Shrewsbury School

Medic Malawi Ball

Friday 9 November 2012 at 19:30

The inaugural African ball in Kingsland Hall is raising funds for the 'Shrewsbury School Eye Clinic' at the rural St Andrew's hospital. St Andrew’s serves 50,000 destitute people in Malawi, and also has a Feeding Centre for the malnourished, two schools and an orphanage. It was founded ten years ago by Medic Malawi, a Shrewsbury-based charity. Though small, the charity punches well above their weight, as they have no UK costs, salaries or expenses whatever. What you give, they get. Please see the letter from Stephen Drew, the volunteer director of Medic Malawi, for more information.

If you are looking at this on our home page, and are unable to view all of the text on the invitation below, please see the full Calendar entry for the ball.

Tickets are £45 per person; the booking form is available either as a pdf file, or a Word document that you can fill in and return by email.  We have a range of interesting lots for the auction, including the Headmaster's offer to host - and cook - dinner for 8, several holiday offerings, and some signed sporting memorabilia.

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