Shrewsbury School

All-Night Sports Champions

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Mr Cooley provides a commentary on the amazingly successful all-night sports extravaganza, which raised over £12,000 for Medic Malawi.

On the Night Before Exeat, 33 pupils and nine members of staff assembled at 9pm in the gym to engage in a full night of sponsored sport to raise money for Medic Malawi.

Well before midnight some of our boys, already top athletes, developed a respect for dance (which was by a margin the toughest physical hour of the night) and in the small hours around 4am everyone got an insight into just how competitive the teachers of the Languages Faculty can get when it comes to dodgeball. 

Both students and staff entered into the spirit of each and every sport and deserve enormous thanks and respect for their time, organisation, positivity and energy. I thank you all! 

Some records are broken; some are smashed; yet others are pulverised. Some suffer having their constituent atoms sent to diverse corners of the known universe, left as nothing more than a blip against the cosmic background. This last applied to the previous all-night sports fund-raising record: it was rendered as disparate and incoherent as the participants might have felt the following morning. 

By inducing in themselves the (temporary) thought and desire that they would close their eyes and sleep a hundred years, the participants have given the chance to 400 people to have their eyes opened by surpassing £12,000 raised. 

So while they might have felt that their consciousness, like that former record, had been comprehensively dissipated into the ether, when they re-assembled their sleep-addled minds it was hopefully with added pride at the difference their efforts will make to lives in Malawi.

All are my heroes. 

Mr Cooley

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