Shrewsbury School

21st Anniversary Celebrations

Friday 1 April 2022

It was a great evening …

A group of 2001 leavers enjoyed a splendid lunch at The Guinea in Mayfair organised by Toby Cowan (G) to celebrate our 21st anniversary of leaving Shrewsbury. Suffice to say, it was a great day (& evening…!) and the Salopian spirit was still very much evident! 

From left to right was: W. Cox, C. Owen, J. Harbach, N. Burlington, O. Raw Rees, T. Chapman, N. Bayliss, B. Wright, G. Pickup, R. Forrest, R. Bainbridge, L Brown, M Jones, F Windsor Clive, AJ Kelly, P. Pringle, T Graham, G Wade, T Main & T. Cowan 


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