‘Pupils mature into independent and self-motivated students during their time at the School so that they are not only well prepared for the next stage of their lives but also ready to make a most positive contribution to society.’ ISI Educational Quality Inspection Report 2017

‘Pupils take responsibility for their own behaviour. They are naturally courteous and respectful of one another and of the adults who care for them. Relationships between them and their teachers are notably cordial.’ ISI Educational Quality Inspection Report 2017

‘The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent. Pupils make an exceptional contribution to their school community, thus reflecting the School’s aims, which encourage them to become caring, thoughtful and confident members of society. Leadership, teaching and boarding staff exemplify the School’s expectations and pupils respond positively to the models they set.’ ISI Educational Quality Inspection Report 2017

Please see Inspection Reports for more details.

There are 13 houses at Shrewsbury: seven boys' boarding houses, two dayboys' houses and four girls' houses for both boarders and daygirls. The boarding houses each contain around 60 pupils between the ages of 13 and 18; there are a few more in the day houses. Each house has a dedicated Housemaster or Housemistress who is supported in their role by a resident matron and a team of four or five tutors.

Senior pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for the good running of the House. Pupils live in studies and bedrooms for their early years and then move to their own bedsitters. The house system has created a vibrant community, in which all participate according to their different natures and abilities. The atmosphere in each house is warm and friendly, and house loyalty is strong, fostered by a number of house competitions, mostly in sport, but also in, for example, debating and performing.

Under the authority of the Headmaster, the Housemaster or Housemistress is responsible for all aspects of a boy's or girl's life at school. They are the key figure in ensuring your child's happiness, welfare and progress, and they are the crucial link in communication between parents and school.

Around 15% of pupils at Shrewsbury are from overseas. They are happily integrated into the friendships and activities of boarding. They give much to the School and the School gives back all that is best in an English education. Overseas pupils are required to have a guardian who can provide a home environment and support in the short holidays and school breaks. The guardian can be a relative, family friend or when necessary can be arranged via a number of different organisations. Parents and guardians are encouraged to take an interest in all that is going on at the School.