The Shrewsbury School Parents' Association (SSPA) plays a key role in school life for all parents, both boarding and day. 

The Association's core purpose is to offer a range of social events throughout the year, which enable parents and staff to mix in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, and in so doing strengthen relationships and add to the vibrancy of the overall Shrewsbury School experience.  It is a not-for-profit organisation and that seeks only to cover costs; any profits made are donated to nominated school charities. The SSPA events are generally held on dates where parents travelling from afar might already be in the vicinity - i.e. at end of terms/next to coach weekends.

Parents of Old Salopians and prospective parents are also very welcome at any of the SSPA events.

Details of forthcoming SSPA events are published on the website and the full programme is also available as a pdf download. This includes lots of information about the Association and details of Committee members and House reps: SSPA Events Yearbook 2016-17

Getting involved with the SSPA
There are two ways in which you can get involved in supporting the Parents' Association and in so doing making new friends and contacts:

1.  Become a Committee Member - We aim to have a parental representative from each of the Houses. We meet as a Committee about 6 times a year and sub-groups from the Committee lead each event. In addition the Committee try and attend as many events as possible.

2.  Become an Event Partner - We always need willing hands and supportive people to make our events a success.  Many people would like to support from time to time but cannot given time to join the Committee.  As an Event Partner you can commit event by event and your support is very welcome.

To find out more or to register for either of above options, please email Joycelin Hoyland, SSPA Communications, Events and Integration Coordinator on

Will Morris