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The Blue Chair Calendar raises £5,000 - endorsed by Joe Hart

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Never one to miss an opportunity, Giles Bell pounced on Joe Hart - with a couple of Blue Chairs - when he was here over the Easter holidays. 

Joe Hart, England's No. 1Over the Easter holidays the school opened up its football pitches to  HD Sports World for a national schools' football tournament.  One of the organisers of the competition was Charles Hart, Joe Hart’s father. 

As I was bundling my family into the camper van for an afternoon jaunt to Home Farm, I saw a distinguished bunch of gentlemen standing next to a very tall young man in front of the Darwin Statue. Despite my advancing years, it didn’t take long to work out that the tall young man was England’s No. 1, Joe Hart, who had come along to support his father and the competition.  I quickly yelled at Blue Chair enthusiast and general slave, Joe Bell, that I needed the Blue Chairs fast. He willingly obliged and we set off in pursuit of our quarry.   We caught him near the Darwin Statue and he readily agreed to meeting the Blue Chairs, who he admitted were something of an inspiration to him.  “I take heart from all their many exciting journeys and it would be a real honour to sit on one of them”, said an obviously awestruck Joe! 

Joe and JoeJoe Hart is well known at Shrewsbury Cricket Club and there were rumours that Messrs Holroyd and Barnard were trying to tempt Joe to come to Shrewsbury School in the Sixth Form, but sadly for us Shrewsbury Town got in first. I still think he would have done better to follow the advice of most sensible people and ensured he had decent A levels before embarking on a football career...

It should be noted that Joe was very generous at signing autographs - although I personally think that being the lead in the Junior School play has gone to his head!

GJFB (proud father)

Giles would like to thank everyone who bought a 2012 Blue Chair Calendar, which has raised over £5,000 for MIND, The Shropshire Blood Trust, and Cure Leukaemia.  The next Blue Chair fundraising event will be the Eve of Speech Day Concert, which will be in aid of the Motor Neuron Disease Association.

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