Shrewsbury School

'Summer' SUPA Outdoor Polo Tournament

Tuesday 19 June 2018

A final report on the fortunes of the School's Polo players by Teacher-in-Charge Jim Sheppe.

The microclimate at the Longdole Polo Club in Birdlip seldom fails to disappoint. After the arena tournament in March (snow, ice, damp and chilling air) the weather gods again turned the thermostat down as far it would go, released some shivery Westerlies and sprayed us with grey and mist on Sunday. Spectators and officials were woolly and bobbly-hatted; others drew their Sunday papers around their ears. 

Yet little of this had any effect on the hardened players of the Shrewsbury School polo club. Bilal Anwar scored his first pair of goals in combat, making himself a most useful mercenary member of a Bradfield team. Ben Henderson knocked an elegant penalty goal in on behalf of a combined SUPA team to which he was assigned alongside Will Blanchard-Butter. 

The Shrewsbury A team, comprised of Milo Herbert, Ned Moreau, Fred Blanchard-Butter and Scott Walker gritted their teeth in the first chukka, beat a notionally stronger Marlborough team by a single Milo-goal, fell to a highly trained and colourfully performing side called Heathfield/Langley in the second (0-2) but recovered their wits to send a Seaford side packing (4-0: three Milo-goals, one Neddish one, all methodically set up and assisted by the rest): in the end this team came second in its league and brought much joy to parents, to their trainer Glynn Henderson and to their manager. 

Thus, with gratitude to players, parents and coach Glynn, the season concludes to the sound of bagpipes, tin whistles and the happy laughter, human and equine. We look forward to further progress in years to come. 


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