Shrewsbury School

“Energetic, action-packed and fast-paced” - the Junior School Play is “not to be missed”

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Lord of the Flies, June 2013Performing William Golding’s classic tale Lord of the Flies set in the present day in a school classroom is no mean feat, but the talented cast of Third and Fourth form actors certainly rose to the challenge. Indeed the performance was energetic, action-packed and fast-paced from start to finish. The use of the classroom setting was particularly impressive and really succeeded in bringing to life the desert-island through the innovative use of props, lighting and music.

Dressed as modern day schoolboys, the whole cast successfully conveyed the tensions and divisions between different characters and the competition for the role of leader. Alec Barnes’ representation of the cool-headed Ralph was excellent and Dan Iles perfectly conveyed the strong and at intimidating character of Jack. Jamie Eccleston’s performance as the rational Piggy was also very impressive.

There is no doubt that the cast and production team of Lord of the Flies have worked extremely hard in producing such an exciting and engaging play, which is not to be missed.


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