Shrewsbury School

A Celebration of John Moore Musicals

Sunday 20 May 2018 at 18:00

A wonderful chance to walk down memory lane.... On Sunday 20th May, there will be an evening of reminiscence for anyone who has taken part in a John Moore musical, whether on stage, in the band or as a supporting technician – and for anyone else who wishes to listen.

From Jekyll!, written in 1994, to the latest creation, the Drowned Bride, due on the Fringe this year, the range and variation of John’s compositions has continued to delight audiences and critics alike.

Several of these shows have since been revived at the Fringe and many have graced the London stages at Covent Garden and the Royal College of Music.

So, come along and join us at the Manoukia Music Centre in Westminster School. And whether it be Mrs Maw’s Song from Jekyll!, ‘Buy! Buy! Buy!’ from the Bubble or the love theme from the Time Machine, let us know in good time what you would like to sing, so that John can start digging around in his loft to look for all those vocal scores.

Those who plan to join the singing are invited to the Manoukian Centre from 2.00pm on Sunday 20th May (although not everyone needs to arrive on the dot). Rehearsals will take place until 5.00pm, to be followed by a break before the concert at 6.00pm.

Please write as soon as possible if you would like to contribute to Henry Southern: to let him know that you will be there and, (though we may not be able to guarantee every request) to let them know what you would like to sing, either as a chorus member or solo.

If you would simply like to soak in the fabulous atmosphere, please let the Salopian Club know at

We look forward to welcoming you back to the warm world of Salopian Musicals!


1993        Guys and Dolls (Mankiewicz etc)
1995        Jekyll! (Moore, Went & Fanning)
1997        The Time Machine (Moore, Went & Fanning)
1998        Jekyll! The Revival (Moore, Went & Fanning)
2000        The Lost Domain (Moore, Went & Fanning)
2002        The Bubble (Moore,Hankin,Roach & Fanning)
2004        Into the Woods (Sondheim and Lapine)
2006        Frankenstein! (Fanning & Moore)
2008        Harry! (Fanning & Moore)
2009        The Bubble Revived (Moore, Hankin, Roach & Fanning)
2011        What You Will (Fanning & Moore)
2014        The Lost Domain Revival (Moore, Went & Fanning)
2016        Great Expectations (Moore & Fanning)
2018        The Drowned Bride (Moore & Brown)

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