Shrewsbury School

Bumpers 2014: Rounds 2 and 3

Saturday 28 June 2014

The Bumping Races or 'Bumpers' are the climax of our inter-house rowing races. Please see our Bumpers page for more general information, which also has a link to the umpire's account 'View from the Towpath' written at the end of the Bumping Races of 2013.

Thunder and lighting... luckily passed us by for Day 2.

Highlight of the day: Severn Hill's overbump on School House in division III.

Big news of the day: Moser's bumped Rigg's in Divison I to end their run at the top (21 races undefeated will take some beating), Moser's were last on bungline 1 in 1984, but last claimed the Headship in 1968 - will this be their year after finishing second to Rigg's for the last 3 years?

More importantly, the Staff beat the Postors by 2 lengths!

Confirmed bumps were as follows:

Round 2

Division 1
Rt bpd Ch
S bpd O
Rb bpd SH

Division 2
R bpd Rt
PH bpd O
MSH bpd I

Division 3
PH bpd Ch
Rb bpd O
Rt bpd SH
S bpd I

Round 3

Division 1
M bpd R
Rb bpd I

Division 2
SH bpd Rt
PH bpd M

Division 3
Rb bpd M
Rt bpd O
S o'bpd SH

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