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The Beatles, The Hunt, Chaucer and more - An Invitation to our Parents from Shrewsbury School

We are pleased to confirm the first wave of our live lectures, workshops and performances for our parents to enjoy.

As you will notice from the table below and when you click on the booking link there is an eclectic mix to choose from, almost all of which are delivered by members of our teaching community.

The events are completely free and booking is only via the ticketsource website. Once you have made your selection you will be sent a confirmation email, which includes the zoom link.

Please note that a separate email was sent out on Thursday 21st January which detailed the password required to make a booking.




26/1 5pm

Online Life Drawing, Shrewsbury School Art Faculty

Join Head of Art, Lucy Caddel to participate in online figure drawing. This is a weekly opportunity, commencing from Tuesday 26th January 2021. 

26/1 7pm

Back to the Future: a new look a climate change

Dr Frazer Matthews-Bird of the Geography Faculty takes a step back from the political debate around climate change and instead takes you on a deep time journey through the geological record.

27/1 7.30pm

A Violin Recital with David Joyce

David Joyce, Head of Strings, offers a recital on the Violin.

28/1 7.30pm

The Beatles: revolutionaries or just lucky?

Mike Skipper, Head of Academic Music, explores the impact of arguably the most influential British band of modern times and the reasons for this, on popular culture across the globe.

1/2 7pm

Chaucer, Contagion and Creativity: Finding Positives in a Time of Pandemic.

James Fraser-Andrews of the English Faculty looks at another turbulent time and the positives that can come out of it.  He promises to include Middle English Bingo!

2/2 7pm

“All Hounds who wish to run”: Cross-Country’s origins and evolution at Shrewsbury School


Established in 1831 and with records of organised running taking place as far back as 1819, Shrewsbury School’s running club- known as The Hunt- lays claim to being the oldest in the world.  In this lecture, Deputy Head Co-Curricular (and former Master i/c The Hunt) Peter Middleton takes us on a journey back to those historical roots, examining the evolution of running at Shrewsbury and the impact and influence this had on the development of a sport as a global phenomenon.

4/2 1pm

“200 words to help you talk about art”

Noted Art Historian Ben Street will talk on the subject of his bestselling book.

4/2 7pm

England's Reformations and Music: 1549 to 1559.

Benedict Wilson, Head of Choral Music, will discuss the part that Music played in a period of significant change to the English landscape.

8/2 7pm

Power, Propaganda and the Politics of Survival

Matthew Clark of the Classics Faculty will discuss the life of Rome’s first emperor Augustus, from his rise to power and his ability to maintain control in a turbulent world.

 9/2 1pm

 Shrewsbury School Book Club

 The Shrewsbury School Staff Book Group are a group of keen readers who meet once a month to discuss our latest reads. Join us on Tuesday February 9th 1-2pm for an informal and friendly discussion of The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner. Find out more about the book, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2018.

 9/2 7pm

A Buzzing Threat: Mosquitos in Europe 

 Dr Aislinn Currie-Jordan of the Biology Faculty uses her PhD expertise to discuss the threat posed by mosquito-borne diseases in Europe.

11/2 7pm

The Amateur Adventurer - Life Beyond the Boarding House

Sam Griffiths, Housemaster of Ingram’s Hall, reflects on his adventuring, from dinghy cruising to ultra-marathon running.

11/2 7.30pm

From Brittney to Bach; A Beginners Guide to Classical Music

Stephen Williams, Director of Music, will take you through how to become ridiculously well-eared in one evening.




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