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Charity run: Salopians win, and one boy runs with 2 Blue Chairs on his back...

Thursday 16 June 2011

Matt Lim and Henry Young, before the raceCure Leukaemia 10k Run: Sunday 12th June 2011

As the rain struck the windowpanes of most Salopians' bedroom windows with increasing ferocity on Sunday, four intrepid runners met by the Darwin Statue ready to brave the elements and the early morning start as they endeavoured to reach Sutton Park in Birmingham by 10.00am. The Blue Chairs were comfortable in the boot and the four musketeers Ian Howarth, (History teacher and runner extraordinaire), George Mallett (S LVI, keen huntsman), OS Matt Lim (SH 2002-2007, dressed as Jack Sparrow) and Henry Young (SH IV, the Chair Bearer) discussed tactics in the comfort of the School Espace.  One can imagine the conversation; “I think I’ll just go out and win it” says Mr. Howarth. “I’ll follow you round Sir and make sure no-one gets too close”, comments the valiant bodyguard that is George Mallett.  “Aarghah”, muttered Matt, and Henry said nothing but his eyes said it all as they turned a steely shade of blue! 

Henry Young, running with the 2 Blue ChairsHaving registered, the intrepid athletes made their way to the start. Mr. Howarth made mincemeat of the 10k course, as one would expect from someone who finished 157th in the London Marathon. It must have been a stroll in the park for him.  He won by some distance emulating Mr. Middleton’s feat from the year before. George finished second and Matt and Henry both charged round in their own inimitable fashion, although carrying two blue chairs on their back is something guaranteed to slow you down. Henry has raised over £100 in sponsorship for Cure Leukaemia and the Fab Four are hoping to top the £500 mark. 

If anyone else would like to contribute to their effort please send cheques payable to Shrewsbury School to Giles Bell and he will ensure they reach Cure Leukaemia through the Blue Chair Fund.  Many thanks to all four for a tremendous effort.


Interestingly, Matt Lim and Henry Young are old friends, their fathers (Steve Lim and Nick Young) having both been at School House from 1968-1972.  Matt is now at Cambridge.

Ian Haworth and George Mallet coming in 1st and 2nd, no-one else in sight!

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