Shrewsbury School

Bastille Society/Academic Extension Lecture: ‘How to defeat the 21st Century Far-Right’

Tuesday 15 October 2019

On 10th October, the Bastille Society was delighted to welcome Dr Russell Foster from King's College, London. His powerful lecture on 'How to defeat the 21st century far-right' attracted a capacity audience. Report by Lara Gabbitas (EDH U6).

As a leading researcher on Brexit and identity politics, Dr Foster gave students a thought-provoking insight into his current work. For those of us who were lucky enough to see Dr Foster speak on imperialism last year, it was a pleasure to hear how some of his work had developed over the past eight months.

Dr Foster gave a compelling summary of his research on the ‘New Right’, a political movement which blends both liberal and traditional ideologies. He presented the theory that people are drawn to the New Right due to ‘thymos’ (the desire to be recognised), a topic of focus for his current research. Dr Foster persuaded us that we are complacent at our peril and should be wary of the dangerous new beliefs emerging.

The talk was extremely well-received, with the Hodgson Hall lecture theatre at full capacity and a range of year groups and staff present. The Society would once again like to extend its thanks to Dr Foster for taking the time to travel to Shrewsbury and give such a fascinating lecture.

Lara Gabbitas, Co-President of the Bastille Society

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