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Chemistry Roentgenium medal-winner Ross Viljoen attends awards ceremony at the Royal Society

Friday 5 December 2014

Ross Viljoen (PH UVI) attended an awards ceremony at the Royal Society in London for students who won the highest awards in this year’s Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. 

Each Roentgenium Medal winner gave a short presentation on the element of their choice.  Ross gave a talk on the noble gas element, Xenon, to the other award winners and a group of academics, including Dr Peter Wothers from St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge.  Dr Wothers gave the televised Royal Society Christmas Lectures in 2013.

Ross hopes to read Natural Sciences at Cambridge and has an interview later this month.

Only the top 0.8% of students achieved the Roentgenium medal in 2014.  Ross and the other medal-winners attended a residential chemistry camp at the University of Cambridge in September.

The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge aims to stretch and challenge students interested in chemistry and provides an excellent experience for anyone considering taking their studies further.

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