Shrewsbury School

Bumpers 2014: Round 1

Friday 27 June 2014

Warm weather greeted the 146th Bumping Races (for a change). Fingers crossed it continues for the rest of the week; the weather forecast is not so optimistic!

Rigg's held on at the top of Division I to extend their record breaking run to 20 row overs in the Head position.

School House had a bump disallowed in Division II after an appeal. In Division III, Mary Sidney moved to their highest ever position.

All crews race twice on Friday, with the final round being held on the afternoon of Speech Day.

Confirmed bumps were as follows:

Division 1
Ch bpd Rt
I bpd SH

Division 2
M bpd O
S bpd I

Division 3
Ch bpd PH
Rb bpd SH
MSH bpd I

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