Shrewsbury School

eNews: Thursday 19th September 2013

Notices to Parents

A letter to all parents from the Headmaster
Please read the Headmaster's letter to parents, which includes the latest news about the building of a new Humanities block.

A letter to parents of pupils playing rugby or hockey
We strongly recommend that any pupil who plays rugby or hockey should wear a mouthguard that has been fitted by a dentist or company specialising in the provision of mouthguards.  We are able to offer this service on site, with impressions for mouldings being taken in the School’s Sanatorium.  Please see the Letter to parents from Duncan Kirkby, which includes a Mouthguard Request Form to be returned to School by Monday 30th September.

A letter to parents of cricketers
If anyone has any unwanted cricket kit or clothing that they would like to donate to cricketers in Sri Lanka, where most clubs have a huge shortage of such things, Rob Morris would be very grateful if you could please send it in to School after Coach Weekend. A shipment will be made to Colombo soon afterwards. Please see his letter to parents for more details.

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