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Alessandro Rebecchi returns to Lockers Park and enthralls his young audience

Monday 2 July 2012

Last week, Alessandro Rebecchi (Ch LVI) returned to his old prep school - Lockers Park in Hemel Hempstead - to give a talk about his trip to Indonesia last summer.  Alessandro was one of 17 Salopians who took part in a Biology expedition to Sulawesi last August - an extraordinary island which is of particular interest to biologists due to the deep ocean trench that separates it from the nearby island of Borneo, as a result of which 68% of the mammals and 34% of the birds are endemic to Sulalwesi.

Alessandro spoke for over an hour, fascinating his audience with his pictures of massive spiders and other animals, and making good use of a few props - his enormous backpack for the children to try out, and a skirt for one of the masters!

More details and pictures are on the Lockers Park website:

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