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Art Historian Charlie Johns shines in the ARTiculation Prize Regional Finals

Thursday 22 March 2018

Congratulations to Charlie Johns (I UVI), who represented the History of Art Faculty at the recent ARTiculation Prize Regional Finals, held at the Barber Institute in Birmingham.

The ARTiculation Prize is a competition established by the Roche Court Foundation and invites students of History of Art to present a ten-minute presentation on a work of art of their own choice.

Charlie selected a painting entitled "Regrets" (2013) by American artist Jasper Johns, a work that Charlie first encountered at the Royal Academy on a study trip to London back in November.

Charlie delivered a superb talk, brimming with authority, sophistication and maturity. His discussion of the painting, which in many ways represents an existential last gasp in Jasper Johns' life long oeuvre, manifested an empathy and understanding which belies Charlie's years.

Though the whole History of Art set, who went along to the Barber Institute to support Charlie, together with most of the audience, fully expected a hands-down victory for Charlie, he was in fact awarded second prize. However, the memory of his placing in the competition will soon fade, whilst the content and quality of his presentation will linger.

Fergus Reid

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