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"Book Heaven" - author Pauline Fisk visits the School's Ancient Library

Thursday 14 November 2013

“For somebody who loves books, on Sunday morning I was as near to Paradise as life on earth can get.”

Pauline Fisk, a local author with an international reputation, has been writing a fascinating blog about life in the town of Shrewsbury during the course of 2013. It is full of intriguing nuggets of information about local people, places and events - highly recommended reading for anyone with an interest in the town.

On Sunday she was given a tour of the Ancient Library by Mike Morrogh, and the post she has written in her blog about the experience vividly captures her excitement. We include a short extract here. To read the blog post in full, please click on this link: Shrewsbury School's Ancient Library

Tyndale Bible"The Shrewsbury School library is a treasure house of books, not just old ones either, but modern books too.  On display I found everything from the latest Booker prize-winner to a collection of graphic novels.  There were easily a dozen books I could have stopped to thumb through, but I had a date with something older than them. These were not the books I’d come to see.

I’d come to see the old guys. The really old ones. The ones that made my own personal 19th century acquisitions from Candle Lane Books seem like Johnny-come-latelies. Some of these books were chained. Others were kept in a strong-room so strong that it felt like walking into an air-conditioned safe [but then I was walking into an air-conditoned safe].

In that library’s inner sanctum - a small room packed floor to ceiling with what I heard described as ‘the crown jewels’ - I saw an illustrated Bible from the 13th century, Charles Darwin’s personal atlas, with his name – and other comments – written inside it, and a Tyndale Bible.

This is a big deal. It’s the book, above all others, that I’d come to see..."

Pauline Fisk's blog is called My Tonight From Shrewsbury

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