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Charity Day raised over £1,700 last Friday

Tuesday 19 March 2013

There was something for everyone on Charity Day.  If you like gladiatorial combat, where pain is inflicted, and the tough men of the school barely flinch, then ‘Leg Waxing the First Eleven’ was for you.

Hot dogs and Krispy Kremes

Hot dogs and Krispy Kremes; photos by Andrew Spicer (M UVI)

If you enjoy fierce House competition, with House honour at stake, and the best and biggest mouths in the House are representing you, then the Mary Sidney Hot Dog Eating Competition was right up your street.

If no doughnut is good enough for you unless it’s that mellow, sweet, scrumptious Krispy Kreme doughnut, then the Salopian Ventures team had you in mind.

In the design department, you could make your own personalised pen, in the staff room you could treat yourself to some duck eggs, and, if you wished, everyone could dress down for the day.

Strictly Come Shrewsbury in QuodA little bit of Bruce Forsyth more your cup of tea? An afternoon with the man himself, looking remarkably young for his years, and bearing a strong resemblance to Mr Fitzgerald, bantering with the three quick-witted judges, was laid on for your delectation and delight.  ‘Mrs Registrar’, Kathy Campbell, the instigator of the whole cunning plan, had taught the dancers, who learnt routines in lightning-quick time, and they entertained us royally. For the record, Miss J for Jive Maths and Mr Elvis Geography won the coveted trophy.

And to round it all off in style?  Paul Greetham sang.  His set was a mixture of old and new, upbeat, melodic and moving. He’s got a beautiful voice, and chose great songs.  He took time between to  remind us why we’d spent all day doing daft things for cash – to support  those who have demetia and head injuries, inner city children, children in Malawi and Kenya without parents to care for them, and to support teenagers with cancer. 

We’re still counting, but it looks like over £1,700 was raised for the six charities that the Charities Committee chose this year:  Alzheimer’s Society, Headway, The Shewsy, Sanata Trust, Medic Malawi and Teenage Cancer Trust.  The House Charity Reps sold tickets, cajoled late payers, swept up, counted money and cheered on the participants. It wouldn’t have happened without them. Thanks, too, for the forbearance, and encouragement, of all the Housemasters.

What do you fancy next year?  Ideas on an email to ljd@

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