Shrewsbury School

CCF: Welbeck Leadership Challenge

Wednesday 9 May 2012

On Friday 27th April, a group of nine IV Form cadets left school to take part in the Welbeck Leadership Challenge, an annual competition held at DSFC Welbeck.  This is one of the largest CCF/ACF competitions and there were 31 teams involved.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday the boys competed in a range of physical and mental challenges that included; command tasks, code breaking, tug of war and the Jacobs ladder (a high ropes obstacle).

Despite the appalling weather conditions (the competition was called off early for the first time in 20 years), all the boys competed with tremendous enthusiasm and demonstrated excellent teamwork and leadership skills.


Please also see A Week in the Life of Henry Binns for an insider's account of the 2012 weekend at Welbeck.

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