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British Youth Fencing Championships 2013: impressive results for Shrewsbury pupils

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Marco Lee and Scott ReynoldsFive members of the School's Fencing Club won through to the British Youth Fencing Championships. Held in Sheffield at the English Institute of Sport, the event brings together the regional finalists at all three weapons (foil, epee and sabre) and boys and girls compete in four age group competitions: Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18.
The competitions were held over three days Saturday, Sunday and Monday (4th-6th May 2013), with Shrewsbury School representing the West Midlands region.

Under 18 Boys' Foil

12th Marco Lee (I IV) (pictured with Scott Reynolds)

Marco Lee had recently finished 5th in the Public Schools event. Nevertheless, reaching the last 16 in the Nationals was  even more than had been expected of him - an excellent result. He lost his last fight 15-9 to his close friend  Jordan Tam (North West), who is also from Hong Kong and eventually finished in 5th place.   

Under 16 Boys' Foil

28th Scott Reynolds (Rb IV)

British Youth Fecning Championships 2013Scott Reynolds lost his last 32 fight to Harry Bird (London) 15-7, who finished in 7th place.  Excellent fencing from Scott in this his first national competition.
Under 18 Boys' Epee

25th Charlie Godman (M V)
32nd Arthur Cheng (SH V)

Arthur Cheng fenced Tomas Curran-Jones (London) in the last 32, losing 10 - 2 to Curran-Jones, who went on to win the event. A slow start from Arthur meant his seeding was low and he had to fence hard to get back on track. All credit to Arthur for showing such tenacity.
Charlie Godman fenced Thomas Hoffmann (Scotland North) in the last 32, losing 15-9. Hoffmann went on to finish in 8th place.  This was an excellent performance from Charlie.
Under 16 Boys' Sabre

32nd Ross Viljoen (PH V)

Ross Viljoen fenced Simon Dacey (South East) in the last 32, losing 15-7. Dacey eventually finished in 3rd place.  A slow start from Ross meant he had to call on all of his resources to win his first D/E fight 15 - 12 against Matteo Morresi (London) in a very tense encounter. Excellent fencing from Ross.

Ken Holding, Fencing Coach

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