Shrewsbury School

Bumps 2012: Round 1

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Despite fears that the river may be too high, the 144th running of the Bumping Races went ahead as planned.

In their first year, both Emma Darwin boats bumped up. School House bumped Severn Hill in division 3 and 2, but failed to finish off their hat-trick in division 1 when both houses rowed over.

Racing starts at 2:15pm on Thursday.  Please see the latest Bumps Chart and Programme.

Confirmed bumps were as follows:

Division 1
O bpd Rt
PH bpd G

Division 2
I bpd M
SH bpd S
Rb bpd PH

Division 3
PH bpd Rt
O bpd M
SH bpd S

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