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Around the World in 40 Days: the 40in40 Lent Term Lockdown Challenge

Wednesday 13 January 2021

On Wednesday 13 January, Shrewsbury School launched its Lent Term Lockdown Challenge: 40in40.  Our aim is to collectively cover the distance around the world- just over 40,000km.    

Pupils, staff, parents and former pupils are invited to take part and help us cover the distance.  Cycling, running, rowing, walking- whatever the activity, it will all count!

To take part, all you will need is a smartphone or smartwatch.  If you are already signed up to Strava please search for ‘Shrewsbury School Community’ in the club search section.  If you aren’t signed up to Strava, you will need to do so to take part. It is free and fairly straightforward to use.  Instructions on how to sign up can be found here.

Alongside our challenge to cover 40,000km in 40 days, we are also aiming to raise valuable funds for charity, with all 13 boarding houses focused on different charities.  We hope to match our distance covered by also raising £40,000 across those charities.  If you would like to help support our fundraising efforts, we will be adding the Just Giving donation links to this page by the end of the week.

Do help us to promote the initiative through social media by posting photos and videos of your activities wherever you are in the world. Please tag in @ShrewsSchool and use any of these hashtags #Shrews40in40 #Shrews40Challenge #SalopiansAroundTheWorld

40,000km and £40,000 in 40 days- 40in40- is an ambitious target, but with your help we can get there!

Charities we are supporting:

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