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Wednesday 20 January 2021

Welcome to our Shrewsbury School Art Faculty Gallery page!

Here you can see a selection of exciting recent art work showing the wealth of creative talent we have at Shrewsbury School. It also demonstrates just some of the wide range of materials and processes currently delivered on our GCSE & A-level courses. We’ll be adding more work throughout the year so do keep checking back! You can also follow our work on our Instagram @shrewsbury_art and Twitter @ArtShrewsbury

Image above is from Fourth Form GCSE art with Ms Caddel studies in gouache: Eva Z- Traditional Chinese street 

Image above is from Fourth Form GCSE art with Ms Caddel studies in gouache: Kate V- St Basil's Cathedral

Soft Pastel Self-Portrait, Giorgia I (U6, EDH)

 Embroidered Portrait of Giorgia, Vitalina K (L6, EDH)

 Polymer Clay Sculpture, Issy H (4, MSH)

 Polymer Clay Sculpture, Emily W-C (4, EDH)

 Self Portrait (etching), Harriet B (5, MSH)

 Mosaic, Emma C (5, MSH)

 Self Portrait with Lurchers, Orlando B (5, Rt)

 Big Draw, Shrewsbury School Tree Trail 'Drawing with brocolli' Jasper H (in branded art faculty overalls!)

 Polymer Clay Sculpture, Ruby W (4, M)

 Porcelain Heart, Issy Y (L6, MSH)

 Oil painting in progress, Esme H (U6, MSH)

 Bell Jar 'Paradise Lost' Hester L (L6, M)


 Sweet Reflections, Elsa W (5, EDH)


Pearl Necklace, Ruby R (U6, MSH)


 Self Portrait (after Picasso), Adelaide S (U6, G)


Self Portrait, Tom R (5, S)


 Copperplate Etching (Skull), Nell W (L6, MSH)





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