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eNews: Thursday 26th September 2013

Notices to Parents

A message to all Parents and Friends of the School from Will Morris, Chair of the Shrewsbury School Parents' Association

As you will have doubtless read in the Headmaster’s previous termly letters, the Shrewsbury School Parents’ Association is moving into an exciting new chapter of its life at The Schools. Although nominally a Day Parents’ Association for many years, it has always welcomed all parents past and present to its events.  However, in partnership with the School during the course of 2013, we have reshaped the key role the Association plays in school life for all parents, both boarding and day, and as such are now known simply as the Shrewsbury School Parents’ Association (SSPA).

Our core purpose remains the same; namely to offer a range of social events throughout the school year, which enable parents and staff to mix in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, and in so doing strengthen relationships and add to the vibrancy of the overall Shrewsbury School experience.  We are a not-for-profit organisation and we seek only to cover our costs; when we do make a small profit we donate this to nominated school charities. We all always try to hold our events on dates where parents travelling from afar might already be in the vicinity - i.e. at end of terms/next to coach weekends.

To mark our new "incarnation" we have added two exciting new events to our calendar: the hugely popular House Singing Event (on Friday 18 October) will now have a drinks and canapés reception around it, so parents might enjoy some welcome refreshment; then at the end of the Lent term on Friday 28 March 2014, we will hold our inaugural Easter Ball.  The dates for these and all the academic year 2013/14 events are detailed below.

If you would like to know more about the Association, its events, or join the group of parents who give generously of their time to organise these events, then do please get in touch by emailing

Details of events will also be made available on the Shrewsbury School Parents' Association page of the school website. 

Will Morris, Chair, SSPA

SSPA Diary Dates 2013/14:
House Singing - Friday 18 October 2013
Wine & Cheese AGM Event - Thursday 21 November 2013
Easter Ball - Friday 28 March 2014
Jazz Night - Thursday 22 May 2014

Collection of unwanted cricket kit and clothing for Sri Lankan cricket clubs - a reminder
As mentioned in last week's eNewsletter, Rob Morris would be very grateful for donations that can be shipped out to Sri Lanka soon after Coach Weekend. Please see his letter to parents for more details.

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