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eNews: Thursday 21st March 2013

Notices to Parents

Next term's Fasti
All the events in next term's Fasti are now listed on the website, although more detail will be added to them over time.  A few of the more popular links are below:
The main Calendar - shows all events, one month at a time
Academic lectures and events
All sports matches and fixtures
- Cricket fixtures
- RSSBC fixtures
All arts events
- Music events
Holiday courses and events, including a number of new activity courses for children mainly aged 7-13 years over the Easter holidays (only a few places remaining on some of these).

Third Form Bronze Duke of Edinburgh - Summer Term expeditions
The DofE expedition season starts in earnest next term and all Third Form parents (and in particular the parents of day boys) should be aware that their sons are likely to be taking part in expedition training. By the end of term the boys will have completed their walking expeditions, and may even have done enough to complete Bronze entirely.

Boys doing DofE Bronze must attend one of the two Practice Expeditions on offer; please see which practice weekend your son will be on: 2013 Bronze Walking Groups. Please note this placing is now fixed and takes into account sport fixtures, with boys starting their expedition weekend on the Saturday evening and continuing through to Sunday. We would be grateful if any 'outdoorsy' famililies could raid their cupboards for walking boots, waterproofs and sleeping bags; we do have outdoor gear; but if pupils provide their own it puts less pressure on our stores.

Nick David
Director of Activities

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