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Salopian Club e-bulletin August 2018

From the Director

For me, the photo above sums up the spririt of this year's Henley regatta - and is perhaps also a reflection of the spirit of Old Salopians in general. Even after 50 years, they can come back together and get on with things with shared cammeraderie and excellent good humour.  Find out why the boys came back together again in the news report below.

We'd like to think that the same Salopian spirit will be present at Old Salopian Day, on 6th October.  This is your last opportunity to register, so please don't miss the boat.  In fact, with so much going on this Autumn, it's important for all of you to take stock at this point and make sure we have your details for any of the many celebrations and reunions we will be hosting - from the 10 year anniversary of co-education to the party for 30 years of the Grove.

This will be the last e-bulletin compiled by Kate Hodge, our Events and Administrative Officer, who is shortly moving on to another post.  Kate has done a magnificent job in the fifteen months she has been with us and she departs with our deep gratituide and our best wishes for every success in her new role.

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