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PSD: Presentation for Parents "MeeTwo - Teenage Mental Help - A simple social media solution" Kerstyn Comley (Ashton Theatre)

Saturday 26 January 2019 at 11:30

On Saturday 26th January there will be a presentation for parents at 11.30am in the Ashton Theatre on the topic “MeeTwo: Teenage Mental Help - A simple safe social media solution” by Kerstyn Comley.

Kerstyn will present ideas from the MeeTwo Teenage 'Mental Help' Handbook and App which gives teenage mental health a voice. This combines the voices of young people and the opinions of experts with a completely holistic directory of ways that young people can help themselves.

The most exciting aspect of MeeTwo emphasises wellbeing, support and self-help. The 'Mental Help' Directory includes a complete mix of support groups, helplines, apps, TedX talks, books, products, activities and self-care techniques.

We hope that as many parents as possible will be able to attend the presentation and enjoy some refreshments before collecting their children for the Extended Coach Weekend. For catering purposes, we would be grateful if parents could let us know if they plan to come by emailing Henry Farmer (Head of Pupil Welfare (PSD)) at by Wednesday 23rd January.

For parents who are unable to attend, we will aim to film the talk and make it available, along with accompanying notes, on the Parent Portal.

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