Shrewsbury School

Cambridge Union Schools' Debating Competition

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Four Salopians travelled to Manchester to compete in the regional round of the esteemed Cambridge Union Schools' Debating Competition.

The group were pitted against over 50 teams from across the North in four gruelling rounds of British Parliamentary debates. With only 15 minutes of preparation for each round, mental agility was the order of the day along with calm, composed public speaking.

The pairs successfully proposed and opposed motions including the issues of blind voting, weak democracies and extra-judicial killing, with all pupils receiving strong feedback from the undergraduate judges chairing each debate.

Piers Merison and Ebrahim Jamshid came particularly close to qualifying for the Cambridge Final but ultimately fell short in one round. Grace O' Mara and Ioana Roibu were consistently strong debaters in each round but missed out on qualification by a fine margin.

Congratulations to all four for such an impressive showing and commitment to the art of debating beyond the hotly contested Shrewsbury inter-House competition.

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