Shrewsbury School

eNews: Wednesday 7th November

Notices to Parents

Please watch the BBC today!
The BBC Midlands team were on site yesterday filming our Olympic Coach in Residence, and we are expecting some of  the footage to be shown on BBC Midlands Today at 6.30pm (and possibly at 1.30pm today too).  The film should also be available on BBC iPlayer for 24 hours afterwards:

Please see more information below about this unique opportunity for our running squad to benefit from the expertise of Sentayehu Eshetu, who has coached over a dozen Olympic medallists and world record holders all from the small village of Bekoji in Ethiopia, which has only 16,000 inhabitants.

'Week in the Life' articles
Regretfully, there is no 'Week in the Life' article in this week's eNewsletter, but there should be two very different accounts in next week's!

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