Shrewsbury School

The 2011 School Triathlon, Inter-House Athletics and Inter-House Tennis

Thursday 30 June 2011

Inter-House competitions of various sorts seem to take place almost daily at this time of year.  Yesterday saw a large contingent of boys and girls - with some very vocal supporters - taking part in the School Triathlon (report below), competing either in teams for their house, or individually. 

This afternoon, the Inter-House Athletics are taking place, consisting of Senior and Junior Sprints (Sidney to Darwin), and a Quarter Mile race - with one boy bravely entering into both! The inspiration for this event came from a recently-unearthed trophy dating back to 1869 for the winner of the Quarter Mile which has been given a new mohogany plinth and will be presented to the winner of the Senior Quarter Mile race. 

The Junior Inter-House Tennis semi-finals are also being played this afternoon, with Grove vs Port HIll, and Ridgemount vs School House.

We are making plans for a whole-school Inter-House sports day next year, which will include all the traditional track and field events - and a few other slightly quirkier ones!



This year's School Triathlon was blessed again with glorious sunshine and a refeshing breeze. Well done to Porthill who won the Senior event and Rigg's Hall who won the Junior race.

A big mention should go to those who did the whole lot (400m swim, 2000m row and 2000m run) and were led by Rob Homden (Rb 4) winning the Junior Individual and the mighty Jonathan Au Yeung (SH LVI) winning the Senior Individual.

Many took on a personal challenge and no doubt left with a strong sense of achievement.


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