Shrewsbury School

The 151st Bumping Races - Day 1

Friday 28 June 2019

The 151st Bumping Races finally got underway today. (Yesterday’s cancellation means that for the second time in four years there will only be three races, not the usual four.)

Grove I, Mary Sidney I, Emma Darwin I, Moser’s I all bumped twice in Division 2 so remain in contention for ‘blades’. Oldham’s I, Radbrook II and Radbrook III remain at the head of their respective divisions after rowing over twice.

Confirmed bumps were as follows:

Round 2

Division 1
Rb bpd SH
S bpd PH

Division 2
G bpd SH
MSH bpd PH
EDH bpd S
M bpd Rt

Division 3
SH bpd R
O bpd EDH
Rt bpd PH


Round 3

Division 1
Rt bpd PH

Division 2
O bpd Ch
G bpd R
MSH bpd SH
EDH bpd PH
M bpd S
I bpd Rt

Division 3
MSH bpd G
S bpd EDH
M bpd PH

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