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Birmingham Dinner - NEW VENUE - Copt Heath Golf Club

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Are you going? Is there anyone on this list you haven't seen for ages and would like to catch up with?

If you would like to go the dinner on Thursday 21 March 2019 at 19:00, please book through Ticket Source -

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Peter Adams
Tim Cave
Giles Bell
Peter Birch
Grant Charlesworth-Jones
Sion Charlesworth-Jones
David Christian
Tim Cox 
Andrew Everall
Peter Fanning
Robert Forsyth
Charles Hill
Richard Hudson
Will Hughes
Daniel Hurcomb
Chris Jamieson
Nick Jenkins
Garth Marshall
Russell Marshall
Jonathan Mitchell
John Moore
Dan Nicholas
Paul Nichols
David Pearson
Anthony Smith
Henry Southern
Rod Spiby
Alastair Wager 
Tony Walters
David Warmington
Richard Warmington
Leo Winkley
Richard Woodgate
Brendan Parsons
Simon Kinvig
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Rt 1975-80
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With the closure of the St Paul’s Club, where the Birmingham Old Salopian Dinner has been held for the past ten years, the Birmingham Branch of the Salopian Club have arranged to hold this year’s dinner at Copt Heath Golf Club, near Solihull, (B93 9LN) on Thursday 21st March 2019. This venue is not in Central Birmingham and indeed is the wrong side of the city for those coming from Shrewsbury, but the Club has an excellent reputation for good food and the committee very much hope that those who have attended the dinner in the past will continue to give it their support.

The Golf Club is very near junction 5 of the M42 and has excellent parking. There is also a good rail service for those wishing to travel by train and arrangement will be made to collect and return them from and to the station. Accommodation at the near by Greswolde Hotel can also be arranged, if required, with transport to and from the Golf Club.
The Club is very nicely appointed and we shall sit at one long table (St Paul’s Club style).

With prior notice, so that a slot can be reserved on the first tee, any who wish to play a round of golf in the afternoon are welcome to do so at a reduced green fee of £35. Pay on the day.There are very adequate changing facilities for those wishing to change at the Club.

The details are as follows: -
Time 6.30 for 7.30
Dress: Dinner Jacket preferred
Cost £50 per head (£25 per head for those under 25)
Those attending will have the opportunity to meet the new headmaster, Leo Winkley, and John Moore, who is retiring at the end of the summer term, will again be present with some pupils to entertain us after dinner. Peter Fanning, who has worked with John in the writing and staging of very many musicals over the years will also be attending as a guest and has been invited to say a few words.

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