Shrewsbury School

All rounder stars: 'Sax and Bats' (or whites, at least)

Monday 28 May 2012

Henry (left) & George - 'Sax and Bats (or whites, at least)'Time was (writes Churchill's housemaster Richard Hudson), for example when I was myself a boy at Shrewsbury, that the stereotypical musician was thought to be a pale, spotty, weakling, occasionally emerging blinking from the music buildings (now the classics faculty) into the sunlight. The stereotypical sportsman was exact opposite: hearty, culturally illiterate, not-very-bright. In reality, of course, such stereotypes rarely existed in practice. They most certainly do not now, and musicians can be found in all the top sporting teams.

Two such all rounders are pictured here. Both boys are approaching the end of their first year at Shrewsbury, and have only just turned 14. Henry Newbould (Ch), formerly at Winterfold House, a breeding ground for some of our top musicians, has recently won the senior wind prize, beating off competition from several sixth formers. In his spare time he is captain of and wicket keeper for the U14B cricket team, currently enjoying a very successful season. George Panayi (formerly at Lockers Park), also a Churchillian, took up the saxophone six months ago and has just won the junior wind prize. George captains the U14A cricket team and is a fearsomely fast bowler with a considerable tally of wickets to his name in what is also proving a very successful season.

Both boys are music and all-rounder scholars.


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