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eNewsletter: Friday 11th June 2021

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An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

OS named Vice-Captain of GB U25 Rifle Team.

An Old Salopian has been named as Vice-Captain for the Great Britain U25 Rifle Team.

Harriet Bramwell (EDH, 2016-18) was named in the team that will be heading to the World Championships in South Africa.

While at school, Harriet was coached by Tom Rylands (Ch, 1973-77), who continues to coach her currently.

Harriet said: “It's an absolute privilege to be made Vice-Captain of the GBU25 Rifle Team to South Africa. I'm really excited to be working alongside the captain, Charlie and Tom, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new talent that is rising through the ranks."

Salopian Memories – People, buildings and all things Salopian.

There will be an Art Exhibition taking place for the 2021 Old Salopian Weekend on Saturday, October 9th.

The theme this year is going to be entitled ‘Salopian Memories’, showcasing images and artworks connected to Shrewsbury and the School.

OS artist Timothy Morgan Owen said: “Perhaps that encompasses the site and town, buildings, all past staff and alumni – anything that makes and what made Shrewsbury.

“We are asking Old Salopians, current art students in the school and staff to contribute. Items are for sale and a contribution will be given to The Shewsy.”

If any Old Salopian artists, photographers or creatives are interested in contributing to the exhibition, the date for work submission is the 4th-6th October to the Art Faculty. For further information email Head of Art Lucy Caddel at

Chapel Podcast- Sunday 13th June 2021

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Notices to Parents

Shrewsbury School Coaches

A chaperoned London Heathrow direct coach service will run on 3rd July departing school at 9.00am and stopping at LHR T2 and T5.

Bookings via the Parent Portal are available here:

Shrewsbury School Coach Bookings

This early departure will allow those with long haul flights to arrive at LHR in good time.

Online bookings for this service close at midnight on Sunday 27th June.

The school hopes that its international Prize winners will have made arrangements to allow them to accept their Prize on Speech Day before travelling home.

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