application.

    The website address is www.friendsoflordhillscolumn.co.uk (where details of how to subscribe are to be found) and the email address is friendsoflordhillscolumn@gmail.com

    The Patron is the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, Sir Algernon Heber-Percy (former School Governor), and the chairman of the Friends’ Company is the Rev Richard Hayes (M 1952-57) 

    Steve reports that several other Old Salopians have already shown an interest in the cause and he feels that the campaign may also be of interest to existing pupils, parents and staff.  He says that the more “friends” that can be mustered, the better.

Friday 11 July 2014

  • Salopian and School Guests clean out Caterers' Supplies at Henley Receptions!

    The Sabrina Club receptions at Henley proved more popular than ever this year.  Over 100 people gathered on Wednesday to celebrate the 1st VIII's victory over Bedford Modern and 150 on Saturday with an encouraging number of Salopians of all generations.

Thursday 19 June 2014

  • Will Frazer - Riding Round the World for Rhinos

    Old Salopian, Will Frazer (I 1998-03) writes  from Baku in Azerbaijan after 60 days on the road, through 15 countries and over 6500 km.  They will now head east through central asia into China through some of the most challenging terrain of the whole trip. More information about the trip below and lots more online at www.ridingforrhinos.org including video blog.

    Will and his friend Johan du Pleasis left the comfort of their homes, friends and family on Easter Sunday on a 7 month cycle around the world to help bring an end to illegal trade in rhino horn.

    Departing from Trafalgar Square in central London, the two British cyclists caught a ferry from Dover to Calais and will then ride east for several months until they reach the waters of the south China sea in Shanghai. From there they will cross to South Korea and then up through Japan to Tokyo. They then fly to San Francisco, climb over the Rockies and across the mid-west, eventually finishing their huge cycle trip in Miami. 

    In total they will be cycling 23,000 km in 230 days through 23 different countries, meaning an average of 800km a week or over 100km a day. The trip is wholly unsupported and they aim to be as self-sufficient as possible, carrying only the bare essentials needed to survive living by the side of the road. A sleeping bag, tent and cooking stove has become their home-from-home.

    The two young professionals have both quit their jobs to take on this 7 month challenge of a life time and want to raise awareness of how demand for rhino horn in eastern Asia is rapidly leading to the plight of one of nature’s most iconic species - the rhino. 

    They hope to raise over £20,000 to help the charity Save the Rhino continue its valuable work in protecting viable populations of wild rhino across Africa and Asia from poaching and habitat loss.

    Will says, "It's shocking how quickly the poaching crisis has escalated in southern Africa and how few people are aware of what's happening. However this trip is as much about conserving mega fauna and the natural world in general as the rhino specifically. The rhino is symbolic of a whole complicated system of conflict between humans and wildlife that has gone badly wrong. Fix the system (habitat loss, climate change, illegal trade in ivory etc) and the rhino and many other species will have a better chance of survival. I’m under no illusions that we’re going to solve these challenges on this trip but if my efforts and skills can assist those already knowledgeable in how to fix these kind of systemic problems then that is something i’d like to do."

    "While I’ve seen the impressive rhino in the wild before, it was the emotional experience while viewing the series of photos by Brent Stirton in the 2012 Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum, that really struck a nerve. It saddens me that humans can be so cruel to such a magnificent and powerful creature. What’s more, most of the world understands that there is no proven medicinal benefit to Rhino horn. It’s just keratin! How can we live in such an advanced and globally connected world and not be doing a better job at sharing knowledge and spreading awareness to put an end to the needless demise of such an iconic animal? This is my opportunity to do my bit," adds Johan.

    More information about the trip at www.ridingforrhinos.org - including video blog.

  • History Upper 6th 1960 Reunion Lunch with their Master, Michael Hart CBE

    Tim Butchard, Michael Johnson, Richard Barber, Michael Hart, Sir John Sykes, Richard Salter, Sir John Stuttard

    A historic and historical gathering was held on Thursday 5 June.

    All the pupils of Michael Hart in the History Upper VIth in 1960 met Michael for lunch at the home of Sir John Sykes (SH 1955-60)

    Pictured, left to right are: Tim Butchard (SH 1958-63), Michael Johnson (S 1955-60), Richard Barber OBE (SH 1955-60), Michael Hart CBE (Staff 1956-67), Sir John Sykes, Richard Salter (S 1957-61), Sir John Stuttard (SH 1958-63).

    More information will be found in the next edition of the Salopian magazine.

Monday 2 June 2014

  • Old Salopian Lunch in Taunton on 18 May - report

    A total of 35 sat down to the Old Salopian South West  Lunch in the elegant surroundings of the Mount Somerset Hotel, Lower Henlade, near Taunton. The age span ranged from Major General Dare Wilson (JHT 33-38) to Miss Eleonora Shorthouse (born 18/12/2013)!

    The occasion, expertly organised by Michael Peacock (CH 50-55) and the South West Group, included a private viewing of Hatch Court, kindly arranged by Nigel Edwards (M 60-65).

  • The Lost Domain - 2014 Revival for this year's Edinburgh Fringe

    'The Lost Domain' - an iconic tale of youth, adventure, young love lost and won, set in pre-war France and inspired by Alain Fournier’s Le Grand Meaulnes is being revived for this year's Edinburgh Fringe. With lyrics by Alex Went and Peter Fanning and music by John Moore, the show can be seen at Venue 34 ('C venues') in Chambers Street, EH1 1HR at 12.45 from 18 - 23 August.

    The plot:  A stranger, arrives with news of a mysterious mansion, a masked ball, a girl he fell in love with and a jilted bridegroom, who took his own life. On the eve of War, our hero joins up in an attempt to find the elusive girl – and as the enemy guns approach, encounters his destiny at the Lost Domain. 

    ‘Stole the limelight ….Exhilarating!’ – Observer

     ‘A remarkable production from a bright-eyed cast…sung and played superbly’ – Scotsman

    Pre-fringe performance at Shrewsbury in the Ashton Theatre on Thursday 14th August at 7.30 p.m.

    Salopian Club Reception at the venue at 2.30 pm on Thursday, 21 August.

    More at: https://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/musicals-and-opera/lost-domain


    Stuck for accommodation?  Try Salopian-run Festival Beds: http://www.festivalbeds.co.uk/

Tuesday 27 May 2014

  • Second Sports Awards Lunch - 27 April: Report

    Over 150 people attended the Sports Awards Lunch on Sunday 27 April in Kingsland Hall. The guest speaker and presenting the awards was Richard Bevan (DB 1974-1978), Chief Executive of the League Managers Association (previously Chief Executive of the Professional Cricketers’ Association). Among  the award winners were :

    Sportswoman of the Year: Alice Sykes-Waller (MSH and sister of Rory (SH 2007-2012))

    Sportsman of the Year: Oliver Brown (G)

    Outstanding Contribution to Girls’ Sport: Jo Cull (EDH)

    Outstanding Contribution to Boys’ Sport: Henry Blofield (PH and son of David (DB 1975-1979), brother of Alex (PH 2005-2010) and Hannah (MSH 2009-2011)

    Old Salopian Sports Clubs were well represented in football, cricket, fives, golf,  the Hunt, rugby, the Yacht Club, the Sabrina Club and Women’s Sports together with the Chairman of OS Sport, Paul Nichols, and the Chairman-elect, Peter Birch.

    Pictured, above right, are Old Salopian Female Sports Representative Elle Gurden, (MSH 2008-10) with Jo Cull (EDH, left) and Vicki Horbach (EDH, right)

  • Salopian Artists' Work on view in Shropshire from Wednesday 28 May

    Works by two respected Salopian artists will be exhibited during late May/June in Shropshire.

    Details of the exhibition in Ludlow of recent paintings by former master, John Alford, can be found by clicking here.  The Private View will be on Sunday 1 June, from 11am - 1pm and the exhibition runs from 2 - 28 June.  Please email oldsalopian@shrewsbury.org.uk if you plan to attend the Private View.

    Max Baccanello (Rt 2001-06) will be one of the nationally renowned artists and sculptors exhibiting work at Ellesmere College's Big School Hall of from Thursday 29 May to Saturday 31 May (11am - 9pm) and on Sunday 1 June (11am - 2pm).  Refreshments will be available.

    More information can be found at Ellesmere College website:  http://www.ellesmere.com/the-schools/all/admissions/open-days-and-events/ellesmere-art-exhibition-2014/.  Email:  development@ellesmere.com, Telephone: 01691 626 541 

Monday 26 May 2014

  • Charles Burney, famous 18th Old Salopian is featured on Radio 3

    Dr Charles Burney, whose anniversary falls this year, was yesterday featured on Radio 3's 'The Early Music Show':

    In July 1772 Dr Charles Burney set off on his second European journey to gather information for his proposed mighty publication of A History of Music. Lucie Skeaping interviews musician and publisher Ian Gammie about Burney's musical perambulations through Germany and The Netherlands, and chooses music by some of the composers he met along the way, including Gluck, Hasse and Quantz.

    To listen to the programme via the i-player (until Sunday morning, 1st June), visit:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00c8p1m  

Wednesday 21 May 2014

  • Old Salopian Tour of the Somme Battlefields, 23 – 27 April 2014

    To commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, a party of 31 comprising Old Salopians, their wives/family members and the Club Administrator, visited the Somme area between 23 and 27 April.  

    The tour was ably led by military historian and professional tour guide, Peter Caddick-Adams  (Ch 1974-78) seen in mustard trousers, left.  The tour, which followed the course of the Somme campaign from north to south, visited many of the key battlefields along the way and including several cemeteries where Old Salopians were buried.  Peter’s way of organising the tour meant that the group gained a cogent understanding of how the campaign was conducted and the various gains and reverses which took place during 1916-18. 

    The party laid wreaths at Thiepval and Pozières to commemorate the Old Salopian fallen and placed poppy crosses on all the Old Salopian graves we could find elsewhere, including at Caterpillar Valley where a memorial to H W B Palin (SH, left 1900) and uncle of Michael Palin) and the graves of other Old Salopians can be found (see below, right). Thiepval was particularly poignant as many Old Salopians' names are written on the memorial to the Missing of the Somme.

    The tour members – a friendly bunch in the best Old Salopian tradition - were drawn from a wide range of backgrounds with many hidden talents - linguistic, artistic and athletic - emerging as the tour proceeded. 

    Thanks are due to Julia Midgely (wife of Jonty Godfrey S 1960-64)) for her beautiful pen-and-ink drawings (see example below, left), to Erica and John Pinfold (S 1956-61) for their beautifully illustrated report (please see below) and for everyone who has submitted photos and thoughts about the tour.

    Above all our thanks are due to Peter for his outstanding leadership, military knowledge and the plethora of 'homely' information about the lives of the people caught up in this battle and to which the Somme landscape’s many barely-concealed scars continues to bear witness.    Miriam Walton, Administrator

    Photos:  A selection of the many excellent photos taken during the tour can be found in the current edition of the Salopian magazine. The office also has a large collection from various sources which we will try and make available via this website as soon as technically possible.

    Captain Charlie May, of the Manchester Pals Regiment, and great uncle of Mavora Roberts (wife of David Roberts (M 1954-58)), along with two Old Salopians, is buried at Dantzig Alley, Mametz.  By happy coincidence, Mavora's brother, Gerry Harrison, whose edition of Charlie May's vivid and entertaining diaries will shortly be available,  was at the memorial when we arrived.  

    ‘To Fight Alongside Friends - The First World War Diaries of Charlie May, edited by G Harrison’ - ISBN 978-0-00-755853-7  William Collins - http://www.harpercollins.co.uk/titles/9780007558537/to-fight-alongside-friends-gerry-harrison

    An illustrated report of the trip by Erica and John Pinfold (S 1956-61) may be downloaded here.

    A full report, with more photos and the Pinfolds' recollections can be found in the July edition of the Salopian magazine.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

  • Matt Lim appearing in his own Comedy Drama set on Beachy Head

    Matt 'Chapu' Lim (SH 2002-07) is appearing in his own new comedy-drama, 'Way-back' set on Beachy Head at the Brighton Fringe Festival. 

    The show has already received great reviews from runs at Cambridge and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year, and Matt says he and the cast are very proud of it!

    The show is on until 29 May, more at: http://www.brightonfringefest.co.uk/show.asp?showid=2932

  • Memorial Service for Nick Bevan at Balliol College on aturday 10 May

    In the packed chapel of Balliol College, Oxford, a memorial service for Nick Bevan  (Oldham’s 55-60 , Housemaster of Ingram’s  79-88,  inspirational coach of the 1st VIII and President of the Salopian Club)  took place on Saturday 10 May. The service, conducted by the Rev Douglas Dupree, Dean of Balliol College, included Recollections by Tim Bevan (O 53-57), a Tribute by Jeremy Goulding ( Housemaster of Oldham’s 83-89 and Headmaster 2001-2010), readings by Richard Bevan ( O 57-61) , Oliver Bevan (M 93-98) and John Marsham (father of Robert( R 95-00)) , and an anthem sung by Daniel Norman  (  I  84-88).

    The School was represented by the Headmaster, Mark Turner, the Salopian Club by the Chairman, David Thomas, and the Director, Nick Jenkins, and the Sabrina Club by the President, Martin Slocock, and the Secretary, Rod Spiby. 

  • Richard Goulding (I 1992-97) is 'Spot-on' as Prince Harry at the Almeida

    Richard Goulding (I 1992-97) and pictured on the right,  is currently 'Spot-on' as Harry in the sell-out show,  King Charles III, at the Almeida - on until 31 May.

    From the Times Review (11 April, 2014):

    Bold, brilliant and unstoppably entertaining, this new play by Mike Bartlett appropriates the form of a Shakespeare history play to imagine some troubled early days as Prince Charles finally becomes king.

    [] an intelligent, empathetic, moving look at the power and limitations of the modern monarchy.

    The show has all the intrigue and forward momentum of a real history play. The grandeur too,  And Goold’s production, on the plushly carpeted dais of Tom Scutt’s set, is played without caricature by actors who are the right types rather than lookalikes (though Richard Goulding is particularly spot-on as Harry). 

    King Charles III makes us care, makes us laugh, and no doubt will make us argue too. Theatre doesn’t get much better than this.

    http://www.almeida.co.uk/event/kingcharles3 to check for returns.

Friday 16 May 2014

  • CCF Cadets re-enact 1915 photo
    To mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and as a tribute to the hundreds of Salopians who fought in it, Shrewsbury CCF cadets have re-enacted a photo of members of the School's OTC, taken on Field Day 1915. The re-enactment was filmed by Oliver Lansdell (PH V) for Shrewsbury School TV.

    At a recent lecture given by Dr Mike Morrogh on the history of Shrewsbury School during the First World War, he showed a photograph of members of the Shrewsbury School OTC (Officer Training Corps) practising a mock charge down a nearby hill. It was taken on Field Day 1915.

    To mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, some dozen cadets from Shrewsbury School’s Combined Cadet Force (the CCF replaced the OTC in 1936) have now re-enacted this photograph as a powerful reminder of the sacrifice made by Salopians during the First World War.

    Lt Colonel Nick David writes of the event: ‘We have good contacts with RAF Shawbury and I made a request to their Station Commander, Group Captain Alastair Smith, who was very supportive. Arrangements were put in place to fly the pupils out from School (I had previously walked the area in an attempt to locate the original photo spot) and land an aircraft on the Lawley – the hill where we thought the original event took place. On the day itself, Thursday 24th April, we flew a dozen cadets out from Shrewsbury School grounds and the cadets had an excellent afternoon attempting, as closely as possible, to simulate the original photo, in modern British service uniforms.”

    Cadet Staff Sergeant Oliver Pattison-Appleton (who takes centre stage as the smiling cadet in the modern photo) said of the event: “This was a good chance not only to do something a bit different on a Thursday afternoon with the CCF, but also to give an insight into the history of the Shrewsbury School CCF, the sort of training Salopians did at the time of WW1, and a stark reminder of what happened to many after their time in the Shrewsbury School OTC. For us all it was a chance to be a part of Shrewsbury history.”

    To view a short film about the 1915 photograph and the CCF's re-enactment, made by Oliver Lansdell (PH V) on behalf of the student-run filming group Shrewsbury School TV, please click on the image below:

    To view a gallery of photos included in the film, taken in 1915 and held in the School's archives, please see: 1915 Field Day photo gallery

Thursday 1 May 2014

  • Salopian Club Office View ebulletin

    The 1st May edition of the bulletin is available to view here.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

  • James Ellis (I 2004-09) is Language Undergraduate of the Year 2014
    Old Salopian James Ellis (I 2004-09), who is now in his final year at Newcastle University studying French, German and Spanish, has won a national competition and been named 'Language Undergraduate of the Year'.

    Speaking on behalf of the teachers who taught James languages at Shrewsbury, Head of German Dr Chris Minns said, “I remember James as an exceptionally versatile and enthusiastic linguist, always keen to express himself as authentically as possible in the target language. We are delighted to hear that he has continued to develop his skills at university to such a high level.”

    Launching the competition, EU Career - the official recruiter for the European Union Commission at Brussels - said: "We're searching the UK’s best universities to find the most outstanding multi-lingual student of the year. We're looking for a winning mix of personal skills, career motivation and an excellent academic record as well as the ability to speak more than one EU language fluently."

    The selection process was highly demanding, as James describes: "I had to submit an application form, almost as if it were for a job, and answer a few relevant questions; Why is multilingualism important? What advantages do young people have growing up in the EU? etc.

    "A few days later I progressed to the next stage; 650+ had people applied and 60 of us were invited to sit some online tests: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgment, logic tests and a personality questionnaire.

    "A few weeks later I was invited to the final stage; the assessment centre. Of the 60 from the previous stage, 12 of us went to London for the day. We had had to specify what our second language would be, out of German, French and English (the working languages of the EU) and were thus split into three groups of four.

    "The assessment centre was split into three parts; firstly we had a 40-minute group activity simulating a cabinet meeting (in French!) Next we had individual 10-minute competency-based interviews, and finally we were given a large dossier and told to prepare a presentation on the subject within 20 minutes.

    “I am extremely grateful to all the staff in the Languages Faculty at Shrewsbury School for aiding me and inspiring me in my language-learning. Without the excellent support, encouragement and quality of teaching offered to me at Shrewsbury, I doubt I would be in this position now, and I am immensely grateful for all they did for me during the excellent five years I spent there."

    James was presented with his award by Sir Trevor McDonald OBE at a gala ceremony in Canary Wharf, London on 25th April. He will also be given a two-day VIP trip to Brussels, to meet some of the EU's top policy-makers and visit some of its most famous institutions.

    We look forward to welcoming James back to Shrewsbury on 17th June, when he returns to adjudicate the Modern Languages Speaking Competition.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

  • Old Salopian Fergus Macleod to take up a conducting post at English National Opera
    Former Music Scholar Fergus Macleod (Rt 2001-06) has been appointed as Mackerras Conducting Fellow at English National Opera. In a feature article published in The Scotsman, he describes his excitement at being given such a wonderful opportunity to develop his experience and skills as a conductor. He also talks about the inspiration he gained from the Music Department at Shrewsbury School.

    "There was a really strong music department at Shrewsbury, run by John Moore, who grew up in Edinburgh, and saw no reason why the school orchestra couldn't play Shostakovich 5 or Dvorák 9," Fergus is quoted as recalling.

    After leaving school, during which time he had regularly played with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, he went to Cambridge University as a Choral Scholar and found himself conducting within a week of arriving. "It was one of these odd quirks of fate. My director of music at Shrewsbury had been very keen to help me conduct, and I had put on concerts there conducting friends from NYO, so I came to Cambridge having done quite a lot. My college found out about this, and when, in my second week there, someone pulled out of an orchestral concert because they couldn't conduct Stravinsky's Pulcinella, I was asked to do it."

    Besides taking up every opportunity to conduct during his time in Cambridge, including making his professinal conducting debut in 2009 with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Fergus also set up his own contemporary music ensemble. He then went on to study in Zurich with Johannes Schlaefli before moving to Glasgow to take up the position of Leverhulme Conducting Fellow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS). He has recently conducted one of the performances in the RCS's production run of Mozart's La Clemenza di Tito.

    Fergus' Fellowship at English National Opera - a two-year post - will mean assisting the Music Director (currently Edward Garden but soon to be Mark Wigglesworth) in anything up to 13 productions in his first year before being let loose to direct a production of his own.

    Fergus conducts Red Note Ensemble in the opening event of the RCS contemporary music festival, Plug, on 30th April www.boxoffice.rcs.ac.uk

    Please see the full article published in The Scotsman: Fergus Macleod ready for the big time

Monday 14 April 2014

  • Booking now open for the Salopian visit to the Priory Edgbaston on 14 June to watch the Aegon Classic Women's Tennis Tournament

    Old Salopians, Shrewsbury School parents and their family/friends are warmly invited to join the Birmingham and West Midlands Branch on Saturday 14 June at Edgbaston Priory to watch

     the Aegon Classic Women’s Tennis.

    The Tournament:  Attracts many of the top players (e.g. 2013 Wimbledon finalist and German Number 2, Sabine Lisicki, pictured, has confirmed that she will take place this year).

    Venue:   Edgbaston Priory Club,  Sir Harrys Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2UZ

    More details can be found on the events tab - on the left of your screen or here.

Friday 11 April 2014

  • Film of the KX Kayakers' Epic Trip across the Caribbean now available to view online

    The KX Kayakers - aka Michael Houston (R 2004-09), Tom McAlpine (R 2004-09), Edmund Magnus (Rt 2004-09) and Woody Dewar have released an online film of their epic kayak trip across the Caribbean in 2013.

    They say, 'We have Edmund Magnus to thank for recently making a film of our trip. The film is 80 minutes long, but you'll pleased to hear that there is a 2 minute trailer for those who do not wish to sit through all 80 minutes!

    The trailer can be found here - https://vimeo.com/90173055

    And the film here:

    Part 1-  https://vimeo.com/88905561

    Part 2 - https://vimeo.com/89869819

    Part 3 - https://vimeo.com/90112256

    We hope you enjoy it. (Apologies for occasional bad language!)'

    Finally many thanks to all of you who supported us with our expedition, we feel hugely privileged to have raised over £60,000 for our two chosen charities. Needless to say we have been nowhere near a kayak since our ordeal!

    Their website is at:  http://www.thekxkayakers.co.uk

Tuesday 8 April 2014

  • Actor, Matt Lim (SH 2002-07) is set to be a children's favourite in update of Romeo and Juliet

    Matt Lim - currently appearing in Chinese romantic legend The Butterfly Lovers, aimed at children aged 5 - 9,  at the Blue Elephant Theatre, Southwark, in April.

    Often compared to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, The Butterfly Lovers is set in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and tells the tragic tale of two lovers.

    The Butterfly Lovers runs from Saturday, April 5 to Saturday, April 19, with school matinees on April 1 and 2.

    Tickets and more details at: http://www.blueelephanttheatre.co.uk/butterfly-loversTickets are £4.50 or £3 to Southwark residents.

    Melissa Massy's full report is at: http://www.ealingtimes.co.uk/leisure/theatre/11094798.Ealing_actor_to_ap...

  • Rowers turned Writers - gripping reports of recent Atlantic adventures

    Continuing in a noble tradition of Old Salopian adventurers turned writers, there are two excellent recent websites including reports by recently successful Old Salopian Atlantic Rowers to read online.  

    Alex Bland and Harry Martin-Dreyer (both Rt 2000-05) say, 'It has been two months since our safe arrival into Barbados. Our hands and bums have for the most part recovered and having now had some time to readjust to normal life back in England we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what has been an incredible year and to say a big final thank you to everyone that has been involved in our campaign.'

    Read more at:


    At roughly the same time, Team Atlantic Row 2013, aka Dan Howie (Ch 1998-03) and his partner, Will North, won the pairs class in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, completing the 3,000 mile row in 53 days 9 hours and 30 minutes.

    Dan said:

    “We are ecstatic to have won our class in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Nothing could have prepared us for the treacherous conditions at sea and it feels phenomenal to have overcome the challenges and won our class. Thank you to all who have supported us along the way.” Dan Howie.

    Their website is at: http://www.jellyfish.co.uk/atlanticrow2013/

  • Latest news from Oliver Greenall Racing

    Read the latest news from Oliver Greenall's (Rt 2000-05) racehorse training stable here.  Oliver's father, Peter Greenall (the 4th Lord Daresbury) has just completed 25 years as the Chairman of the Grand National.  Read more at:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/horseracing/grand-national/10743136/Grand-National-2014-Lord-Daresbury-leaves-after-25-years-as-chairman-with-one-final-dream.-To-win-it.html  Oliver's brother, Jake, rode in last Saturday's Grand National.

Thursday 3 April 2014

  • Schools Head of the River Race - OS Sabrina reception in the Blue Anchor on 26 March, 2014

    Once again the Sabrina Club faithful and several Shrewsbury School parents assembled for lunch at the Blue Anchor in Hammersmith to watch the School crews at the Head of the River Race on the Thames. As always, the Sabrina Club was well represented by the President, Martin Slocock, Secretary Rod Spiby and Treasurer Phil Wood amongst others. Whilst the enthusiasts filtered out to watch the race from Hammersmith Bridge, the Blue Anchor proved a popular refuge from the increasingly hostile elements!

Tuesday 1 April 2014

  • OS Saracens (Dubai) take on some Loose Cannons - 29 March

    Rupert Connor (S 1992-97), the new Old Salopian Representative in Dubai, was the brains behind the first Old Salopian Middle East get-together in several years.  Great thanks are due to him for tirelessly conceiving and organising a cricket match and barbecue for Old Salopians, parents (current, former and prospective) against a local ex-pat side, 'the Loose Cannons' on Saturday 29 March.  Emails have been pouring in to the office from people who were there and it was obviously a highly successful and enjoyable event.  A full match report is now available here.

    Rupert is already thinking of another event later this year (a 7-a-side football?) and he has sent the following comments in advance of the match report:

    'Thanks everyone who made yesterdays Old Salopian get together a great occasion!  Meeting so many family members made the day extra special too.   Thank you to Charlie Barlow for captaining us to a close finish and a special mention to Nikhil and Charlie M for their batting heroics. Also, Iain Jones who hasn't bowled since he was 12.  Good luck to Dominic Taylor who starts at the schools in September.   Big thanks to all those who turned out to make the Middle East Saracens/Salopian event last weekend a great occasion.' 











    Charlie Marlow (R 1995-2000) added:  'It was great fun and thanks again Rupert for conducting a get-together of a famously non-committal alumni!  I remember an Old Etonian once describing the Old Salopian footballers as "An odd bunch. Often poor but occasionally brilliant.  Mostly mid-thirties, single and still getting lashed in Crazy Larry's on a Saturday night".  Compliment or insult, a 7-a-side football tournament sounds fun.'

    Other comments received include:

    Charlie Barlow (O 1990-95): Huge thanks for organizing such a fun day out. We are so lucky with the weather in this region, and should try to make it a more regular affair. Well done Nick and Charlie for very nearly seeing us over the line, and great to meet you all.

    On another note, I have been approached by a representative from Eton and Harrow who would like to start a Dubai based 7-a-side football tournament involving 5/6 public school old-boy teams. I will let you know how this idea progresses.

    Nik (Nikhil) Sampat (M 1996-96):  'Good fun yesterday and thanks to Rupert for a wonderfully organised event. Charlie you were a great captain and we should sign you on for a few more years!.  Wonderful to meet everyone and good to feel the Salopian spirit outside Shrewsbury.

    The drive to Oman felt forever but was well worth the trip. You all are welcome to have a cricket game in Oman, we can organise a pitch and opposition.

    Floreat Salopia!'

    Ed Bevan (O 1984-89):  Firstly, what a great effort to put out a scratch side and push the hard-nosed veterans of the Loose Cannons very close.  Having not really played cricket before, I was surprised at how enjoyable it was!  Anyway, many thanks to Rupert for his organising and for Charlie's inspirational captaincy. And for the efforts of all those who don't live in Dubai to make it over for the day / weekend. Do we think there's room in the calendar to make this more than an annual event?  Once again, well done all, great to meet you, let's hope we can keep this momentum going!

    Iain Jones (S 1992-97):  I have only just about recovered from the chronic exertion of medium (or thereabouts) pace bowling. hanks to Rupert for organising a thorough enjoyable game, to Charlie for captaining the side, and to both Charlies and Nik for making it a contest.  Very much hope to see you all again in the near future. 

    Mark Towers (O 1982-86):  'Thank you guys for a great day... always good to do something different.. I would have said thanks yesterday but I was so bloody sore from ‘bowling’ I couldn’t even type... Ditto to all the other comments... thank you Rupert for organising.. Hope to see you all  ‘on the lash’ in our equivalent of Crazy Larry’s soon.'

    Tom Keep (G 1992-97)  'I'm glad I'm not the only one who was feeling it a bit in the shoulders yesterday!  Thanks again Rupert, well played to everyone and hope to see you at future events!'

    More information about Old Salopian activities in Dubai/Middle East can be obtained by contacting Rupert Connor or The Salopian Club Office.

Monday 24 March 2014

  • OSFC Dinner and AGM

    The OSFC Dinner and AGM will take place on Friday 23rd May at The Cornwallis Room, Chiswell Street Dining Rooms, 56 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SA (nearest tubes: Moorgate, Barbican, Liverpool St).

    AGM at 6pm, Drinks at 7pm, Sit down at 7.30pm

    Cost: £45 for 3-course meal and half a bottle of wine.

    Partners welcome.

    RSVP Richard McGarry at richmcg87@gmailcom or 07841 508056; payments can be made online or by cheque.

Sunday 23 March 2014

  • OSFC in the final of the Derrick Moore Veterans Cup Plate

    The OSFC Vets have once again won through to Final of the Derrik Moore Veterans Cup Plate.

    The match will be played against the Old Brentwoods at The Bank of England Sports Ground, Roehampton, on Sunday 27th April.

    Kick-off to be confirmed, but likely to be 11 am / 12 noon.

Friday 21 March 2014

  • Support Rory Griffiths in action for Cambridge in 6 April Varsity Football Match at Fulham

    Rory Griffiths (I 2004-09), currently studying Modern Languages at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, will be playing in the 130th Cambridge vs Oxford football match held at Craven Cottage (Fulham) on Sunday 6th April, 3pm KO. 

    Rory says that the match will be followed by the Boat Race at 6pm, and will be a fantastic day.

    NB:  Tickets must be purchased in advance from the link below as Fulham are only opening one stand and it is already on the verge of selling out. Tickets may not be available on the day!


Thursday 20 March 2014

  • 'An excellent evening' in Birmingham at the St Paul's Club

    Over 50 diners assembled at the St Paul's Club, Birmingham, for the annual Birmingham and West Midlands Branch Old Salopian Dinner on Thursday, 13 March.

    Superbly organised and orchestrated by Richard Woodgate, the Branch Chairman, and his committee, those present were treated to a five-course dinner with accompanying wines, together with speeches from Tim Cox (DB 1968-73), Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire (pictured left) and the Headmaster, Mark Turner.

    The evening reached its climax with some superb singing by current pupils, James Ollerhead (Ch L6), George Holder (Ch 4), Henrike Legner (MSH L6) pictured, right, with guest, Henry Kennedy (I U6), accompanied by Director of Music, John Moore, and a hearty rendition of the Floreat.

    The Club office has received many appreciative emails from guests following the dinner, which is fast becoming one of the high points of the Salopian Calendar.  It will be repeated in 2015.

    The Birmingham and West Midlands Branch is also planning several further events in 2014 and details will be published on this website as soon as they are made final.

  • Old Salopian Cricket Match and Barbecue in Dubai on Saturday 29 March

    Rupert Connor (S 1992-97) has organised an Old Salopian cricket match in Dubai on Saturday 29 March, followed by a barbecue for supporters, family and friends.

    The OS Saracens (Dubai contigent!) team which will take on the 'Loose Cannons' has just been announced:

    Charlie Barlow (c)

    Rupert J Connor

    Iain Jones

    Duncan Pickering

    Dominic Taylor 

    Nikhil Sampat

    Tom Keep

    Ed Bevan 

    Jimmy Graham

    Mark Towers

    Charlie Marlow 

    Also attending - Edward Singleton and Andrew Hudson.

    Including opposition, partners, children and guests -  Rupert tells the office that 39 people have confirmed to attend.

  • Careers Newsletter

    Two or three times a term, Careers Newsletters will be sent to all Sixth Form pupils. A printed copy will also be available in the Careers Library for all pupils to read whenever they want to and they will also be available on this website. The first Newsletter can be read via this link: Careers Newsletter, March 2014.

    The Newsletter gathers together some of the latest news about careers trends, schemes and programmes of relevance to Sixth Form pupils, and also highlights the activities and services that are offered in the Careers Library.

    This month's newsletter lists some of the School Leaver Programmes which are now being offered by some of the biggest companies across a range of sectors, particularly those who also normally recruit university graduates. School Leaver Programmes vary widely from short apprenticeship-style schemes that focus on skill development, to those which are longer and include professional qualifications and even degree study.

Friday 14 March 2014

  • Books by Acclaimed Old Salopian Author now available as e-books

    Books by the Old Salopian acclaimed novelist and literary critic, Francis King (SH 1936-40) have now been re-released as e-books and print-on-demand by Bellow Books.

    Old Salopians may be aware that Francis King, who died in 2011, was an award-winning novelist - winning the Somerset Maugham Prize, the Katherine Mansfield Prize and was long-listed for the Man Booker Prize in 2003. He was also long listed for the Lost Booker Prize.  He was drama critic for Sunday Telegraph and reviewed fiction regularly for The Spectator.

    Bello Books, responsible for the re-release, aims to bring modern classics and lost books back to the public attention and that is what they endeavour to do with King’s books. 

    The books are available from here: http://www.panmacmillan.com/author/francisking

  • Ali Webb's Cycle Tour round Annapurna - for Cystic Fibrosis Charity

    This April Ali Webb (S 2008-13) will be cycling through the Nepalese Himalayas, raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. 

    Ali says, 'If you watch this quick video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoQTGREyFoc, you can find out more about it!

    I am writing to you to ask if you might be kind enough to support me and this amazing charity. I am raising money on my Just Giving: http://www.justgiving.com/round-annapurna page - whatever amount you can donate, I will be extremely grateful.'

  • Thomas Davis - running the 2014 London Marathon for the Outward Bound Trust

    Following an offer to run for The Outward bound Trust, Thomas Davis (R 2004-09) will compete in the 2014 London Marathon on 13 April and he reports that he is training hard!

    The Outward Bound Trust provides the opportunity for young people who are less privileged to unlock their potential through adventure in the wild!  thomas says that any donations however large or small will be greatly appreciated.

    More details at: www.virginmoneygiving.com/ThomasDavis3

Tuesday 11 March 2014

  • Old Salopians vs Pupils and Staff Squash Tournament on Saturday 8 March - report

    Master in charge of squash, Myles Harding, reports that the following boys:

    George Bates (S), Anton Nelson (S), Tom Edwards (S), Tiger Vechamamontien(M) and Ed Graves (R) played versus

    the following Old Salopians and staff:

    Ben Stirk (M 1991-96) , Jonny Williams (R 2004-09), Rupert Parry (Ch 2004-09), George Carver (S 2008-13) , the Headmaster and Master in charge of Fives, Seb Cooley.


    MJH beat Ben Stirk 3-0

    MJH beat Jonny Williams 3-0

    MJH beat Rupert Parry 3-0

    George Bates lost 0-3 to Jonny Williams

    George Bates beat George Carver 3-1

    George Bates lost 0-3 to Ben Stirk

    Anton Nelson lost 1-3 to George Carver

    Tom Edwards lost 0-3 to Rupert Parry

    Tom Edwards lost 1-3 to George Carver

    Tiger lost 2-3 to HM

    Tiger beat SKPC 3-2

    Ed Graves lost 0-3 to Ben Stirk

    Overall result:   Boys 5 OS & Staff 7

    Interested in playing Squash for the Old Salopian Squash Club?  Please contact the Salopian Club office:  oldsalopian@shrewsbury.org.uk

Friday 28 February 2014

Wednesday 26 February 2014

  • Update on Oliver Greenall's Racing Stables (Malpas, Cheshire)

    Oliver Greenall (Rt 2000-05) reports , 'As we enter February, we are now well into the season and there is a real buzz in the yard. We have had six runners so far and whilst we haven’t had a winner yet, we have certainly hit the cross bar a few times.

    Desert Sting was second at Chipley and Our Crusade has runthree times with form figures of 433. For the racing club in whosename he runs,he is an ideal club horse giving members plenty of days out and it shouldn’t be long before he gets them into the winners enclosure.

    It has been quite a challenging time since Christmas,as the volume of rain has made the grass schooling areas “out ofbounds”. We have so far avoided the extreme winter conditions that we experienced last year. Fingers crossed that continues!

    Read more here in Oliver's newsletter.

  • James Taylor's Double Century may earn him a place in the senior Test Team

    James Taylor (R 2003-08) scored 242 not-out on 21 February for the England Lions' in their four-day match against Sri Lanka, raising speculation that he may now be seriously considered for a place in a the remodelled Test team for England.

    An article by Mike Dawes in the Daily Mail Online gives more details:

    'The 24-year-old featured twice in the home Test series against South Africa in the summer of 2012 but missed out on a place on the ill-fated Ashes tour of Australia, where England were whitewashed.

    As a consequence of that disastrous tour England are looking for new blood, and Taylor’s 242 not out in a four-day match against Sri Lanka A in Dambulla will certainly not harm his case for inclusion when the senior Sri Lankan side play two Tests in England later this year.'   Read more in the article in the Daily Mail Online


Wednesday 19 February 2014

  • David Martin's new history book on the Western Front available to order

    Old Salopian historian, David Martin's (Rt 1987-1992)  new book 'Londoners on the Western Front' is to be published on 31st March 2014 by Pen and Sword Books Ltd.

    Details; ' Londoners on the Western Front' a history of the 58th (2/1st London) Division in the Great War 1914-1919

    To order, visit the Pen and Sword website at:



  • Oliver Carter-Esdale's 'Take' on the controverial Channel 4 Documentary, 'Benefits Street'

    Oliver Carter-Esdale (Ch 2009-11), described as a 'Third year Classics and English student at Bristol University with journalistic aspirations' has written a critique of the controversial TV Documentary 'Benefits Street' which recently aired on Channel 4.

    Oliver's piece which starts:

    'As Alex Yeates wrote in his blog, the resentment for those depicted in the recently broadcast Benefits Street is tangible. I don't deny that acts of theft or fraud are wrong whatsoever, it would be foolish to dispute, and we have every right to be angry at such people's actions. When times are tough, to learn that some people have deliberately misled and defrauded the system that aims to help them, it is only natural to find it abhorrent. But I feel this anger at theft, and the right to it so championed by Alex, rather misses the bigger picture.'

    Can be read in full at:


Tuesday 4 February 2014

  • Salopian Atlantic Rowers reach journey's end
    Old Salopians Harry Martin-Dreyer and Alex Bland (both Rt 2000-05) have safely reached Barbados after rowing 3,000-miles across the Atlantic. They crossed the finish line at 13.48 GMT on Saturday 1st February, 50 days after setting off from Gran Canaria.

    Meanwhile a third Old Salopian, Dan Howie (Ch 1998-03) and his friend Will North have also rowed across the Atlantic, taking part in the fearsome Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. They finished on Sunday 26th January as race champions in their class.

    Harry Martin-Dreyer and Alex Bland

    Harry and Alex were greeted in Port St Charles by delighted family, friends and locals. And it turned into a double celebration when Harry proposed to his girlfriend a few minutes after arriving. “I am delighted to say that my girlfriend and future wife, Lucy Plant, said yes when I got on/fell to one knee.”

    The pair were provided with a meal at the local yacht club. Alex said, “The PSC yacht club produced the most amazing starter of burger, followed by steak washed down with cold beer… What more could we have asked for!”

    In an interview later with Shrewsbury-based journalist Katy Rink for an article in the Daily Mail, Harry and Alex were asked if they had managed to remain friends. In his reply, Harry said, “I know some people who have done this have walked away and never spoken again, but this has brought a new dimension to our friendship. We've known each other a long time – we used to share a boarding house – we were determined to look after one another. It was about coming off a two-hour shift and just being kind to the other person, making sure they were alright and caring for them."

    Harry and Alex have raised more than £143,000 for their nominated charities Cure Leukaemia and Juvenile Diabetes Research.

    To read their blog and to follow their incredible adventure, please see www.rowing4research.com/blog/

    Their story was also featured in the Daily Mail. To see the Mail Online article, please see: Atlantic Rowers - Mail Online, 6th January 2014

    Meanwhile another Old Salopian, Dan Howie (Ch 1998-03) and his friend Will North have also been rowing across the Atlantic, taking part in the world's toughest rowing race, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. They arrived safely into English Harbour, Antigua on Sunday 26th January and were delighted to learn that they were race champions in the pairs class.

    “We are ecstatic to have won our class in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge," said Dan. "Nothing could have prepared us for the treacherous conditions at sea and it feels phenomenal to have overcome the challenges and won our class. Thank you to all who have supported us along the way.”

    “We had a real ding-dong with the crew behind us which by chance happened to be made up of a Harrovian and Etonian! So school pride was at stake definitely!”

    They have raised nearly £150,000 for three charities close to their hearts: Cancer Research UK, Leukemia & Lymphoma Research and St Anna’s. Rowing 24 hours a day in alternate two-hour shifts, Dan and Will survived on freeze-dried food rations and dealt with excruciating sores as they battled though a series of testing circumstances - waves reaching up to 50ft, the dangers of rowing in a major shipping lane, deadly wildlife, physical exhaustion and sleep deprivation. There were some morale-boosting highlights too though, including dolphin sightings and being flanked by a pod of whales.

    Romantically, Dan also marked his safe arrival in Barbados by proposing to his girlfriend. (When he heard later about Harry and Lucy, he said, "There must be something in the water.")

    To read their blog, please see - www.AtlanticRow2013.com, where you will also be able to view some of the videos the race organisers made about the battle for the pairs title.

Thursday 30 January 2014

  • Old Salopian Dan Howie finishes Atlantic Row as champion
    Over the last two months, no fewer than three Old Salopians have been making the epic 3,000-mile journey across the Atlantic in two-man rowing boats. We are delighted to report that Dan Howie (Ch 1998-03) and his friend Will North have not only completed the world's toughest rowing race safely but have won their class in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Meanwhile Harry Martin-Dreyer and Alex Bland (both Rt 2000-05) are nearing the end of their journey too.

    Dan Howie and Will North

    Dan Howie (on the right in the picture) and Will North arrived into English Harbour, Antigua on Sunday 26th January 53 days 9 hours and 30 minutes after setting off from La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

    “We are ecstatic to have won our class in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge," said Dan. "Nothing could have prepared us for the treacherous conditions at sea and it feels phenomenal to have overcome the challenges and won our class. Thank you to all who have supported us along the way.”

    Their aim was to raise as much money as possible for three charities close to their hearts: Cancer Research UK, Leukemia & Lymphoma Research and St Anna’s. Rowing 24 hours a day in alternate two-hour shifts, Dan and Will survived on freeze-dried food rations and dealt with excruciating sores as they battled though a series of testing circumstances - waves reaching up to 50ft, the dangers of rowing in a major shipping lane, deadly wildlife, physical exhaustion and sleep deprivation. There were some morale-boosting highlights too though, including dolphin sightings and being flanked by a pod of whales.

    You can read all about their amazing adventure in their blog, which also includes details for making donations to their nominated charities - www.AtlanticRow2013.com

    Meanwhile Harry Martin-Dreyer and Alex Bland (both Rt 2000-05), who spoke movingly about their undertaking at the House Singing Competition in October, are just under 100 miles from the north point of Barbados. They have been rowing for seven weeks. In their latest blog, Alex wote: "There is a distinct sense of excitement on board as we count down the remaining miles.  Perhaps, a little prematurely I already have the binoculars poised ready and awaiting – looking forward to the first sight of land…"

    To read their blog and to follow the final stages of their mammoth undertaking, please visit www.rowing4research.com

    They have raised a staggering £137,000 for their charities JDRF and Cure Leukaemia.

Sunday 26 January 2014

  • Webb drives through the pain to claim debut podium at Dunlop 24H Dubai

    Oliver Webb (S 2004-09) scored another strong result in a GT championship race in January as he made his debut at the gruelling Dunlop 24H Dubai, in his first competitive outing in the rhino’s Leipert Motorsport Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. The young Brit overcame a challenging final stint, driving through severe pain, to help the team to a hard-fought second place in the Pro-Am class and a top-10 finish overall. 

    Webb was among a multi-national line-up, sharing the cockpit of the Lamborghini with Isaac Tutumlu Lopez (ESP), Jan Stovicek (CZE), Yoshihari Mori (JPN) and Jeroen Mul (NED). The BRDC driver lined up on the grid for the start of the race, in pole position for the Pro-Am class, making an immediate impression in his opening stint. The heat and the dusty conditions were a real challenge throughout the opening half of the race, and Webb watched from the garages as the team’s race almost ended prematurely following a collision with a competitor as the sun went down. However, the damage sustained was minimal, and the #10 Gallardo GT3 pushed on, and Webb took over for the demanding night session. Once again, his race craft and determination showed through, and the Knutsford-born driver helped keep his team in contention as the sun rose over the Dubai Autodrome. 

    For information on Oliver Webb, visit www.oliwebbracing.com or follow him on twitter, www.twitter.com/oliverjameswebb

Thursday 23 January 2014

  • Old Salopian Tour of the Somme: Final deadline for booking

    The final deadline for bookings for this tour is Thursday 30 January at 5pm.  Please do not miss this if you wish to come on the tour as it is non-negotiable (the tour operator must submit numbers to the hotel by then).

    For details:  please click on the OS Events tab on the left of the page.

Friday 17 January 2014

  • Ridgemount raises nearly £3,000 for Atlantic Rowers
    Old Salopians Harry Martin-Dreyer and Alex Bland have just passed the halfway mark in their epic 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic. Last weekend the boys in their former house staged their own rowing marathon and raised £2,825 for Harry’s and Alex’s nominated charities, Cure Leukaemia and Juvenile Diabetes Research.

    “We have been following Harry’s and Alex’s incredible journey on an almost daily basis,” says Ridgemount Housemaster Will Hughes. “As fellow Ridgemountaineers, the boys here feel a particular pride in what Harry and Alex are doing and we wanted to do something to support them. We know that they have a gruelling regime and are rowing two hours on, two hours off, non-stop, 24-hours a day for 60 days. As a way of gaining just a brief glimpse of what that must feel like, we booked four of the School’s ergo machines for the weekend and every boy in the House rowed for an hour. They all attempted to go as far as possible in one hour and were supported by other boys with drinks, cushions and encouragement.”

    Over the course of the weekend (in between lessons, chapel, sports fixtures, meals, sleeping etc) the boys rowed for a combined total of 60 hours - a total distance of 381 miles. Prizes were awarded to the boys from each year who rowed the furthest.

    “We aimed to raise £1,000,” said Will Hughes. “I emailed the boys’ parents explaining what we were doing and asking them if they would pledge their support. They have been unbelievably generous and we are all absolutely delighted to have raised almost £3,000 for Harry’s and Alex’s charities. It just goes to prove the huge support people within the School community have for their incredible effort. We all wish them well for the second half of their journey.” 

    To read Harry’s and Alex’s weekly blog or to make a donation, please visit www.rowing4research.com

    Below: The boys who rowed the furthest in their year groups were (l to r) Harry Lane Fox (V) - 14.757km, Magnus Chaplin (3) - 12.469km, Ulrik Cappelen (LVI) - 15.130km, Tristan Lywood (IV) - 13.372km.
    Archie Lywood (UVI) is not pictured but rowed 13.769km.

Monday 13 January 2014

  • Nick Bevan, President 2013-14: Announcement from the Chairman

    Nick Bevan (President 2013-2014):  Announcement from the Chairman

    'With great sadness I must announce that Nick Bevan, President of the Salopian Club, died early on Sunday morning, 12 January, after a long illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with Annabel and his family at this difficult time.'  David Thomas, Chairman

    Should you wish to write to Annabel her address is: Mill Cottage, North Aston, Bicester, Oxon OX25 6HZ.

    Funeral Arrangements and Memorial Service

    Nick’s family has made the following announcement about funeral arrangements:

    "In line with Dad’s wishes, we are organising a small private family funeral. However, in due course we will be making plans for a much larger memorial service to which all will be warmly invited to come and celebrate his life."