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Around the World in 40 Days: the 40in40 Lent Term Lockdown Challenge

Thursday 4 February 2021

Shrewsbury School's Lent Term Lockdown Challenge: 40in40.  Our aim is to collectively cover the distance around the world- just over 40,000km in 40 days!

40in40 Challenge: Around the World in 40 Days Update - Friday 5 February 2021

Having set off at the start of term with the bold intention of collectively travelling Around the World in 40 Days, we have been overwhelmed with the response from pupils, parents, OS and staff alike.  At the time of writing, the total travelled is a whopping 38,740km, just shy of our target of 40,000km! So we look all set to make it all the way around the world in just 23 days since the 40in40 launch on Wednesday 13 January.  Step aside, Phileas Fogg!  

Our pupils have collectively travelled over 20,000km with valuable distance added by our staff (5,178km) and likewise our community group of parents, OS and friends of the school (13,160km).  An incredible team effort from the Shrewsbury School community, and with 17 days still left, we have revised our targets again:

  • 40,000km in 40 days was obviously a piece of cake for the community, so today we are launching #80in40 with the aim of getting Around the World again- 80,000km in 40 days would be some achievement and we’ll need to crank it up, but it’s definitely achievable.  Lace up and get out there…
  • We are giving over the 40in40 Project exclusively to our pupils, challenging them to hit the 40,000km mark in 40 days on their own.  Can they do it?  I wouldn’t bet against them!

Our pupil fundraising has likewise made strong progress and we pushed over the £9,000 mark earlier this week; with just over two weeks to go, we’re looking to gather momentum for the final push and very much hope we can at least double that mark, if not more. Congratulations to all pupils for their fundraising so far and a huge well done to the pupils of Moser's, Oldham's, Radbrook and Port Hill as each house has raised over £1,000 so far! The charities chosen by the 13 Houses can be viewed below which includes links to the fundraising pages.

On a related note, we were delighted to hear of the fundraising efforts of Old Salopian Howard Stringer (PH, 2010-21) who appeared on BBC Breakfast this week to discuss his charity initiative.  A doctor at Aintree Hospital in Liverpool, Howard has run 5k every day in 2021 for the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).  As a pupil here at Shrewsbury, Howard was one of our top athletes and competed for the county at athletics, but for this charity effort, he sported a Sumo suit for his fundraising runs.  Having reached his £500 target, he then set out to run 5k a day in a pair of speedos for every extra £100 donation.  He has now raised an incredible £7,000.  You can listen to Howard talking about his fundraising efforts and his idea for doing it in the following video clip:

It is wonderful to see Salopians- both past and present- staying active and likewise helping others.  We hope that, in a small way, our 40in40 Project (and now, the 80in40 Challenge!) not only encourages our community to stay active and stay connected, but likewise through the fundraising element, can similarly help make a real difference. 

Stay safe, stay connected, stay active!

Peter Middleton, Deputy Head Co-Curricular

40in40 Challenge: Around the World in 40 Days Update - Friday 22 January 2021

Launched last week, our 40in40 Challenge has got off to a phenomenal start with an amazing response from the School community.  At the time of writing, 618 pupils have signed up to Strava and are logging their activities along with 59 members of staff and 179 from the wider community (including parents, former pupils, and friends of the school).  An impressive – and active- group of over 800 individuals has quickly mustered and in less than a week the team had collectively travelled over 11,000km between them, whether running, cycling, swimming, rowing or walking.   The target of Getting Around the World (40,000km+) in 40 Days had seemed like a somewhat outrageous target when we set out, but having covered a quarter of that distance already, we are well on our way to circumnavigating the globe!  If you haven’t already signed up but are keen to do so, search for ‘Shrewsbury School Community’ on Strava when you sign up. Note that when walking you will need to edit the activity to appear as ‘run’ in order for the distance to count and be logged.

The fundraising has likewise quickly gathered pace with over £2500 already raised for the respective house charities.  There’s a long way still to go to reach our target of £40,000 but if each pupil commits to raising just £50 for their house charity then we will hit that target and help make a real difference to those charities and the people and causes they support.

Do continue to help us to promote the initiative through social media by posting photos and videos of your activities wherever you are around the world.  Please tag in @ShrewsSchool and use any of the following hashtags: #Shrews40in40 #Shrews40Challenge #SalopiansAroundTheWorld 

Peter Middleton, Deputy Head Co-Curricular

On Wednesday 13 January, Shrewsbury School launched its Lent Term Lockdown Challenge: 40in40. 

Our aim is to collectively cover the distance around the world- just over 40,000km.   Pupils, staff, parents and former pupils are invited to take part and help us cover the distance.  Cycling, running, rowing, walking- whatever the activity, it will all count!

To take part, all you will need is a smartphone or smartwatch.  If you are already signed up to Strava please search for ‘Shrewsbury School Community’ in the club search section.  If you aren’t signed up to Strava, you will need to do so to take part. It is free and fairly straightforward to use.  Instructions on how to sign up can be found here.

Alongside our challenge to cover 40,000km in 40 days, we are also aiming to raise valuable funds for charity, with all 13 boarding houses focused on different charities.  We hope to match our distance covered by also raising £40,000 across those charities.  If you would like to help support our fundraising efforts, we will be adding the Just Giving donation links to this page by the end of the week.

Do help us to promote the initiative through social media by posting photos and videos of your activities wherever you are in the world. Please tag in @ShrewsSchool and use any of these hashtags #Shrews40in40 #Shrews40Challenge #SalopiansAroundTheWorld

40,000km and £40,000 in 40 days- 40in40- is an ambitious target, but with your help we can get there!

Charities we are supporting:

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