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New third former receives prestigious National Youth Orchestra of Wales award

Thursday 13 September 2012

New Churchill’s third former Joshua Himsworth, formerly of Shrewsbury High Preparatory School, holder of both a Burney music  and a Butler academic scholarship, arrived at the Shrewsbury fresh from his NYOW summer tour. He had a surprise in store.

Joshua tells this story:

‘At the end of the first week just before we went off touring around the English/Welsh border areas. We had an awards ceremony. Dressed in our best suits and other formal wear, this ceremony contained a large dinner with all the tutors for the week present. After everyone had eaten we had the ceremony. There were awards for each section, from ‘Most Professional Brass Player’ to ‘Most Percussive Percussionist’. When we got to the ‘Most Promising String Player’ award I was amazed – I had no thought that I might be considered because I knew there were 20-year-old cellists/viola players who were going for auditions to the Halle orchestra, playing excerpts from one of the pieces from the repertoire that we played, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. My ears tuned into the awards ceremony at just the right time, hearing the name Joshua Himsworth!

‘I did an actor at the Oscars thing and held my heart and said “What me?” Weaving past tables to get to the stage at the other side of the hall was the most nerve-racking part with everyone watching you and clapping. It would have been easy to have felt self conscious, but I rather enjoyed this unexpected surprise.

‘After the officials awards ceremony there was the unofficial awards ceremony run by the older orchestral members, where there were many funny/Michael-extracting awards, e.g. The ‘Dumbest Teenager’ award for a 16 year old caught drinking outside one of the pastoral staff’s rooms.  Again I received an award.  This time it was the ‘Baby Boy award’ for being the youngest in the orchestra. I got handed a bib and a sash saying, ‘It’s a boy!’ Embarrassed was an understatement.  Oh, and the music on the course was good as well!'

Joshua Himsworth (Ch)

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