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An action-packed start to the Fives season

Tuesday 22 January 2019

Our Fives team enjoyed a busy weekend of block fixtures, hosting Eton on Saturday and Harrow the following day. And on Wednesday eight pairs travelled to Eton for the EFA Girls’ Fives Festival.


On both days there were some fine, very closely contested matches – with some matches taking over 2½ hours!

The two stand-out games at U14 and U15 were the 1st pairs: Digby Taylor-West (I) and Harry Cooke (PH) came from 0-2 down to win, magnificently, in the 5th; James Crews (SH) and Alex Clark (SH) held on to their 2-0 lead, after losing the 3rd & 4th, to win.

At senior level, Will Sissions (Rt) & Dan Humes (I) were up against the pair that won the national title when at U16s. In a game where momentum ebbed and flowed, with some excellent Fives played, Eton were the victors in 5 sets.

A full report on the weekend can be read here: A January Weekend of Blues.

A total of 36 pairs from six schools took part in the EFA Girls’ Fives Festival at Eton College on Wednesday 23rd January – the largest number to date for this event, which is now in its fifth year.
Shrewsbury provided eight pairs, comprising girls from Third Form to Lower Sixth.

The festival has no outright winners but aims to give all girls plenty of court time against players of equal ability. After an initial group round of mixed ability, the pairs then play pairs with similar records. The latter rounds are therefore more closely matched.

1st Pair Lauren Taylor & Ashleigh Pegge -  Played 9 won 9 (100% win-rate) 
2nd Pair Hetta Harris & Karina Ho  -  Played 5 Won 4 Drew 1 (80% win-rate)
3rd Pair Charlotte Russell & Tommy Curtis  -  Played 6 Won 5 Lost 1 (83% win-rate)
4th Pair Annabel Parsons & Lotty Waterhouse  -  Played 6 Won 5 Lost 1 (83% win-rate)
5th Pair Scarlett Gibson & Jemima Dee  -  Played 7 Won 6 Lost 1 (86% win-rate)
6th Pair Faye Monk & Poppy Stephens  -  Played 4 Won 2 Lost 2 (50% win-rate)
7th Pair Una Hunte-Singh & Kate Ekaterina   -  Played 5 Won 1 (20% win-rate)
8th Pair Sophia Urquhart & Elsa Waterhouse  -  Played 5 Won 2 Lost 3 (40% win-rate)

Faye Monk and Poppy Stephens

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