Shrewsbury School

Salopian Club e-bulletin April 2018

From the Director

Fresh, or not so fresh, from the Old Salopian Football Club Dinner, the Director has been reminded by his long-suffering colleagues of this current edition of the e-bulletin. The past two months has seen a flurry of social spring activity, with Salopians gathering for events in Birmingham, Manchester, London, Dubai and culminating with one of the largest assemblies of Salopians in recent years at a memorable President’s Dinner given at Wadham College, Oxford.  The picture above shows the historic dining hall, ready to receive us.

The next few months will see our summer sports men and women re-enter the fray in their quest for glory and camaraderie, while former thespians plan to celebrate the John Moore musicals at Westminster School on Sunday 20th May. There should be a variety of activities to engage in; we hope you will.

Floreat Salopia.

Nick Jenkins

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