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The annual 'Shewsy' weekend trip is a resounding success

Thursday 25 April 2013

The 110-year-old link between Shrewsbury House, a youth club in Everton, and Shrewsbury School was celebrated with the annual visit of 20 club members and staff to Shrewsbury. As ever, old friendships were renewed and new ones started through two days of shared activities. Gaby Byrne (EDH LVI), who is herself from Liverpool, has written an account of the weekend.

The annual hike on the Stiperstones

On Saturday 20th April a coachful of scousers arrived from ‘The Shewsy’ for their annual weekend full of fun activities.  Both Salopians and Shewsies were enthusiastic to get involved together, whether it was to create new friendships or to build on ones already made during previous visits.

Shewsy footie'The Shewsy' brought along a vibrant group of people who were excited to take part in some sport and music, using facilities they do not have back in Liverpool.  The activities included mountain biking, kayaking and football but the pupil interaction between Shrewsbury and 'The Shewsy' really got into the swing of things with a delicious BBQ that took place during the late afternoon. Fortunately, the Shewsies also brought the good weather with them, which added to the chatty and happy atmosphere of the evening.

The most memorable part of the weekend for many involved was the chapel service held on Sunday morning. Two girls from 'The Shewsy' both read confidently when giving the lesson. But it was the address given by Rev Henry Corbett that caught the attention of the Salopians. It was a touching speech about the Hillsborough disaster which had just had its 24th anniversary six days earlier. He spoke about the devastating effect the disaster and the loss of 96 Liverpool fans had on the city of Liverpool and with the telling of several stories about the disaster and the work done since, it brought to light the importance of justice and honesty in our lives today.

Overall, the trip was a success and much fun was had by both communities with the realisation of an important lesson: that regardless of background, people are people and there is much more common ground to be found once you see past someone's exterior or get over the barrier of an accent.

Shrewsbury School are now working hard to further develop our relationship with 'The Shewsy' with many more opportunities to learn from each other and build long-life friendships.
Gaby Byrne (EDH, LVI)

Amelia Woodruff and Joey Maddox

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