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Biodiversity is celebrated at Pollinators' Garden official opening

Thursday 12 May 2022

Sapna C (G, LVI) and Abby W (M, LVI) reflect on the successful opening of the Pollinators' Garden. 

The Pollinators' Garden was officially opened on the 5th of May by Professor Dave Goulson from the University of Sussex.

This was an occasion to celebrate the hard work of everyone involved in the creation of this beautiful garden, as well as an opportunity to show our dedication to increase biodiversity on site.

It was a very joyous occasion with many external guests including the SSPA, whom we would like to thank for donating the eco-friendly benches for the garden.

We also welcomed lots of other guests including the Shropshire Beekeeping Association, U3A groups, as well as 3rd Form students and grounds staff who have dedicated a lot of their time planting and constructing the garden.

It was a great celebration of the school’s efforts and the successes of this project as we take an extra step in bringing the school community closer to nature. We were very thrilled to provide a home and food for many local insects that found it difficult to thrive on school site and so it was very exciting to observe our newly located honey bees already flying about and enjoying the nectar from the garden!

Sapna C (G, LVI) and Abby W (M, LVI)

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