Shrewsbury School

Changes to KH and Shrewsbury's caterers

Thursday 15 September 2011

At the start of the summer holidays, Shrewsbury School's catering contract was taken over by Holroyd Howe Independent, an award-winning catering company that specialises in the independent education sector. 

Any staff working over the holidays became aware of the change almost straight away, when the presentation and style of the food on offer improved dramatically.  Over the following few weeks, a number of structural changes to KH were implemented, so that by the start of term new exits had been knocked through so that trays could be deposited and people could leave KH without getting caught up with those who were coming in.  The dining hall itself has new tables and chairs, and the counters have also been replaced, giving the whole place a much fresher and more modern look and feel.

This, we are told, was just Phase 1 of the refurbishment!

The queues at luinchtime on the first Monday of term were long, but pretty good-natured!  Now that people know where they're meant to be going, though, things have improved dramatically.

Further details about our food, and this term's four-week rolling menu, are available on our Food at Shrewsbury page on the website.

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