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50th Anniversary Reunion of Shrewsbury’s 1964 Football 1st XI

Thursday 4 December 2014

Fifty years after achieving the distinction of being the only football team to beat all other public schools in a single season, every member of the 1964 Shrewsbury 1st XI returned to the School last Saturday for a memorable and hugely enjoyable reunion with their coach, Robin Trimby.

Two of the team even made the journey from overseas - Peter Platt flew over from Perth, Western Australia and goalkeeper David Gale (and former RSSH Huntsman) came from Florida.

Their season culminated in a gripping 2 -1 victory over Repton on the last Saturday of November 1964 and it was fitting, therefore that the reunion was timed to coincide with the School’s annual fixture against Repton.  1964 1st XI player and one of the main organisers of the day, Robin Brooke-Smith, who is now the School’s Archivist, spoke for his fellow team mates in describing the occasion as, “the very best of Salopian occasions, much enjoyed and to be savoured for many years, no doubt”. 

The spirit of the occasion was captured well by Captain Peter Thwaites, who commented after the day: 
“As we walked across Senior before the game against Repton, there was not one of us who did not want to shed 40 years, get changed and go out and play!  We might have grumbled about multi-coloured boots and the odd bit of shirt-pulling, but we were less subtle and tended to take our opponents' legs from under them. There is no doubt, however, that the pace at which the game was played would have found us severely wanting.

“However what has endured beyond the dodgy knees and hips, is the team spirit that Robin Trimby engendered in us; a spirit that was sufficient for 11 individuals to want to get together after 50 years, from as far away as Australia and the US. It would be good to think that in 2065, the current 1st XI will consider meeting and enjoying a similar venture!”

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